Save Madison County NC From The Left
The Greatest Weapon is not a Gun or Bomb it is the Control of Information.
The Greatest Weapon is not a Gun or Bomb it is the Control of Information.

The Greatest Weapon is not a Gun or Bomb it is the Control of Information.

This Senate fiasco isn’t an Impeachment Hearing for President Trump; this is a Swamp Rat Hearing to determine who gets primaried on the GOP side.

The smell of this sewer is on both sides, although the Democrat side has nothing redeemable left. The Democrat Party is dead and has been taken over by cancer that the party allowed in the door.

The Republicans are all talk and no walk as they always have been. You can’t trust them as I will go into further tomorrow in a story about the pedophiles that have just been arrested in the Republican Party. Top dogs folks it goes all the way up the Chamber of Commerce and the Knights of Columbus….

Both parties are full of Pedophiles -Satanists and Globalists that are hell bent on destroying America.

Trump is our president, not the Corpse the Democrats are propping up. The Democrat Party for years has been brainwashing its members. It is sad to see this once great JFK party, now a Communist China and Rothschild cabal.

Although I will tell you, the Democrat Party has always had its bloodsuckers and party loyalists as we have here in Madison County.

They believe in Government running everything – no free market unless you kiss their ring and ask them first.

They loathe those that start their own businesses and heaven forbid you are a success. You can’t trust a Democrat that has worked or is working for the State or local government to run your communities- they are brainwashed mind numb robots.

These are the same ones that hide behind a building saying “Piss come here I have some news for you- but you can’t use my name because I am coward and can’t stand up for what is Right”- folks this is the leaders of Madison County.

These same people are the ones that have disdain for you-because you are independent. They are jealous and look at your commissioners- Craig Goforth a rent a cop with a Sally Struthers degree. These professors at Mars Hill College are typical “Losers in Life” they teach your kids how to make it in life but they never could – this is why they are professors. The worst thing that can teach a young person is someone that never broke a sweat. Goforth is prime example of a “Nothing Burger.” Do you honestly think this clown can teach Criminal Justice when he was caught red handed in Mars Hill when he was a rent a cop?

I don’t want to put Barney Fife down because morally his character was 100 percent better than Goforth. But hey would you want Barney teaching Criminal Justice to your kid?

Look around at Madison; it is a Welfare County – open and ripe for the Satanists of the Democrat Cabal to take it over. And what do we have in charge on the Madison County Commissioners board – Democrats all of them even the ones with a “R” next to their names.

Below is what these Satanists want they openly show you who they are- Why do think Obama and Oprah were so attracted to Asheville?

It is not because it is a great city because it isn’t -I call it the City of freaks and that is because it is a city that has rampant Satanism throughout. It is a city that promotes homosexuality and anything deviant which these two are a part of.

Folks, open your eyes look who gets the jobs in this County- Democrats- You have to be a Democrat to get a job at the school system – You have to be a democrat to work for the County – French Broad, and if you are a Republican you have to kiss the Democrat Cabal’s ring.
Which, by the way, is Larry Leake – “The Stain of Sodom.”

These so-called swells of Madison think they are smarter than you.
I remember Larry Leake – “The Stain of Sodom” asking me once, “why do you help these minions of Madison County?”

That remark – speaks volumes coming from a guy who says “he loves Madison County” He doesn’t love Madison County; he wants to control it, and this is the only place in NC that will allow him to do it.

Larry Leake, in all his filth, is the poster child for the Democrat Party and Madison County.

Add that pathetic two bit sheriff Buddy Harwood into the fray- there is no difference in these two -both of them have been around doing exactly what they do now as they did decades ago.

Wake up, folks – keeping a “D” on your name is like walking around with Dog Shit on the bottom of your shoe.

Larry and his minions think they are more intelligent than you because they have an abundance of “Sally Struthers Degrees.”

These degrees are like the Wizard of Oz – You remember when the Scare Crow needed a brain – OZ the fake behind the curtain produced a document that claimed superior intellect. Immediately the scarecrow could spout the laws of Physics.

I don’t know if many of you realize this was purposeful in the Wizard of Oz story – it was addressing the same thing I am addressing today. A piece of paper does not give you wisdom and certainly does not make you superior to anyone.

I have been around Madison County Citizens who don’t even have a high school degree, but what they do have is wisdom and decency, which is more than this Mars Hill Clan of Swells will ever have.

Heil Hoffman at Madison county Schools and the school board are forcing your children to wear masks and you just follow like little sheeples. Wearing Masks is very unhealthy. This even coming from the Left’s God the evil mad scientist Dr. Fauci :

It reminds me of how people that smoke usually wake up years later and say – “Oh I didn’t know it would hurt me” – You didn’t know that breathing in smoke – just like Co2- (for all you mask wearers)- would hurt you at some point?

It is Hypocrisy by the left – they don’t care about Health they just want you to succumb to their demands on every level. They are miserable in their lives and they want you just as miserable- They will be coming for your guns next and than your religion.

Do you realize wearing masks is more harmful to your kids because their lungs are still forming and growing?

For God’s sake wake up- the father gave you a brain to use.

And for those of you in Marshall that still want to chastise all of us- (that WILL NOT WEAR MASKS) …. This might get your attention below:

““Gum disease — or periodontal disease — will eventually lead to strokes and an increased risk of heart attacks,” Marc Sclafani, a dentist and co-founder of One Manhattan Dental, told the New York Post about “mask mouth,” which is increasingly causing inflammation and gum disease among patients.”

I say we all start calling these LIBERAL LEMMINGS what they need to be called ” MASK MOUTHS”-When they act like you are carrying disease look at them for what they are Rotted Mask Mouths…

COVID IS A HOAX and interesting enough some governments have already ruled on these Cabals….

Time to wake up and start thinking on your own- you know the truth; it is right in front of you.

Speaking of more truth -Onward to more evidence and lies by the Swamp and their sewer rats…

The official narrative that there was no election theft is likely the largest lie ever perpetrated on the world.  The lie is so vast and so fragile that everyone who disagrees with the official narrative is suppressed, de-platformed, kicked off social media, ostracized, and fired from their job in order to protect the lie from examination and exposure. 

It is obvious that Trump did not lose to Biden who inspired no enthusiasm and whose campaign events had to be halted due to non-attendance.

How did Trump lose the election when on December 29, after two months of his heightened demonization following the November 2020 election, he won the annual Gallup survey as America’s most admired person, ending Obama’s 12-year run. According to the official vote count, Trump received 11 million more votes in 2020 than the number he won in 2016 and three times the black support.

In 2020 Trump received 8 million more votes than Obama received in 2012 and Hillary received in 2016.  It is not possible that this extraordinary performance is a losing one.  And this is his official vote count, not his suppressed actual vote.

Remember what comes out of the mouths of the Democrats- “People who say there was a shadow campaign to rig the 2020 election are conspiracy theorists!”

Do you even know where the term Conspiracy Theorist comes from? It was devised by the CIA back in the 60’s after JFK was assassinated to quell dissent from the Warren Commission report.

Warren Commission Report was a sham and the people of America knew it – Remember who worked for the CIA at the time in Dallas – Herbert Walker Bush-

When JFK was murdered, much conspiratorial evidence was cast upon a George Bush that resided in the employment of the CIA as discussed here in a memo from then FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. There was a phone call to the Dallas operator by a George Bush just after the shooting that supports this claim. And, there is the ominous photo of a man outside the Texas School Book Depository on the day of the shooting who bares an uncanny resemblance to George H. W. Bush.

Below is more undeniable evidence of what happened on Election Night 2020 and after.
Democrats and Republicans want control back, and they want all of us to go back to putting our heads in the sand and shutting up.
Neither of these parties wants a populist movement of “We the People” or “For The People”; they want to control your lives, period.

Surveillance video recorded overnight after the election shows a white van making deliveries to a major Michigan ballot counting center: TCF Center in Detroit.

The video was obtained by The Gateway Pundit.

The deliveries of boxes reportedly occur hours after the deadline for ballots to be collected.

During that same time period, President Trump’s large lead in Michigan was overtaken by a surge in ballots counted for Joe Biden.

Read the story in Gateway Pundit by clicking the link below:

From Sidney Powell:

There is a very important case still active in Georgia. There is a very important case in which discovery is being granted in Michigan. That’s why the Michigan governor, AG and Secretary of State are trying to have us all sanctioned and disbarred. All their claims are frivolous, and they are going nuts! And there’s a big fight in AZ. Citizens need to make their voices heard to all their state officials and demand full forensic audits by computer experts. There is evidence still in the machines. Why do you think Dominion and Smartmatic are fighting so hard to keep us from accessing the machines—even though federal law requires all records to be kept for 22 months to make certain our elections are valid?? — Sidney

I am going end this story with an excerpt from Lin Wood that says it all – Folks you have to remember something President Trump is a Master Chess player and he just boxed in the Deep State Senate – He made them put on the record and with a vote- that you can impeach Presidents after they have left office. HA HA – Now get ready Hildabeast – Obama- Bush – Bill it is coming – And Hell is coming with it-CH

We ALL want a resolution to the current crisis in America. We ALL want to hear the truth. We ALL have waited a long time for the criminals to be brought to justice.

Be patient. Trust the Lord and wait on Him. The Lord is a just and righteous God.

P.S. While you wait, take consolation that the traitors and criminals in the Democrat and Republican parties are scared to death as they have no idea what Trump is going to do and when. They are not resting well at night. I am. You should too.

God bless ALL. – Lin