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Subdue the Enemy Without Fighting!
Subdue the Enemy Without Fighting!

Subdue the Enemy Without Fighting!

Why are the so-called experts still debating whether they can or cannot impeach the president after he has left office?
Is it because they have overthrown the office and have to get rid of the man to reclaim the military?
Or are they just willing to commit another treasonous act that goes against the constitution?
Why are they even wasting time with this if they control the military, the house, and the executive office?
Why aren’t they celebrating their win? Why are the press and Biden pretending to be president…

That is because the cadaver Joe Biden is not the president.

Below by a popular Italian Blogger translated in English.

Please take the time to read it….I have said before the Europeans get it and are doing a much better job in reporting on America. He is telling the truth and I believe this is exactly what is happening. I have photos after this piece that will further verify his story.

But first a video by Simon Parkes which is great also.

Check out the recent resignations below throughout the World….Very Telling…


Has Trump surrendered or conceived the most brilliant trap against the New World Order?

by Cesare Sacchetti

The first reaction that overwhelmed many people in America and the world when they saw Trump boarding the AF1 was one of frustration and delusion.

Several people thought (and many still think it) that the US President has surrendered somehow.

In fact, people have thought instead that Donald Trump has only been a “man of the system” since the beginning and that the globalist élite chose him as a containment wall to avoid any real change.

At this moment, there are three main theories regarding Trump’s role in his administration. The first theory is that Trump has been a gatekeeper, a false opposition created by the system itself as was done in Italy by the Five Stars Movement and Salvini’s League.

The second theory is that Trump has surrendered to and cut a deal with globalism.

The Deep state has relentlessly persecuted him since the beginning of his campaign.

The third theory is that Trump has set up the deep state and conceived a trap even more lethal and sophisticated than anyone could imagine.

Let us take into consideration the first option before proceeding.

Those who support this theory consider Trump to be a man of the deep state.

However, if someone looks at what has happened in the last four years, they could easily discard this option.

The war waged against Trump by the deep state is merely unprecedented in US history.

It began even before Trump got into the White House when in 2016 the former President Obama gave the green light to the illegal espionage against the Republican candidate to depict him as a Russian stooge falsely.

That was the Russiagate hoax conception, which was later more appropriately defined as Obamagate or Spygate.

Spygate was the biggest operation of political sabotage ever perpetrated by the deep state against a political candidate.

Former Attorney General William Barr correctly called it the most significant coup in US history.

As was mentioned in the previous articles of this blog, Italy played a vital role in this plot, when the Italian government (headed first by Renzi and then by Gentiloni) had allegedly authorized the Italian secret services to spy on Donald Trump.

However, the war against Trump was not limited to this scandal. 

For four years, the establishment sought to overthrow his presidency in every way imaginable.

Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, and Speaker of the US House of Representatives, gave the green light to Trump’s impeachment, which was utterly unsubstantiated and brazenly unconstitutional. 

The impeachment failed to pass in the Senate.

Not only was the war against Trump fought on the political side.

 But also, the system tried to remove the President physically through the 25th amendment.

By last August, there were at least two possible attempts against Trump’s life. 

The first attempt was against the helicopter squad that protected the President. 

An unknown sniper fired a shot against one of the helicopters and hurt a military soldier.

The second attempt was via a drone, which unexplainably reached the AF1 and almost hit it.

And so the war went on. 

In November, the deep state perpetrated US history’s biggest electoral fraud and probably in world history. 

This past January, rather than foiling the fraud, the US congress illegally ratified the election.

This brings us to this important fact – a gatekeeper would never have gone through these significant sabotages. 

When the system wants to create a false opposition, it helps this process, and it does not try to kill the new movement in the cradle.

Therefore, the false opposition theory should be discarded even when considering the Trump doctrine, which was founded upon the principle of “America First”, a concept diametrically in contradiction with the globalist agenda.

Globalism aims to establish a one-world government. 

It could not, and it cannot tolerate the existence of a US Presidency, which puts the defense of US sovereignty in the first place.

Trump has betrayed the cause, or he has realized a masterpiece against globalism?

Therefore, the other two options should be considered now. 

Let us consider this statement – has Trump betrayed his followers, or has he made a brilliant move against the system?

This theory certainly has more coherence than the gatekeeper option, but it has other logical flaws.

For instance, if Trump is a traitor, why did he declassify the devastating documents that prove how Joe Biden is only a stooge in the hands of China and other foreign lobbies?

Above all, why did the President declare a state of emergency in some states for climate adversities

Which took place months ago, and why did Trump authorize the militarization of DC?

And finally, if Trump is really a “traitor” who has surrendered to the New World Order and cannot further do damage to the system, then why is the deep state desperately trying to impeach him when he’s officially out of the institutions?

Before trying to answer these questions, let’s take into consideration the consequent scenarios.

 A few words should be spent at this time for the so-called “Kraken”, the mythological monster quoted many times by Sidney Powell and Lin Wood.

Many times, this metaphor was used by Trump’s inner circle to announce the imminent revelation of devastating proof able to unmask once and for all the electoral fraud.

In a certain way, the Kraken was released many times before the US Courts.

Unfortunately, almost every judge had refused even to look at it.

The fact that the judicial strategy was ineffective so far certainly does not mean that Lin Wood or Sidney Powell had some responsibility.

It merely means that the system is heavily rigged and infected.

Or that the game was and still is being played on another level.

In other words, Lin Wood and Sidney Powell could have inflated this narration not as a way to deceive Trump’s supporters but as a way to deceive Trump’s enemies.

Basically, the Kraken could just have been a smokescreen to falsely depict Trump as “weak” in the deep state’s eyes and consequently hide the President’s strategy’s real goal.

Once the judicial avenue had failed, Trump had the weapon of the Emergency-Order against foreign election interference.

As previously told, it was sabotaged by the intelligence community that delivered to Trump an inconclusive and contradictory report on the foreign interferences, which were committed mainly by China and Italy.

At this point, Trump seemed to have only two other available options to foil the coup: the first is the activation of the Insurrection Act, and the second is the enactment of martial law.

Both of these solutions imply a military takeover and a subsequent military government that should continue until the subversive plan to overthrow the real winner of the election, Trump, is not foiled.

Now we should try to imagine the consequences of such actions made by Trump.

The Main Stream Media would have immediately called Trump a “dictator” and even supported his physical elimination.

The Democratic Party would have openly favored the secession of the states of New York and California.

Chaos would have erupted in the streets.

In other words, America would have been swallowed by a spiral of violence that could have triggered a civil war.

 Potentially even more devastating than the one fought during Lincoln’s age, another US President who had opposed the Rothschilds plan to control the US.

If one considers the Freemason and globalist infiltrations within the US institutions, the civil war appears as the only viable option.

An armed conflict seemed the only way to eradicate America’s enemies who have infected every national institution.

Trump tricked the deep state in plain sight.

It turns out that Trump might have found another strategy, more brilliant and less devastating. 

Do what was necessary, but without saying it.

In other words, before he left the White House, Trump could have delivered the power to the military without making any official announcement.

Trump might have used the “open sight” technique, which has been used so often by the New World Order, against globalism itself.

One of the strategies pursued by globalism was to openly show the naïve public its final goal of one-world government.

Globalism has financed a vast quantity of movies, books, magazines, and seminaries to indoctrinate public opinion to this plan and make it appear as the only solution for humankind and the world.

In other words, the globalist cabal has shown in plain sight what it has always intended to do.

Either the masses did not realize it, or perhaps they didn’t take it too seriously because most people thought that all these plans would have been carried out in a very distant and faraway future.

The paradox is that Trump might well have chosen to carry out this same strategy against its creators.

He delivered the power to the military in open sight, and he ordered the militarization of DC before leaving.

Nobody can tell him anything, because officially, Trump did not say a word, and he left for Florida, where he now resides.

It is a chess strategy masterpiece that could be hard to understand at first glance, but not if other relevant elements are taken into consideration.

To better understand the levels where this battle is taking place, it is helpful to remember a metaphor quoted in Daniel Estulin’s book, “The Bilderberg Club”, where the author describes two worlds’ existence.

There is one world on the surface where most of the population lives. 

In this world exists only the fake reality of the media.

Yet there’s another world in the deep, where powers like the secret services loyal to globalism fight their battle against other governments, opposing this plan.

Basically, it is the same metaphor as the movie “The Matrix,” where the underground world’s logic affects and rule the surface world’s fake reality.

The former exists to preserve the latter. Therefore, the masses are not aware of the truth.

Trump and the military power that supports him are perfectly aware of these dynamics and fight the battle on both levels.

Trump’s masterpiece has been to play the part of the “loser” and thus deceive the enemy.

As Sun Tzu taught, all warfare is based on deception.

By deceiving the enemy and believing that Trump has accepted the outcome of the fraud, Trump has beaten the system.

Before leaving Washington, Trump delivered the power to the military.

An illusion was shown on the surface, while in the underground, a devastating blow, probably lethal, was given against the deep state.

In Congress’s documents, there are even possible traces of a sufficient activation of the Insurrection Act.

If these documents are not enough, we should consider the increasing militarization of Washington DC.

Some GOP senators have asked for explanations on this military presence in the capital. 

But at the same time, we must wonder why doesn’t Joe Biden, if he’s really the commander-in-chief, order the withdrawal of these troops, whose deployment doesn’t make any sense?

Likewise, if Biden is entirely in charge and has full control of the military, why does the Pentagon refuse to show him reserved documents?

Yesterday, the Pentagon unbelievably declined to execute the plan to give vaccines to Gitmo terrorists as the Biden administration stated would be done.

There are also other incongruences around this so-called Biden administration. 

The White House has been dark for ten nights in a row. See the link below…

The safest building in the world seems not to be working at night.

No official explanation has been given regarding this situation. 

Several people have tried to reach out to the White House, and a recorded voice told them that the building was closed during business hours.

Other people later called only to have someone finally pick up and inform these callers that there was no staff working at the White House to manage ordinary administrative tasks.

The House of the President does not seem to be in operation. 

To this day, Biden hasn’t shown up in the White House press room, and his press officer, Jen Psaki, has no idea where the President is and doesn’t know where he will be available to answer the questions of the press.

At this point, it is more than legitimate to ask if Biden is really POTUS or just a stooge who’s playing a part because he has no other option, considering the massive proof that Trump has against him and his family involved in pedophile rings and in the hands of communist China.

The more days go by, the more this hypothesis seems to be consistent.

In other words, the so-called Biden administration would only be a charade, a sort of controlled demolition operation of the deep state that would last a while before the presidency is officially given again to Trump.

If this scenario were to be confirmed, this strategy would be even more lethal and effective than the ones conceived by Sun Tzu. 

Trump could be using his enemies to get to his goal.

To come back as POTUS without having fired a single shot or having triggered a civil war that would drag America into chaos and violence.

He has surrounded his enemies in DC by erecting fences around several institutions guarded by the military day and night.

Trump has locked up the entire deep state.

His enemies seem to have understood this, and they’re already panicking. 

Pam Keith, a Democratic Party candidate, has openly asked for Trump’s arrest because he could be able to run a shadow government in his own house.

And it seems to be the case because Trump has already created the Office of the Former President at Mar-a-Lago.

Once the military operation concludes, and with the subsequent collapse of the puppet Biden administration declared illegitimate, there are virtually no more obstacles for Trump to return as President.

Gamestop is part of the controlled demolition of the system

If there are other doubts regarding this scenario, it could be considered another critical element.

If Biden is really President and nothing can stop him, why did this unprecedented attack take place against Wall Street, one of the main pillars of the deep state, on his watch?

For example, the GameStop case doesn’t seem to be only the result of a handful of small investors on Reddit that chose to sink New York’s finance.

Most probably someone from the inside- who knows the system has advised them how and when to launch the attack.

Wall Street’s current carnage appears to be a sophisticated operation to bankrupt the speculative finance world that has been backing Washington’s swamp for decades.

The raid against Wall Street is also a raid against Communist China who quietly invested billions of dollars in the hedge funds.

Officially, no one can blame Trump for this because the former (?) President quietly lives in Florida.

Therefore, this strategy’s brilliant move was to provoke the collapse of the system without having any official role and by using a puppet enemy administration, not recognized by the military, to get to the goal.

Once the deep state demolition is completed, then the President can officially come back.

All this without any noise. Not even a single shot was fired.

What seemed to be a tremendous defeat could reveal to be the greatest victory of all times.

What seemed to be the triumph of globalism could reveal to be its definite collapse.

PHOTOS- We are not this stupid folks this Biden plane is pathetic – It is worse than a Southwest Plane –
Delaware is only 90 miles from DC.
That’s an hour and a half in by car.
Marine 1 in less than 30 min.

You don’t take a 747 (AF1) for that trip.
AF1 wouldn’t even have time to get to cruising altitude.
Barely get off the ground before beginning landing procedures.

This is so sloppy of Hollywood – They are panicking as they should cause this treason is going to be dealt with very soon….CH



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