There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
You are Gideon’s army Patriots; it is up to We the People!
You are Gideon’s army Patriots; it is up to We the People!

You are Gideon’s army Patriots; it is up to We the People!

When God wanted Gideon to bring an army to take on the enormous Midianite army, he brings 32,000 men. God whittles it down to 300; why?
Because God wanted Gideon to trust him, now it is your turn. Your turn to stand up and fight for your country. Trust the plan the Patriots have in place.

To clean up the mess in 2021 that we began to see clearly in 2020 will take extraordinary efforts by each Patriot who loves freedom and our nation founded under God.
President Trump didn’t just show up, folks; many military patriots in our country asked him to lead this fight against the Deep State and their plan of “The Great Reset.”

You have heard of the great reset…

Below a great video that explains the Deep State’s plan of “The Great Reset.” The Deep State and these families want to take everything from you – they want to own you. You will own nothing not even your children.

The Patriots knew their plan this is why they chose Trump. He is our Gideon please take the time to watch this. It is lengthy but well worth it.

President Trump came into the office of the presidency to protect us- (American People) from these globalist monsters.
Why because President Trump loves America.

It must look dire to some of you, but remember that the Patriots of 1776 felt the same doom and gloom. Half the citizens of the colonies were frightened and apathetic or numb. These Patriots were facing the largest army in the world. Does this sound familiar?

Just like Gideon, the Patriots of 1776 were divinely inspired.
We can learn that God can work through anyone, even timid believers of little faith.

A leader doesn’t always mean the boldest and most vigorous. God often works through believers who come from the least of the least, like Gideon. When we’re hiding from what scares us most, God compels us to tackle it head-on.
We live in a great time; we have a chance to change the evil that has been in force in our country and our world for many generations.

The most important thing happening in America is the audits. The deep state fears this the most. Because the people are waking up they can no longer hide.

The audits in Arizona will be finalized today the results will be announced on Monday.

Monday is Flag Day and also President Trump’s birthday- coincidence? Below a year ago from Q.

The deepest fear and panic the left has is seeing us having faith and believing in God and Jesus Christ. Our faith goes way above their evildoing.
They cannot stop what is coming.
They cannot put out our light.
God woke us up for a reason.
Never forget this patriot-CH

County News below….

Madison County is a fine example of what happens when you sleep and allow the Good ole Boys to take over and ruin the place where you live.

It is comical to see how quickly Sheriff Buddy’s new fascist friends have turned on him. Now he and the Madison County Commissioners are crying foul. Well this is what happens when you play in a litter box.
The lefties are mad because Harwood hired a cop from the Asheville Police department that “They” deemed unfit. The Asheville Citizen-Times blew their dog whistle, and the Madison Marxist Lizards retaliated by voicing their dismay at the last commissioner’s meeting. Front and center was Erica Tenner-

(A Rupa Russe’s -Dave 209 darling), whom should seriously take her medication regularly. See below;

Tenner is nothing but more of this Cop hating – honey boo boo-white trash that has moved in here from up north.

Hate to show you her vulgarity but remember Coy Phillips, Harwood, and Marxist (Paul) Moon went to her defense when someone burned her terrorist Black Lives Matter flags. They embraced this idiot and her cop hating indecency. That is because Coy and Buddy needed their votes for the 2020 election.

What has got Buddy Harwood so tore up these days is Tenner attacked King Buddy Harwood at the May regular commissioner’s meeting. After this meeting, on June 9th Rupa Russe posted this on Facebook directed at Michael Garrison below:

First Rupa you have no idea what really happened at the January-6-2021 rally. Fourteen Thousand hours of tape recordings are being withheld by the democrats. No police officers were killed but a woman by the name of Ashli Babbett was killed by a cop. Rupa you really should stop relying on CNN for your fake news. What is a Squat team? Do you mean Buddy’s Whorehouse squat team? Let me correct you those deputies don’t want to be alleviated from that part of their duty.

Rupa, was it not Harwood that maneuvered the Democrat Executive vote for you to take the place of Nick Honeycutt on the ballot for commissioner? You do realize he wanted you on the ticket to help Michael Garrison get elected, right?
The one chance at transparency would have been Clayton Rice and Wayne Brigman back in as commissioners.
Not Rino’s Matt Wechtel and Michael Garrison.

I find it interesting you loathe Garrison so much when you both are so much alike.
You both are Grifters, you are both inept at reading general statutes and law, and you both think you are so innovative and better than anyone around you. Yet, you both are dismal failures morally and professionally. See below Michael Garrison and Rupa Russe’s manifestos to the public.

Garrison’s Defund me manifesto – What kind of an idiot publishes something like this?

Rupa Russe’s – I am Woman hear me roar – but I can’t get through the door….

“During which I survived Sheriff’s Deputy T-boning me, rendering me unable to write”- from Rupa’s survival manifesto

Link Below you only have to read a few paragraphs this Leftist woman’s elevator simply does not reach the top floor..

The best part of this whole story is how Sheriff Buddy and the commissioners have come unglued at the seams. Heck, folks, Craig Goforth is actually starting to metamorphize into a Looney Toons character.

Red – Faced Waldo is sporting a new Mustache Toupee.

Buddy is so desperate to stay relevant that he organized an AR-15 giveaway. He brought in his toadie Austin Edwards and brother Eddie who always likes to be in the limelight to manage a “Back the Blue” Rally.
Edwards even used my Websites name “SaveMadisonCounty to promote this; see below:

Why now, Austin, why did you and Eddie wait a year to “Back the Blue”? Why did you use my website name? Don’t you have enough intelligence to come up with your own ideas?
Folks, I am not saying I am against backing police officers, but I am against supporting corrupt ones. I am against supporting and funding Buddy Harwood’s whorehouse. I understand why no one wants to work in these conditions – It has nothing to do with fear of Antifa it has to do with fear of the Buddy Harwood’s smell on you. Maybe a fear of being caught up in pending investigations think about it folks….

This regime gave away an AR-15 at this so-called Buddy rally. Wouldn’t you think more than seventy-five people would have shown up? You didn’t have to buy a ticket.

Even the lefties advertised for Buddy look what Pat Franklin- Lizzy Gullum and Rupa Russe’s conscious homesteaders posted on Facebook.

When are you lefties going to learn every time you try some of your pathetic bullying like the above you drive more business to Bonnie’s. Unfortunately for Buddy and his rally they all went to Bonnies instead….

Chad Nesbitt spoke at this commissioner meeting. He warned about Madison County becoming like Buncombe.

Folks, Chad is correct, but you have to wake up and stand up for your county also. You can’t rely on these five commissioners or Bill Deblasio (Norris Gentry), the acting County manager. All five are incompetent and in it for themselves. All five have lied and used their positions to profit themselves.

Below is an asinine resolution, put out by Madison County Commissioners, or as Bubba Snelson spelled it RESOULUTION… I think this is a Freudian slip for all of you in Marshall this is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that occurs due to the interference of an unconscious subdued wish or internal train of thought. The concept is part of classical psychoanalysis. 

This was posted on the Republican Party of Madison County’s website….priceless

Maybe Bubba Snelson is worried about his soul…yeah not likely….

This is the Resoulution authored by our two Republican County Commissioners Michael Garrison and Matthew Wechtel. Resolution Conveying Public Support and Gratitude for Our County’s Law Enforcement Agencies Whereas the brave men and women of our local law enforcement agencies continually and unfailingly serve the greater Madison County communities against criminals who seek to commit acts of violence, theft and wrong doing on our innocent residents; Whereas these brave and courageous men and women ensure the safety of our children, elderly, families and guests by willingly confronting, on a daily basis, dangerous circumstances and potential threats of personal harm, serious bodily injury or even death; Whereas these local heroic law enforcement officers continue to faithfully, without prejudice, execute the duties of their office during unprecedented social turmoil, political conflict and national civil unrest; Whereas these men and women routinely and readily respond to uncertain encounters that are often rapidly evolving situations that require split second potential life and death decisions that are reviewed and meticulously scrutinized from the comfort, safety and convenience of administrative offices, public media outlets and living room couches; Whereas progressive leftist political movements and special interest groups seek to otherwise demoralize, deject, defund and impede our law enforcement officers from making difficult and instantaneous decisions which has resulted in officers being less likely to intervene in dangerous situations and decreased proactive patrols within the communities they are entrusted to protect and serve; Whereas this concentrated effort to undermine the necessity and effectiveness of law and order suppresses the pursuit of equitable justice and increases acts of violent crime; Whereas these efforts are currently resulting in the mass exodus of quality professional law enforcement officers from their chosen occupation and the limited interest of qualified potential future applicants both of which we have witnessed in nearby communities where there is a demonstrated lack of political, community and administrative support; Whereas the disparagement of these men and women and the espousal of hateful rhetoric against them, decreases their physical safety and intensifies the likelihood of antagonistic and escalated violence against them during hostile and confrontational situations; Whereas it is duly recognized that these fallible men and women are important members of the communities they serve and have a desire of building trusting friendships and enduring partnerships with the greater community for the advancement of collective goals in a safe and abiding environment; It is now hereby resolved that the Madison County Board of Commissioners:  Convey our sincere appreciation and gratitude to all the local law enforcement agencies, their related support service employees and all their families who earnestly and professionally serve and protect our communities; and  That we acknowledge the enormous sacrifices and invaluable services that law enforcement officers make in the care and defense of our citizens; and  That we recognize the positive impact that those personal sacrifices have in creating an unparalleled safe and enhanced quality of life within our rural mountain communities; and  That we acknowledge and extend our deepest appreciation and gratitude to the greater familial support system of first responders and fire personnel, emergency medical responders, telecommunicators and all of the support staff that work collectively in partnership with our law enforcement officers; and  That we denounce and reject any attempts to demoralize, dissuade, defund or dismantle the benefits and blessings of our Madison County law enforcement officers; and That the Madison County Board of Commissioners hereby declares Madison County, North Carolina, as a “Pro-Law Enforcement Community”. Adopted this the 8th day of June, 2021. Mark Snelson Madison County Board of Commissioners

Attest: Mandy Bradley Clerk to the Board of Commissioners

What a bloviation by Matt Wechtel and Michael Garrison; where were you two RINOS months ago?

Why now because a few people showed up at the commissioner’s meeting and let you have it?

Can’t you handle dissent? Is it because Brother Harwood is in trouble? This blather of words looks like something Garrison would write,(remember his manifesto above) a conglomeration of arrogance and lies all packaged to snow the public into thinking you are actually honorable individuals and doing your jobs.

The people of this county pay your salaries. We, the People, have the right to question your authority, and you answer to the public. You don’t get free reign and exemption from scrutiny.

Don’t be fooled by these two RINOS they are liars, and this resolution means nothing, just like Matt Wechtel’s phony second amendment resolution.

Wechtel thinks he can snow you, patriots, again with this new blather. Resolutions are a politician’s way of covering up for inadequacies in government. They mean nothing all show, just a piece of paper.

These two RINO’s word means nothing; they have proven this time and again. Patriots, we can’t trust these so-called Republican leaders. Wechtel and Garrison are lazy and have been in the Harwood camp the whole time.

Don’t get fooled by Harwood and the Madison County Commissioner’s false flag of crying that no one wants to work for the pill-popping corrupt sheriff.
Buddy and the commissioners brought this on themselves, and you can’t blame Rupa or Tenner either because neither of these two is in a governing position. Buddy Harwood – Craig Goforth -Norris Gentry- Mark Snelson- Larry Leake and all you entrenched Democrats encouraged this left-wing behavior; now you own it.

But folks, I think something more is afoot here; remember, Beth Wood NC auditor found malfeasance with Comrade Cooper and his dolling out of Covid Cash inappropriately. This money is federal, and if misappropriated, it has to be returned- ask California it is happening there now. We know that Madison county’s finance director- Kary Ledford, would not provide public record disclosures on the accurate disbursements of this money.

You can’t withhold public record requests; eventually, it catches up to you, Madison County ….Ask Dr. Death Fauci which organization forced him to turn over the emails- Judicial Watch.

Judicial Watch has filings in NC and has established Madison County as one of the biggest fraud-riddled counties in NC.
Where is the Madison County Republican party? Why are the Marxist Hill Republican’s not looking into the ES &S voting machines in this county?

Patrick Ward, the new chairman, is a disappointment. He is feckless and led around by the Briggs boys and Dyatt Smathers. What has the Republican party of Madison County ever done for the people of Madison? Folks they are connected to the Stain of Sodom- Larry Leake more coming on this later…

Ask yourselves, what happens if Brother Harwood is incapable of operating his sheriff’s department because of no deputies? Remember the juveniles? This failure is just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming Harwood’s way.

So, sheriff Buddy needs a diversion – Boo Hoo, the mean ole Newspaper and Lefties are coming after me.
Sheriff Buddy calls in his toadies Austin Edwards and Eddie Harwood; hey, Madison County, look what we have a shiny AR15, and more is coming like this; all you have to do is walk “Our Blue Line.”

Buddy Harwood’s blue line is not the same blue line walked by proper law enforcement.
Why does Harwood think he is untouchable? Notice the commissioners coming to his defense. Why?
Because if he falls, they fall. They all have played in Sheriff Buddy’s litter box and have his smell all over them.

Facts-Madison County’s Sheriff has been a dismal failure;

  • Drug houses operating freely and for years, even when the Great Michael Garrison was chief deputy for Harwood. 
  • Coy Phillips and Buddy Harwood recycle drugs they confiscate from the public for resale. 
  • Coy Phillips has planted drugs on numerous individuals to get them to comply with “Porky’s -Sheriff Buddy’s methodology.” 
  • There has been no audit of Harwood’s evidence room, not even when Big Mike was at the helm. 
  • No Nepotism Policy -( the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs). This neglect in implementing a nepotism policy has produced a Madison County Sheriff’s department known as a walking cartoon Whore House. 
  • Kickbacks to area businesses and churches
  • Abuse of inmates 
  • Stolen food and items out of the evidence room and commissary from jail administration
  • Bullying of local taxpayers in unison with Madison County Health Department and Environmental Health
  • Inability to produce proper evidence in due diligence of court cases- why because Buddy Harwood would instead arrest let it make the paper in order to give him phony glory. Conclusion the cases fall apart in court because of lack of evidence.
  • Allowing DSS to do your work – Harwood has put Madison Children in harm’s way
  • Sheriff vehicles ending up in other states for resale
  • Concealed Weapon Permits for sale – No need to worry about background checks or tests – pay the price get the permit
  • Guns not correctly disposed of and being stored in ominous places resold for profit
  • Drugs not being stored in evidence facilities but freely in view throughout the sheriff department
  • active ongoing dating throughout the ranks of the Sheriff department 
  • Sheriff too busy taking naps on his oversized couch in his office to be concerned with his employees

So don’t cry me a river when no one wants to work for you, Buddy. Look at Yancey County, where Republican Gary Banks is Sheriff; he has no problem with his employees because he is not corrupt. Sheriff Banks doesn’t take advantage of the County government he works for; in other words, he doesn’t steal revenue and stays within his budget and operates lawfully.

Don’t forget when all these players signed Paul Moon’s pledge of allegiance to the Marxists of Madison? These reprobates listed hide it under the auspice of actually caring about their community when they have milked it for years..Speaks volumes to who they really are:

I think all of us realize we need new leadership in County Government throughout Madison County, including the school system that Marxist Heil Hoffman runs.
We don’t have to elect a sheriff that is a former cop either. We have many great military veterans in our county that would make a great sheriff.

Only two men are spouting they are running for sheriff, currently Robin Lyles – Jim Cruzan and rumblings of Michael Garrison also.

Robin Lyle’s works currently for Harwood and this speaks volumes; he is a Briggs RINO Republican with ties to Harwood and Leake. Lyles claims he has to plant his certification somewhere, so that is why he works for Sheriff Buddy.

This is BS folks; there are plenty honest, reputable Republican Sheriffs that would hold that certification. Robin Lyles also has a history of sexual harassment concerning women with who he works professionally. So you see now why he works with Buddy – two peas in a pod.

This pains me to write but needs to be said- Jim Cruzan went around telling everyone that he was going to switch parties and run on the Republican ticket for sheriff; below is his current voter registration info:

MADISON Status: ACTIVE Voter Reg Num:000030016355NCID:CH8363

Party: DEM

Race: WHITE-Ethnicity

Cruzan stated to me when I asked him about this and pointed out that anyone with a “D” on their name would have difficulty being elected in this environment of election theft he sated- ” That is a long way off the people will forget about it; by the election.”
Folks, I have code that I go by, and everyone knows this; if you ever lie to me, I am done, period. What Buddy Harwood and Coy Phillips did to the Cruzan’s was horrible, and I stood up for them, but Jim Cruzan would not be a good Sheriff for Madison County.

He has poor judgment and is arrogant. He would be no different than Harwood in implementing his family in the Madison County Sheriff’s department. If one of your family members is not competent because of drug use to have custody of their children, please tell me why they were acceptable enough to work for the taxpayers of Madison county and Harwood’s sheriff’s department. At the same time, you and your wife were employed?
Folks, this is typical of Democrats – Not for me but for thee.
The problems in this county stem from both parties- greed – control- arrogance of entitlement. We need new leadership across the board in our towns and throughout the county. Just look at the town of Marshall; the alderman bought and dedicated a monument to the village drunk former mayor Jack Wallin that died of an apparent heart attack not Covid like they have been spewing months ago.

Wallin was a chronic alcoholic that took drugs. Haynie memorialized him as a war hero in the weekly wiper this week another lie- Stolen Valor, but what do you expect from someone whose family owns property with Larry Leake.

You can’t put lipstick on a pig, Marshall; it is still a pig.

So why not use that Wallin memorial money to buy and replace the Civil war monument? Instead, put it for something that represents true courage and military valor.

Gideon had courage, but he had doubts when he heeded God’s calling. We need our heroes to stand up in Madison County dare to question this mockery of the left and RINO politicians in the Republican party.
Below a true hero Mark Robinson our lieutenant governor, which quite frankly would make a great governor, Mark speaks the truth about reparations and the left’s attempt at destroying our values and America.
After this video another of President Trump, a short video of inspiration of a man who loves the American People and has given so much; his birthday is Monday; say a prayer for him and his family; big things are about to happen, and the Deep State and leftist Democrats are panicking.
Nothing can stop what is coming nothing and they can’t put out our light because the truth will prevail through all….CH