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Carpet Baggers preying on Madison County Zoning incompetence
Carpet Baggers preying on Madison County Zoning incompetence

Carpet Baggers preying on Madison County Zoning incompetence

For all of you in Marshall the term Carpetbagger is as follows:

In the history of the United States, carpetbagger is a largely historical term used by Southerners to describe opportunistic Northerners who came to the Southern states after the American Civil War, who were perceived to be exploiting the local populace for their own financial, political, and/or social gain.

The Madison County Planning board will vote on March 3 on the Marshall 18-unit vacation cabin rental facility. The property is zoned Agricultural Residential, and located at 108 Howell Rd in Marshall. A woman from Weaverville wants to install an egregious entity in the middle of a quiet farm community.
The meeting will be held at the county library at 6:30 p.m.
Listen, folks, you may think this doesn’t concern you because you don’t live near this, but it does. If this carpet bagger is allowed to come into Madison County, then Katy bar the door more will follow.
Why is Joanna Cahill not implementing this in Buncombe county? Is it because Buncombe has been destroyed by these tourism entities and possibly she wants to do it on the cheap. There are more rules in place in Buncombe to prevent these developers from destroying County residents’ way of life and their property values.

Also, Cahill thinks Madison County residents are stupid and she can shove this through the planning board like that wedding venue called the Ridge. The Ridge is owned by a woman from Columbia and folks, not Columbia SC but Columbia South America. This Chiquita is constantly harassing her neighbors with no regard for their rights. The Ridge should never have been approved.

Below is the property that Joanna Cahill purchased to do this endeavor.

Cahill is also the owner of Asheville Glamping see below:

Below is from Cahill’s site: Read it she and those like her are coming to a theater near you…

Here is Cahill’s background

Adapted from an article published by Business North Carolina by Taylor WanbaughCamping doesn’t typically conjure up images of air conditioning, running water or electricity.

But Joanna Cahill, 34, has managed to marry the ideas of luxury and the great outdoors with her business, Asheville Glamping. Cahill started the company in 2012 with a single yurt, which are tents built on collapsable frameworks.

Now, she rents out 15 tents, yurts, vintage trailers and even a soon-to-be-built treehouse from $90 to $350 per night (with a two night minimum). Asheville Glamping comprises three different property sites, some open year-round, all within a 20-minute drive of downtown Asheville. The business has gained attention from media outlets including the Travel Channel and Buzzfeed .

Cahill discussed her inspiration and motives in a recent interview.

Asheville Glamping

Below from Asheville Citizen-Times – Notice Cahill’s arrogant remarks

By Johnny Casey, Asheville Citizen Times
Asheville Citizen-Times
MARSHALL – The Madison County Planning Board will meet March 3 to vote on whether to issue a special use permit to a developer proposing construction of a short-term vacation cabin rental facility after the board met Feb. 16 to hear testimony from engineering professionals about traffic flow in the area.
This meeting and will give local residents the opportunity to offer public comments, according to Terrey Dolan, the county’s planning and zoning director, who said there are 10 residents listed on the agenda.

The proposed cabin facility is to be located at 108 Howell Road in Marshall. Joanna Cahill is the developer for the proposed cabin facility, Roam Farm.”I wanted to let our neighbors know that we really did consider them when making plans for this property which is why we chose to build only 18 vacation rental homes even though the zoning would allow for up to 52 vacation rental units.

The rest of the property is to be used for farming,” Cahill told The News-Record, citing the developer’s partnership with homestead swinery and regenerative agriculture company MadCo KuneKunes.

“They do not pay us a dime to use our property but they are responsible for maintaining fences and using good pasture rotating practices,” Cahill said. “Though we could have legally per the county’s own zoning built 52 rentals on this land and used every inch of it, it’s important to us that the property not be overdeveloped, and that is why 80% is going to be used for farming. This is land that would otherwise be inaccessible to small farmers in Madison county because land is so expensive. We are so passionate about that, which is why we offer those leases at no cost and it’s why our name is Roam Farm.”Cahill stressed the property would not be used as a wedding venue nor music venue.”No one wants to live next door to either,” the developer said. “When the welcome center is built – during the second or third phase of our building as we can’t afford to build it right now – it is to be used only for on site guests that are staying on the property to check in with a real person prior to going to their rental, get recommendations on other businesses to visit in the area and things to do and buy various sundries that will be sold there – kind of like a nice hotel lobby. When it is completed, it will ensure that our guests know that someone is physically present on the property. It’s going to be so nice to be able to greet each guest in person.”Possible increased traffic in the neighborhood is likely to be among the most talked about topics at the March 3 meeting, where 10 residents are scheduled to offer public comments.Traffic Engineer Jeffrey Moore, currently with Gannett Fleming but formerly with the city of Asheville, testified to the proposed project’s expected traffic impa

Johnny Casey Asheville Citizen Times

In Cahill’s above Elitist remarks, this woman assumed she could do and put whatever she wanted on this property under 50 acres.

The above parcel does not have a 45 foot right away to this property. To put a subdivision or facility like this in Madison County, you need a minimum of 45 feet right away. The County Planning Board should deny this permit. Her application does not meet the County’s criteria.

I want you to take a peek at this from Madison County’s Planning Board Zoning website:

The current Citizens of Madison County owe a debt of gratitude to the Leadership and voters of the County who had the foresight in 1974 to implement county wide zoning. Zoning was not intended to tell everyone what to do with their land, but to regulate the development and growth that the County has. Orderly land use planning ensures property owners that they will have a voice in decisions made regarding land use decisions that may directly affect them.

Madison County NC Zoning website

I agree with the above statement. Now follow your Land Use plan. You either follow the land use plan or you continue to allow these people to come in and get a special permit and create a health and safety issue for those who have lived the longest in this area.


  • Cahill will not be living on the property.
  • Cahill is taking advantage of Madison County’s ineptitude.
  • Terrey Dolan who use to be the Director, Planning & Zoning at Madison County Government is replaced by someone named Brad Guth.
  • Why is Dolan directing the planning board?
  • Why does there need to be an overall director of Dolan is he inept at his job?
  • Why are we the taxpayers of Madison County paying Dolan when he can’t do his job?
  • Who is Brad Guth and why is Brad Guth not handling this?

What the heck is a homestead swinery regenerative agriculture company? Are you kidding me this woman Cahill is all over the place with her objectives?
Her numbers keep changing; one minute, she talks about a welcome center then another cabin, and another.

Are you catching on, folks, Look Terrey Dolan, who came from Florida, attempted to keep residents who had (Legal Standing) off the agenda.

This guy is a train wreck and a liability to our County.

What is Terrey Dolan’s real background?

When someone in Madison County has property in Residential agricultural, they expect it to remain residential agricultural.
Not become commercial. These residents have rights.
There is not a 45 foot right away which can handle the ingress and egress on this road. No matter how much Cahill’s paid lackey wishes to embellish the numbers to the planning board, it will cause problems but not to Cahill; she reaps the financial benefits.
These properties are not located in the Industrial sector designated by the Land Use Plan.
Cahill does not live on this property and has no plan to. Do you honestly think she wants to live by this?
The residents who live on this road will have to deal with the noise, the constant watching, and worrying of trespass and crime, and the impact a commercial facility will have on their property taxes.
That is if anyone wants to buy their property after seeing this eyesore.

Their residential property values will go up, and these residents will pay more property tax, yet no one will want to buy or live next to this mess.

They will have forever lost the peace and tranquility of their home places.

Per Joanna Cahill’s inconsistent statements above, She states: “Though we could have legally per the County’s own zoning built 52 rentals on this land and used every inch of it, it’s important to us that the property not be overdeveloped, and that is why 80% is going to be used for farming. This is land that would otherwise be inaccessible to small farmers in Madison county because land is so expensive. We are so passionate about that, which is why we offer those leases at no cost and it’s why our name is Roam Farm.”


Does Roam Farm mean your renters will be roaming on the neighbor’s property?
Eighty percent, huh, eighteen cabins and a welcome center on less than 50 acres is not 20 percent. The idea of having a bunch of lefties and roaming pigs lose at all times is frightening. What happens if this swine want to wander into that beautiful pond next door, which you don’t own?

Seriously, are you kidding? Just because we live in Madison County, do you think we can’t see through your lies?

You and those like you are causing farmland to escalate. Most of the property bought lately in Madison County has been bought by people fleeing from up North and out West who come to the South thinking they can tell Southerners how we are supposed to live.

You are passionate about one thing Joanna, and that is raping the farmland of Madison County for your own profit.

Folks, this woman is so arrogant to say she could have done this; she could have done that.

Well, then why do you have to appear before the planning board if you could have done this without them?

That is because this planning board has to approve this malarky, and if this planning board approves this, they might as well throw out the

Land Use Plan and move toward open zoning.

Five sitting county commissioners are responsible for what is happening in our County; they call Economic Development – Tourism.

They call Methadone Clinics Economic Development. These commissioners have illegal closed session meetings to discuss Economic Development. Under NC open meeting law you cannot go into closed session over Economic Development.

As you drive down the roads in your community, notice the extra trash on the sides of the street, the needles mixed in this trash the license plates from other areas, and think, is this what you want here in Madison?
Because if this Cabin Glamping gets approved by the planning board, there will be more Joanna Cahill’s of Asheville Glamping coming.

Please stand up for your neighbors and come to this Planning Board hearing at the Library in Marshall Thursday night at 6:30 because one day it might be you facing one of these Cahill Carpet Baggers- CH

New Story next Monday – We have Witch Covenants in our area etc.. Big Story …