There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Road Less Traveled…
Road Less Traveled…

Road Less Traveled…

Not for the faint of heart or those who choose to play it safe.

You will always have a winding road when you fight corruption in your communities and world. Those who go against the grain have no fear, yet they are the ones who dare to dream of change.

Patriots and truth seekers are who frightened the establishment “the Woke” and those in political office who feed off power and position for their existence.

The video below is a song by George Strait, ” The Road Less Traveled” this song is for all of you brave Patriots.

Per the song’s lyrics above, those who have thrown their hat into the ring to run for office have chosen a pathway they may not endure.

Most are doing this because they want change and they want it passionately.

They love their communities and know their rural neighborhood will be forever lost if they don’t start down this winding road now before it is too late.
The entrenched cabal will do whatever it takes to stop the truth from coming out. Whether on Social media or elsewhere, these oppressors will not stop us or our right to speak. I, like many others, have chosen this road and will not turn back.

We are not sheep and when you tyrants poke us just remember that.

I was not surprised the Harwood clan brought forward their favorite con artist Pee Wee Nesbitt this week.

Nesbitt was brought in to prop up two failing campaigns – Madison Cawthorn and Buddy Harwood- remember, the sheriff’s brother is Chad’s best friend, which is why Nesbitt never reports on Sheriff Buddy’s corruption. You can smell the desperation of both of these campaigns.

Last night Nesbitt posted the below in a mentally ill-laden rant video.

Nesbitt made claims that I had three federal lawsuits against me.

It is a lie among many he stated.

This video shows a complete meltdown of Harwood and his regime.

It shows desperation and an attempt to quell the public from free speech.

You that follow me are not stupid. You that can see know the truth.

Because of Chad’s rant, we can now see who is involved with this frivolous lawsuit filed by an unsuccessful candidate who was propped up by Buddy Harwood and his cronies.

Click on the Beauty in the picture below to see the Facebook video – if he dares to keep it up

Link to UCLA Law Professors who gave their opinion on this lawsuit:

Chad Nesbitt also took a cheap shot at congressional candidate Bruce O’Connell.

Bruce is a prominent businessman and owner of Pisgah Inn. O’Connell supports our military not with money but with true grit.

During a Buncombe County Men’s Club meeting, Nesbitt asks O’Connell if he ever had a felony – Photo of the altercation, folks, Chad should Never Wear Plaid.

This moronic act was rude and uncalled for because whatever happened was when O’Connell was in his teens and not charged. Cable in the 60’s Nesbitt accuses him of climbing a Cable pole in the ’60s? How much cable was around in the ’60s?

What an idiot. Is this the best this plaid weasel has?

Since you asked about felonies Chad, why didn’t you ask Madison Cawthorn about a felony?

He is the one who has been arrested several times, illegally trying to carry guns onto planes and driving with a revoked license while speeding and driving recklessly.

Cawthorn put the public at risk, not Mr. O’Connell.

Let’s talk about this elitist punk Madison Cawthorn.

Remember Cawthorn colluded with Michelle “Vagina road warrior” Woodhouse and left this district. They were teaming up so she could take this district, while Cawthorn abandons his constituents to take up with new voters that he hasn’t squeezed yet.

Woodhouse was trying to intimidate other candidates like O’Connell not to run against precious Madison, and O’Connell spoke out about it. Please read my story below about Woodhouse and Cawthorn; these two candidates are snakes in the grass and don’t deserve anyone’s vote.

Both are public embarrassments.

If Cawthorn had any dignity or class, he would have bowed out of the race after his district was made moot. Maddy is desperate and Super Plaid Chad is coming in to rescue…

Nesbitt, also made a desperate plea to save Sheriff Buddy Harwood Wednesday night.
He attacked ole CH because I alerted the public to a cover-up of a Juvenile rape and beating at the Madison County Sheriff’s department.

Remember, Chad is the best friend of Harwood’s brother Eddie. Nesbitt says he asked Buddy about this, and Sheriff Buddy said it wasn’t true.

Folks, use your common sense. Has Nesbitt ever reported on Buddy Harwood’s corruption?

Does Nesbitt own property in our county, pay taxes, vote in our county?

Chad asks his best friend’s brother – Hey Buddy Bro did you do it, man?

That is like asking Joe Biden if Hunter Biden, is a crack head.


These reprobate con artists think you are stupid and gullible.
I stand by my story, as do the law enforcement who reported it. The truth is coming out whether they want it reported or not.

Sheriff Buddy Harwood and his regime are corrupt, and so is Chad Nesbitt.

Who do you think has put a black eye on Republicans in Buncombe?

It is because of Nesbitt and his white trash tactics. Remember, in the last Sheriff’s election in Buncombe; They implied the now sitting Sheriff who won the race of burning down a building that his contender in this race owned.

Since we are bringing up felonies, Chad, what about your background?

Maybe Bruce O’Connell should ask you a few questions…

Look at this below Nesbitt, when Nesbitt was Chairman of the GOP in Buncombe, he held a fundraiser and collected money under the auspice of these funds going to 911 victims, but instead, they went to the GOP.

Bad enough at how low class this fundraiser was, but why was he not investigated?

If you collect money for a fundraiser and use it for anything else, it must be disclosed. Did you and the GOP keep your records Chad?

What about the next story? Look at this raid on his business for gambling.

Folks don’t ever forget it was Chad Nesbitt who announced

after Dr. Robinson

( a beloved principal of Madison County High School) died ;

he asked the question to the public. Was he vaccinated recently?

Nesbitt did this before all the family members were notified of his death.

Evil targeted recklessness

This is who Chad Nesbitt is and you should not be surprised of whose litter box he plays in…

Don’t forget he had all his village idiots looking for a murderer on the Appalachian Trail when the guy was alligator bait the whole time in Florida.

He implicated this guy’s family and accused them of hiding him. It was a lie just like the latest lie of firemen from Miami overdosing at a hotel.

Speaks volumes…

Rappelling 9/11 fundraiser creates fallout for GOP

Posted on  by Jake Frankel and Michael Muller

Despite a day of almost non-stop rain, nearly 80 people gathered at the Bee Tree Fire Station in Swannanoa on the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy last Saturday for a political fundraiser held by the Buncombe County Republican Party. Participants were invited to rappel down a 90-foot tower and donors were asked to contribute $100 per rappel.

According to party chairman Chad Nesbitt, who organized the event, the GOP “did it all for the victims of 9/11 and to defend America,” although a promotional video last week indicated that most of the money raised would go to “advertising in the media and a ‘guerilla’ marketing campaign to get the voters energized to vote.” The video also dictated that the party would donate a percentage of the money raised to Hunt the Cure, a nonprofit that raises money for research and sends children suffering from cancer on hunting and fishing trips.

Chad Nesbitt, others targeted in gambling raid

Posted on  by David Forbes

On Feb. 24, state Alcohol Law Enforcement agents carried out a raid on property maintained by business owner and conservative activist Chad Nesbitt, which ALE officials claim targeted illegal poker games that have been going at the site. No arrests were made — and the investigation continues.

“We’re still going through the documents and evidence we got,” ALE District Supervisor Allen Page told Xpress. “Once we do that, we’ll put a package together, sit down with [District Attorney] Ron Moore and decide where to go from there.”

Page also said that the ALE had conducted the raid in conjunction with the Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office, which keeps a record of such an occurrence if it involves deputies. 

Below more on Buddy Harwood this is why they are freaking out and trying to supress free speech…

Do you remember the Deer that Coy Phillips unlawfully killed while training a new rookie at the Madison County Sheriff Department?
This egregious act wasn’t the only Frat Boy Initiation Coy, and Buddy Harwood developed for their special four-week training.
The Madison County Sheriff’s department requires each new hire to have at least five felony arrests to fulfill their training.
Seriously this speaks volumes about the crime in our County.

Why do we have so much crime?
I think everyone should be careful about rookies on the prowl for felons.

And since we are on the subject of pulling people over, let’s review one of Coy Phillip’s training sessions.
Phillips and a rookie pull over a Madison County driver; Coy sends the rookie to check out the car he finds nothing suspicious.
Coy sends him back and states, “ask the driver if you can check his vehicle.” The driver says sure, and the rookie finds nothing.

Coy says let me check; well, guess what happens? Miraculously a bag of drugs is found. Are you catching on, folks?

This act is not the first time this has happened when Coy Phillips is around. Coy Phillips and his goons plant drugs on victims. Phillips has done it for Buddy for years. He even did this to Buddy’s own daughter’s fiance.

Never let a cop in this County search your vehicle without a warrant.

Another incident of a raid on a local drug house in Madison County; A sheriff’s department deputy collected the evidence and did what he was supposed to do; he itemized and took pictures of the drugs.

When the Sheriff’s Deputies returned all evidence to the Madison County Sheriff’s department, this same deputy noticed something was missing.
He then tells Jeff Elkins- (who was overseeing the investigation), something was missing.
Jeff Elkins stated, “no move on” well, the deputy didn’t move on; he referred back to his pictures which showed a bottle of prescribed OxyCotin was not inventoried.

After further investigation, this bottle’s prescription was Detective Jeff Elkins’s current mother-in-law. Where did it come from? Did she drop it off at the Sheriff’s office for collection and then it ended up on the street? Did Elkins steal it and then sell it onto the street?

Do you see now why they are so frightened of the truth getting to the public?

They are in full panic mode and guess what more is coming…

Buddy Harwood and our five Commissioners have moved forward on surveillance at the Madison County courthouse. He claims because the confederate statue was stolen, he needs surveillance. But this 24-hour surveillance will also be on the inside of the courthouse. Why?

So he can monitor a faction that he can’t control?

He has done this before he and Michael Garrison unlawfully wire-tapped the County offices.

Don’t think they didn’t wire-tap the courthouse also.

Lest we forget the Michael Garrison -Buddy Harwood’s Unlawful Wiretapping of 2015 -Below it happened folks and they got away with it.

Below your current Sheriff Buddy Harwood is dancing at a kids’ dance in Hot Springs.
How many of your respected officials have ever done something like this? Does your preacher act like this? Do those who you respect act like this?

Is this not embarrassing to Madison County?

It looks perverted; he dances with underage young girls and boys in very skimpy dresses on Saturday, then goes Church shopping on Sunday and pretends he is a Christian and a good man.

This while he covers up rape, drugs, and kick-backs in his Sheriff’s Department.

The oppressors cannot bully the truth into submission.

Every lie will be revealed. I am so proud of all of you for standing up for your county, country, for your communties,your families.

You are winning – Remember never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake

Sun Tzu

Lean on Jesus he never leaves you…

I will always take the road less traveled with no regret – CH