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Too stupid to be stupid…

You just can’t make this stuff up.
It is just too stupid to be stupid…

“Lies are like cockroaches; for everyone, you discover there are many more that are hidden.”

Speaking of Cockroaches…

Remember the Carpet Bagger Joanna Cahill, who applied to have eighteen cabin rentals built on Howell Road in Marshall? Now we see what she was up to; the article below…

Stay at America’s First Mirror Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina

Advertiser for this article’s company located in Bahrain- For all of you in Marshall, that would be the Middle East

Mainstream Media Limited
P.O Box 10783
Manama, Bahrain

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11 Oct 2022, 22:18 GMT+10

Be amongst the first to experience a stay in one of these incredible “invisible cabins!”

Nestled in the striking Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the flagship location of ‘Mirror Hotel” is opening just outside of Asheville. Mirror Hotel features 18 custom “invisible cabins” covered in architectural mirror siding. Collaboratively designed by Joanna Cahill and Yurko Walter Architecture and Design, the stand-alone suites are designed to quite literally blend into their environment!

Located just 25 minutes outside of Asheville, these mirror-clad cabins fully immerse guests in nature while offering the luxury amenities of a boutique hotel. The largest of the two invisible cabins can accommodate up to 6 guests and comes equipped with a full kitchen and bathroom along with 3 bedrooms.

The outside is just as impressive as the inside and includes an expansive deck with a built-in hammock and an outdoor dining area complete with a propane grill and pizza oven. End your evening by taking in the sunset over the mountains and stargazing from your private fire pit or hot tub.

“The idea for Mirror Hotels was hatched in 2019 while dreaming of unique vacation rental designs. We wanted to create a nature retreat that encourages guests to immerse themselves in the outdoors while also experiencing 5-star accommodations,” said Patrick Lovett- co-owner of Mirror Hotel.

“We imagined a cabin that disappeared into the landscape, and using mirrors became the obvious way for us to achieve that.

While looking for something similar to visit, we found that some pre-fab mirror cabins were renting in Europe with plans to expand to the US. After visiting them in person, we realized how cramped they were inside and that the mirror was actually two-way glass you could see through.

We immediately took to the challenge of coming up with our own luxury-forward designs in order to allow for more guests, amenities, and privacy. We can not wait for our guests to experience the magic we have created here!”

Guests can choose from two distinct suites at Mirror Hotel: The larger “Elevated Invisible cabin” that sleeps 6 and the “Grounded Invisible Cabin,” which still boasts almost 600 sq ft of living space to sleep up to 4 guests.

No matter which design you choose, all guests will enjoy a beautiful mountain view from their invisible cabin.

These highly-anticipated mirror cabins will be releasing reservations to their email list this fall! Register here to save your spot and be among Mirror Hotel’s first guests: 

Registered members will have the opportunity to book before the public at 30 to 40% off!

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Link below you can see more pictures of this wildlife danger noxious junk called art!

Cahill’s statements to Asheville Citizen-Times in February 2022

Notice she never mentions “Mirrored Hotels”

Joanna Cahill is the developer for the proposed cabin facility, Roam Farm.”I wanted to let our neighbors know that we really did consider them when making plans for this property which is why we chose to build only 18 vacation rental homes even though the zoning would allow for up to 52 vacation rental units.The rest of the property is to be used for farming,” Cahill told The News-Record, citing the developer’s partnership with homestead swinery and regenerative agriculture company MadCo KuneKunes.“They do not pay us a dime to use our property but they are responsible for maintaining fences and using good pasture rotating practices,” Cahill said.

“Though we could have legally per the county’s own zoning built 52 rentals on this land and used every inch of it, it’s important to us that the property not be overdeveloped, and that is why 80% is going to be used for farming.

This is land that would otherwise be inaccessible to small farmers in Madison county because land is so expensive. We are so passionate about that, which is why we offer those leases at no cost and it’s why our name is Roam Farm.”Cahill stressed the property would not be used as a wedding venue nor music venue.”No one wants to live next door to either,” the developer said.

Johnny Casey and Carpet Bagger Cahill

Read full story I reported on in February…

Was I Right?

Notice how Cahill pushed the pig thing in the above puff piece by Casey. These pigs have roamed off Roam Farm property and onto the neighbor’s property, violating NC law. The neighbors had to complain to get this pig thing under control. Cahill’s neighbors are much nicer than her because these neighbors have every right to contact a magistrate to write a warrant for this.

Was I right?

Real Good Hog Fence, Huh?

Below is Cahill’s Zoning application do you see Mirrored Hotel listed anywhere in this application?

Below, Roam Farm building permits, do you see mirrored hotels mentioned in these permits?

Notice the plat – Do you see Mirrored Hotels on this plat?

Who is the surveyor on this Cahill plat? High Country Engineering- keep this name in mind…

Under Local Planning and Development Regulation chapter 160-D general statutes,
“Quasi-judicial decision” means a decision involving the finding of facts regarding a specific application and apply to all development regulations and programs adopted according to this Chapter under NC law.

Remember, folks, we have a viable Land Use plan that protects our property values and rights regardless of what Madison Planning Board attorney John Noor and Dumb & Dumber below say.

These Beauties…

It is kind of like our US constitution, except the Madison Land Use Plan rules over our land uses but also protects us from those who wish to trample on our rights.

Let’s go through Cahill’s presentation in her above Special Use Permit

According to page Fourteen of the Roam Farm SUP- (Special Use Permit)

” The Roam Farm Proposal does not ( by Madison County Land Use Definitions) fall completely into any of these three types of development activity. Yet the Planning Board is still required ( due to ordinance language in section 8.6) to collectively decide if the cabin rental proposal is compatible with and in harmony with the surrounding properties while remaining consistent to not be a conflicting development with those lands around it.

Planning Board SUP

In this hearing, the owner Johanna Cahill never disclosed to the planning board her intent to build mirrored hotels, as per the article below, which she has recently contributed to

Stay at America’s First Mirror Hotel in Asheville, North Carolina (

These mirrored hotels are neither compatible nor consistent nor in harmony with surrounding properties in Madison County. Cahill willfully left essential details out of her application. This applicant purposefully neglected to inform the county of her true intent. According to the article above, Cahill’s surrogate fiance and co-owner, Patrick Lovett- of Mirror Hotels, published statements where he admits this idea hatched in 2019.
Lovett’s name is not on any documents submitted to the county.

Under § 160D-1-9. Conflicts of interest:

Under Quasi-judicial decisions. According to this Article Chapter, a member of any board exercising quasi-judicial functions shall not participate in or vote on any quasi-judicial matter in a manner that would violate affected persons’ constitutional rights to an impartial decision maker.

During this final hearing, John Noor, attorney for the Madison County planning board, coerced the planning board by threatening with statements that “the board would be sued if they did not approve the Roam Farm application.” Witnesses and taped documentation confirm Noor relayed this at least four times to the planning board members. These statements by John Noor are omitted in the planning board minutes above.

On page thirty of the minutes above, numbers 17 through 23, the board unanimously accepted Michael Goforth, a licensed civil engineer, as an expert witness. Michael Goforth is listed as her agent in Cahill’s original application for this Special Use permit.

This connection as the agent was not in the planning board minutes when they approved Goforth as an expert on page thirty of SUP; the Planning board approved the following testimony from Goforth as fact.

“Will be in harmony with the surrounding area so as not to create or become a nuisance.”

Michael Goforth- Surveyor for Cahill

If Goforth is indeed an agent and profited from this development, then Goforth should have been recognized as such in the minutes and to the board, the public, and neighbors at large.

Did this agent of Roam Farm-Michael Goforth, know about the mirrored hotels?
Of course he did because Michael Goforth is Cahill’s surveyor!

See Below High Country Surveying; now look at the plat above and notice the surveyor on the plat.

Why was a surveyor out of Asheville allowed to determine for this fact-finding Quasi-Judicial hearing what would be in harmony with the surrounding area so as not to create or become a nuisance?

This guy has no website at all. I found this on Bizapedia; why doesn’t Goforth call himself a surveyor and have a website with a background like most legitimate businesses?

Maybe because this link below shows another background..Who is Michael Goforth?

Conflict and bullying by Terrey Dolan during this hearing…

Terrey Dolan- Madison County director of planning and zoning, repeatedly asked Dr. Allison Fender, “What kind of Doctor was she?

Fender owned property adjacent to this development and was granted standing by this board.

Was it proper for Madison County’s Zoning director Terrey Dolan to disparage and belittle Dr. Fender?

Were Michael Goforth or any Roam Farm applicant witnesses bullied and demeaned in this manner?

Were they even questioned by this illustrious planning board about their backgrounds?

Look, folks, it is really hard for residents to stand up and speak at these hearings.
Shouldn’t our county officials be encouraging this instead of harassing those who wish to speak out against development which will effect them?

Remember it was Alan Woodpile Wyatt – Republican Candidate for commissioner who was running this clown show.

In the final minutes of conclusions of law in this Special Use Permit application and hearing, the planning board contends that the applicant, Roam Farm produced competent evidence. The hearing findings further claim that Allison Fender failed to produce sufficient and substantial evidence.
How could Dr. Allison Fender possibly produce evidence when the applicant Johanna Cahill was withholding evidence that could have supported a Fender claim?

As a county taxpayer, I am very concerned by the actions of county officials, planning board members, and attorneys involved in the Roam Farm application. The lack of transparency by public officials and coercion by attorneys is disturbing and demands oversight to maintain the public trust.

  • Joanna Cahill did not mention mirrored Hotels in any of her applications.
  • Joanna Cahill never mentioned Mirrored Hotels to Johnny Casey at the Asheville Citizen-Times.
  • While basing their testimony on facts, none of her expert witnesses mention Mirrored Hotels.
  • By Cahill’s admittance in her Boston posting, she states these Mirrored Hotels have not been built in the U.S. 
  • Cahill’s fiance admits her, and he had HATCHED this plan in 2019.
  • Why didn’t Cahill and her surrogates provide all the facts?  

As many as 1 billion birds die in the U.S. each year from building collisions.
Cahill is placing mirrored hotels at tree top levels…

Roam Farm Silletos

Scientists estimate an astounding upper-level figure of 1 billion birds that die in the U.S. each year from building collisions.

Making matters worse, 40 percent of the world’s bird species are already in decline. Four bird species became extinct in the last decade alone, and four more are “on the verge of extinction.” In the U.S., the Fish and Wildlife Service has classified 101 bird species as threatened or endangered as of 2019.

Artificial light from buildings draws migratory birds like a beckoning siren, luring them toward lit cities where skyscraper glass reflections are plentiful and deadly.

What appear to be skies and trees are deceptive reflections, and as the birds glide toward the images, they slam into the glass. Many are killed instantly, while some are seriously wounded.

Cahill claims this is the first Mirrored Hotel in the US. See the videos below, and then you will know why…

So I want to know where are all the Marxist Marshall Lefties who tout the protection of animals?
Where is Johnny Casey of the Asheville Citizen Times?
Didn’t Cahill lie to him in the February article?

What about the Bald Eagles and migratory birds which fly over this area and other mountainous areas in our county? Are they now in danger from these carpet baggers descending on us from everywhere?

Do Madison County Commissioners and the Madison County planning board hate birds and wildlife?

All the dead birds killed by this untested experiment should be handed over to Craig Goforth, his buddies on the commissioner board, and the Hillilly deep state.

These mirrored hotels are ghastly looking entities that belong in a circus not in Madison County…

Do we, residents in Madison County deserve proper oversight by our planning, building departments-attorneys and commissioners?
Why are we subjected and paying for incompetance in our county?
These employees work for us- Right?

Where are our feckless Fried Chicken Commissioners?

Below are the remedies that are afforded to county officials :

(1) Subject to the provisions of the development regulation ordinance, any development regulation ordinance adopted according to authority conferred by this Article Chapter or to Chapter 157A[238] may be enforced by any remedy provided by G.S. 160A-175 or G.S. 153A-123. 

If a building or structure is erected, constructed, reconstructed, altered, repaired, converted, or maintained, or any building, structure or land is used or developed in violation of this Part Chapter or of any development regulation ordinance or other regulation made under authority conferred thereby of this Chapter, the city local government, 

  • in addition to other remedies, may institute any appropriate action or proceedings to prevent the unlawful erection,
  •  construction, 
  • Reconstruction, alteration, repair, conversion, maintenance, use, or development; to restrain, correct, or abate the violation; to prevent the occupancy of the building, structure, or land; or to prevent any illegal act, conduct, business, or use in or about the premises.

At this hearing, Joann Cahill of Roam Farms made an outburst or spectacle about a slanderous website. I assume she was talking about me and about this website. Because when Clint Parker of the Weaverville Tribune tried to ask her for comment after the hearing, she brought me up and called me a Racist. Cahill is the one spewing slander.

People in Mirrored Hotels should not throw rocks…

But hey folks this is precisely what Carpet Baggers and Grifters do.
They lie and bully the public to hide who they indeed are.
Was I right?

Down Home Madison -where all the Conscious Homesteader clan that loves Cahill reside….

Why not look at taxing these Carpet Baggers at a commercial rate?

Start with the Carpet baggers at the Ridge and Paint Rock Farm, then hit SoWe and Cahill of Asheville Glamping.

No grandfather clause ( as John Noor calls it) exists in taxation.

Look at the articles below; all these cities around us are having growing pains simply because they failed to plan, and now they have problems they can’t fix, like drugs, illegals -human trafficking – homeless -massive crime.

Remember, Buddy Harwood is hiding the crime stats till after the election

How Convienent

From John Noor: John Noor <> Aug 4, 2022, 10:33 AM

Ms. Harman,

I asked when the 2021 data would be available and was informed that it would not be in a document like the 2020 response I provided until October or November 2022.

I think this resolves your outstanding request.


John D. Noor

Attorney | Roberts & Stevens, P.A.
City Centre Building | 301 College Street, Suite 400, Asheville, NC 28801

Office: 828-252-6600 | Direct: 828-210-6804

Buncombe county is looking at taxing short term rentals commercial…

If you want to stop this self serving enemy you hit them in their pocket book…

Why do you think these carpet baggers are targeting Madison County? Because folks, we have stupid people working for us in our County Government!
If you think this will never effect you think again you could be next…

Who hired these Nincompoops?

Why none other than Norris Gentry and Brooke Ledford

Below is the guy in charge of our Zoning Brad Goof or Guth; his Linkedin page -is terrible

I think what is the most hilarious is the place he worked the longest below.

Lincolnton is a real beauty of a place; folks notice how he quit after lunch
yeah right …

Notice how he wouldn’t get out of bed when the newspaper called. Also, make sure you read Dale Punch’s comments on Brad Guth.

This is who Brooke Ledford and Norris Gentry hired; how pathetic!

You can’t make it up!


Terrey Dolan has never been qualified to handle his job; he is nothing but a former real estate agent.
His breathren are our problem!
This difficulty of having this pernicious element in our county is caused by the real estate agents in our area.
They are the ones encouraging these freaks to come into Madison.

All about the money…

These real estate agents are getting desperate. I received this in the mail recently; I don’t know if this guy actually sent it because I never followed up; it could be from one of the conscious homesteaders who are on mental disability from Marshall.

But what if it is legitimate? This is a desperate attempt to acquire property which is why all of you should be hanging onto your property and not selling it to carpet baggers.

If you put your property up for sale, remember you don’t have to sell to anyone; you have every right to say no. Real Estate agents are notorious for one thing lying for a sale…

Madison County officials like former county manager Forest Gillium and current county manager Norris Gentry have no business running anything.

Folks, they dropped the ball and failed to protect you and your property. They service the Hypocritical leftwingers, not you!

Why do the Madison County Commissioners want to hurt you?
Why do they want to destroy our county?

Email them and ask these commissioners why they are covering up this obvious farce ask them why the county taxpayers don’t matter in Madison County Government…

  • Brad Guth
  • John Noor
  • Donny Laws

They are facing the music; see below Jennifer Gregory’s lawsuit. Update from this case – Larry Leake is now representing Mary Jane Wallin – Register of Deeds, and The town of Marshall has had to hire an attorney from Charlotte to represent them.

So bow and say thank you to Forrest Gillium, you taxpayers of Marshall, because he brought this on you!

Next Week October 20th is early Voting Day- You remember what they did in the last election. That doesn’t mean you give up your right to vote; just wait till Election Day. I will have more on this next week…

If you want better schools with an honest curriculum and accurate academic test scoring, you need to fire Heil Hoffman.
Not one of these Republican candidates for school board will say this.

They are all Mama Brigg’s Boot Lickers!

Heil Hoffman has been raping the county coffer for all the years he has resided in this position. He is a fraud, and don’t forget he lined up your children for that deadly vaccine.

Below is two excellent articles about the Democrats busted with Election Fraud – You want your vote to count, then vote on ELECTION DAY – CH

Remember, folks; you are not supposed to expose the Marxist Left!

October 16, 2022

Score One for True the Vote

By Clarice Feldman

Konnech is an election software company which provides Poll Chief software for election worker management. It is used in a number of counties, including DeKalb in Georgia, Washoe County, Nevada; Fairfax County, Virginia; Detroit, Michigan; Los Angeles County, California; Prince William County, Virginia; Johnson County, Kansas; and Allen County, Indiana.

True the Vote, which seeks to ensure election integrity, investigated the company and was sued by it, alleging unauthorized access and “distribution of material gotten through such access.” It claimed in its complaint that “All of Konnech’s U.S. customer data is secured and stored exclusively on protected computers located within the United States.” Upon its allegations it received an immediate temporary restraining order

Based on this litigation, the New York Times reported:

From the N.Y. Times Monday:

At an invitation-only conference in August at a secret location southeast of Phoenix, a group of election deniers unspooled a new conspiracy theory about the 2020 presidential outcome.

Using threadbare evidence, or none at all, the group suggested that a small American election software company, Konnech, had secret ties to the Chinese Communist Party and had given the Chinese government backdoor access to personal data about two million poll workers in the United States, according to online accounts from several people at the conference.In the ensuing weeks, the conspiracy theory grew as it shot around the internet. To believers, the claims showed how China had gained near complete control of America’s elections.

Some shared LinkedIn pages for Konnech employees who have Chinese backgrounds and sent threatening emails to the company and its chief executive, who was born in China….Unlike other election technology companies targeted by election deniers, Konnech, a company based in Michigan with 21 employees in the United States and six in Australia, has nothing to do with collecting, counting or reporting ballots in American elections. Instead, it helps clients like Los Angeles County and Allen County, Ind., with basic election logistics, such as scheduling poll workers.Konnech said none of the accusations were true.

It said that “all the data for its American customers were stored on servers in the United States and that it had no ties to the Chinese government.” 


Unfortunately, the company’s assertion was called into question the next day when the Los Angeles district attorney charged Eugene Yu, the CEO of Konnech, with stealing the personal identifying information of poll workers and storing them on servers in the People’s Republic of China.

But the story doesn’t end there. If you wonder why the information on poll workers might be of interest to the Chinese government, the answer seems to have been answered in the warrant for Yu’s arrest.

On or about August18,2022, Luis Nabergoi, project manager for Konnech’s contract with the County of Los Angeles, confirmed via the messaging app DingTalk that any employee for Chinese contractors working on Poll Chief software had “super administration”  privileges for all Poll Chief clients. Mr. Nabergoi described the situation as a“huge security issue.” 

My understanding is that a “super administrator” has complete access to all objects, folders, role templates, and groups in the system. 

RedState, which considers the Chinese contractors intelligence agents, explains why this is so serious

It’s more than just a “huge security issue.” Even if nothing nefarious has been done with that access, a possibility which requires the suspension of disbelief, this revelation validates every concern that has been expressed in the security of our elections since, well, long before 2020. But we know it was happening through August, 2022, at a minimum. And while the City of Minneapolis initially defended its contract with Konnech, saying there was no information that the personal identifying information of their poll workers was compromised, officials might want to revisit that statement in light of the above.

In addition, one function PollChief software provides is management of “election workers and voting
locations (including Vote Centers, drop boxes and check-in centers),” meaning that election officials can use the software to assign employees to retrieve ballots from drop boxes and deliver them to the elections office, and uses GPS and location data from the app on the employee’s phone to determine which employee is located closest to the drop box and continues to track their location for chain-of-custody purposes. However, as some have pointed out, it’s certainly possible that this app could be repurposed for ballot harvesting and delivery purposes.

After the arrest, the New York Times reported that, contrary to the sworn allegations in its earlier complaint against True the Vote, the firm knew the data had been sent to China. The paper also admitted that the Los Angeles district attorney’s investigation had been initiated upon a tip from Greg Phillips after a conference hosted by Catherine Engelbrecht, the founder of True the Vote.

Indeed, the entire NYT original frame of True the Vote as a pack of “conspiracy theorists” seems to have been a fact-free narrative, doesn’t it? There’s a great deal more to the Yu story yet to make the press.  KanekoaTheGreat has been studying this for years:

While doing that research, another independent journalist discovered an archived version of Eugene Yu’s Chinese company’s website, “”, where Yu praised the vision of the former Chinese President, who he called “Comrade Jiang Zemin.”

On that same website, Yu boasted about his success with “Election Management Solutions Detroit” and “U.S. Overseas Voters,” as he wrote in Chinese:

“In line with the principle of “political tasks first and economic benefits of enterprises second,” our company has perfected and formed the whole set of election management theory and software tools in line with China’s national conditions.”

“We hope to ride on the spring breeze of political reform and provide you with election consulting services and election campaign management in line with China’s national conditions based on our democratic election campaigns with Chinese characteristics.”

Yu registered a number of Chinese websites to his Konnech email address. Jinghua notes a  predecessor company — Konnech — established in 2005, served “more than 20 government customers in North America, including Washington, D.C.”

It seems the FBI knew about this and did nothing. Kanekoa reports that True the Vote brought this to the attention of the FBI’s Washington, D.C. office but that office “covered up this national security issue rather than investigating why Chinese nationals are programming U.S. election software.”

If True the Vote’s claim is true, it’s another black mark against an agency which already had garnered more than enough of them to warrant its dissolution.