There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Blood Moon on election day the Democrat Party is melting…
Blood Moon on election day the Democrat Party is melting…

Blood Moon on election day the Democrat Party is melting…

Oh is judgement coming for the Democrats.

In the last election, Republicans and TRUMP supporters were visibly assaulted, censured, sued, and accused of being insurrectionists simply because they challenged the blatant steal of the 2020 election. “True the Vote” founders are locked up for exposing the unlawful steal of the 2020 election simply because they would not disclose their sources and don’t ever forget the political prisoners from Jan. 6.

Yet Hunter Biden’s laptop is covered up by the FBI, and the same FBI attacks our president Trump in a raid in a fabricated accusation.

You can’t make this up!

What about the Queens Husband, Paul Pelosi? The FBI is covering this up…

San Francisco DA Won’t Release Police Bodycam Video, 911 Calls From Paul Pelosi Attack

By Jack Phillips, The Epoch Times, November 3, 2022:

San Francisco’s top prosecutor confirmed Wednesday her office will not release police body camera footage or 911 calls from the alleged Paul Pelosi attack late last week.

Authorities said that David DePape, 42, allegedly broke into the San Francisco home of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and her husband Paul during the early morning hours of Oct. 28, according to court documents, before he allegedly struck Pelosi with a hammer. No security camera footage, police body camera footage, or 911 calls have been released.

When pressed about releasing more evidence in the case, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins told NBC News that her office will not.

“Are you planning to release the 911 call or any body camera video [from the Paul Pelosi attack]?” asked NBC’s Kristen Welker on Wednesday.

“Not at this time,” replied Jenkins. “We’re going to find out today the speed at which this case will proceed once he’s arraigned. We’ll make decisions about what evidence gets played in court, during any hearings, or during the trial,” Jenkins added.

The San Francisco Police Department denied a public records request from The Epoch Times for body camera footage from the officers who responded to the Pelosi home, stating that “disclosure of information may endanger successful completion of the investigation.”

Requests for the 911 call and the police incident report are pending.

According to court documents, prosecutors said that DePape allegedly told investigators that he was on a “suicide mission” and sought to break Speaker Pelosi’s kneecaps, although she was not there at the time of the attack. DePape pleaded not guilty in a state court on Tuesday.

“I’m sick of the insane … level of lies coming out of Washington, D.C. I came here to have a little chat with his wife,” DePape also allegedly told officials, adding, “I didn’t really want to hurt him, but you know this was a suicide mission. I’m not going to stand here and do nothing even if it cost me my life,” according to the documents.

The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) also wrote on Nov. 2 that it has cameras at the Pelosi home but said they weren’t being monitored when DePape entered the residence. The agency said cameras aren’t “actively monitored” unless Nancy Pelosi is at home.

Authorities at the USCP’s Command Center didn’t see anything unusual at the Pelosi home until they noticed police activity.

What happened to the January 6 tapes Pelosi and her office covered up? This is who the left is; don’t ever doubt it!

This is the Left’s leaders; why are they always married to homos sex offenders and involved in vile evil corruption against the innocent?

Because they come from the worst, look below at the real Nancy Pelosi…

This is why they hate President Trump and his followers because they were exposed as the monsters they indeed are….

This is why these nasty women think they can come out before an election and claim there is a steal just because the American People reject their filth and ideology.

And what about the attack by this creature below:

This is exactly what the Nazis did to dehumanize the Jews.

They called them vermin, rats etc.

This is just another page the Democrat party of treason is taking from the totalitarian Reich playbook.

If you fail to see what is going down, you, too, are the problem.

How is it that this racist pig still has her job?

Pamella Geller

NAZI RHETORIC: The View Host Calls Republican Women “Roaches” – Geller Report

Have you ever noticed the left run the most repulsive women they can find?

Hildabeast Clinton- Stacey Abrahams – Cheri Berry, and that strange man woman Jasmine Beech Ferrara.

Meet Marxist Jasmine Beach Ferrara! She started this group in 2021!

Our Team – Campaign for Southern Equality

What do these three Democrat women have in common?

All three love killing the unborn what does this say about the Democrat Party?

All three pitch the word “Democracy ” and claim this is how our country is to be governed. Democracy is another form of Tyranny!

Below from Walter Williams a black man who the left have deemed an Uncle Tom just because he doesn’t agree with their marxist tyranical behavior.


Walter E. Williams, Ph.D., a columnist for The Daily Signal, was a professor of economics at George Mason University until his death on Dec. 2, 2020.

If we’ve become a democracy, it would represent a deep betrayal of our Founders, who saw democracy as another form of tyranny.In fact, the word democracy appears nowhere in our nation’s two most fundamental documents, the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

The Founders laid the ground rules for a republic as written in the Constitution’s Article IV, Section 4, which guarantees “to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government.” John Adams captured the essence of the difference between a democracy and republic when he said, “You have rights antecedent to all earthly governments; rights that cannot be repealed or restrained by human laws; rights derived from the Great Legislator of the Universe.”

Walter Williams

Look, folks, we need to reject all these so-called women who stand on Satan’s side and thirst for your children’s blood.

These women are tyrannical man-haters unfit to be leaders in our country and county. They are repulsive and dangerous and have no business in politics or any means of authority.

Aren’t you sick to death to be told you must vote for a woman just because she is a woman? You better not challenge her fitness for office because they will deem you a misogynist.

I am sick of seeing this dung below on MSM and being told I, as a woman, must think of her as my hero in this world.

These ladies do not represent me or my values in fact none of these female candidates of the Democrat Party represent me!


Notice how the Hildabeast above mentions the “Indivisables.” Remember, we have this bunch in Madison County lets see if they come out of their snake holes again with their Resist Mantra after they lose this election…

Below their evil leader… who by the way was not elected

BIDEN’S STUNNING ADMISSION: “We’ll make sure no one has the opportunity to steal an election again.”

President Trump has sent a warning about what is coming…

You are not to question anything; you are to get in line and believe this illegitimate, dementia-riddled moron above…
They lie to you and are your enemies….

The difference, don’t forget…

US Col. Richard Black: “It’s Not Russia that is planning an attack with a Dirty Bomb”

The Deep State is cornered and will do anything to stay in power; you have been warned over the last few years – Covid was a bio-weapon, and now the public sees the truth…

Tucker spells it out this is why they want us silenced…

Vote on Tuesday and send a message that we will not let you destroy our county or country.

Don’t let this below run our country it is time to wake up!


My picks again:

You do not have to vote for a straight Republican ticket. Vote your heart and what is right for our country and county…

I have gave you every reason to reject this. You do not have to vote for C-grade candidates…

Vote no to Mark Pless and Ralph Hise; these men are trying to turn Madison County into the next Red Neck Rivera with their methadone clinics and affordable housing grants.

Do not cast a vote for these two seats

Vote no to all school board candidates; they do not have the guts to make changes for the betterment of Madison County Schools. Your children are at risk as long as Heil Hoffman and Lisa Gahagan run the schools. Remember, it was they who brought the Covad Shots into your schools…

Do not Vote for Any school board candidate they are all the same!

Only one candidate as commissioner deserves your vote; his name is Jeremy Hensley, and he has shown the diligence and drive to be a good commissioner. 

Vote one for County Commissioner -Jeremy Hensley

Vote no to both Sheriff candidates;

You know what Buddy Harwood is unless you are blind. Robin Lyles is a perverted liar. Let the powers in charge take down John Ledford – Buddy Harwood and his corrupt regime of Elmer Gantry Garrison and others. 

Don’t doubt it is coming, as this will be bigger than Bobby Medford.

Vote for Mark Cody, even though he has no opposition, for he has earned your trust.

Vote for Ted Budd and Chuck Edwards; they care about our Country and take the time to stand up. We need these two men to make America Great again!

Vote for every Republican Judge and DA on the ballot

We must cull this Marxist ideology out of our courts before it destroys our constitution and steals our God Given rights!

If you care about your country, county, quality of life, and your children’s health and safety, you must not vote for those who will betray you!

Folks, we are in the Fog-of-War- which means the uncertainty in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations.

Don’t ever give up hope…

It’s been raining for a while, and some have felt every drop. Acutely aware of the meaning behind each drop, we have painfully suffered as the rain intensified. 

We tried to protect and warn others, but some were so drenched they were beyond salvation. 

We know no umbrella will do the trick; everyone must feel the rain. 

Fortunately, many have wiped their eyes and realized how wet they were, and some of us developed a spiritual shield that protects us from getting soaked. 

But the rain is constant, coming from every direction; we fear its consequences but simultaneously hope it will wake the masses. 

There’s no turning back and no shelter to go to; we must face the rain. We must feel it, and it must be acknowledged; only then will we be able to rise above the clouds that currently oppress us. 

This war is against Good versus Evil, and many more hurdles are coming our way. Surround yourselves with people who have your values resist and reject those on the left, and never forget God has already won, and they know it- CH