There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
If you leave your children a world where you never stood up, they’ll inherit one where they can’t.
If you leave your children a world where you never stood up, they’ll inherit one where they can’t.

If you leave your children a world where you never stood up, they’ll inherit one where they can’t.

Ignorance remains the enemy

This is a fight for the next generation and humanity. Where you stand today will be your mark in history.

Below is a stunning performance of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by Victory Boyd.

On the premiere episode of CHD Live’s “What’s Your View?” Grammy Award winner Victory Boyd and her father, John Boyd, discuss how Victory’s scheduled appearance on the NFL season opener was scuttled at the last minute because she wouldn’t get the COVID vaccine.

Victory told Sumayyah Simone, the show’s host, all the arrangements had been made. They’d confirmed with someone at the NFL that she just needed a negative COVID test — but at the last minute, an NFL official said unless she got the vaccine, she couldn’t sing the national anthem at the game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Dallas Cowboys in Tampa Bay.

Childrens Health Defence

Victory Boyd is the definition of courage and patriotism.

Where are you?

Do you stand with America; the home of the brave?

With all the information available why would anyone consider taking this monster vaccine? Consensus has been reached and most Americans understand this is a biological weapon used against them, folks I am not talking about the virus I am talking about the vaccine.

Add the story below for those who fly; why do you think these airlines are canceling flights?

It has nothing to do with the weather; it has to do with the deaths from these vaccines. These employees are Patriots holding the line against this evil.

BREAKING! Multiple sources have reported a Vaxxed Delta Airlines pilot died IN-FLIGHT shortly after receiving a second dose of the “Covid vaccine.”

Don’t fret you do not have to be bullied into taking this monster!

We are not a fascist country.

The White House cannot call up airline executives and extort their will with threats.

Even though the airline executives have caved to this illegal pressure, the employees hold the cards. The airlines cannot operate without them and if they choose freedom over safety/money and they decide walk instead of getting an experimental jab, the airlines come to a halt.

The Federal government will have to relent and remove these illegal mandates.

Yes, the most powerful people in the country right now are the employees.

They have the opportunity to save America as we know it. It has been sorely proven that government cannot save us. It will take the power of the purse and the raw desire to be free to turn this fascist ship around.

If we choose comfort and a pay check, however, or are unwilling to face the temporary discomfort of this strange financial war, then we have fallen indeed.

It is now up to the individual American to take their stand for the sake of future generations.

The founders risked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, for our sake. We are their beneficiaries. Now we are up to bat. Will we swing and miss, or hit it out of the park?

Batter up.

Senator Kelly Townsend

Scientist and author James Lyons- Weiler tweeted about the OSHA final rule:

Word to the wise: The OSHA Final Rule has not been entered in the Federal Register. If you are an employer and you are enforcing vaccine or test mandates, you’re wide open to lawsuits for damages, lost wages, and psychological distress. It’s Guidance, meaning it’s non-binding.

Federal Judge Mark T. Pittman, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, has issued a temporary restraining order against United Airlines over its vaccine mandate.

The order came on Wednesday and it stops United Airlines from imposing its vaccine mandate on employees, Breitbart News reported.

According to the judicial order, which could be the first of its kind in the country against a coronavirus vaccine mandate, United Airlines is prohibited from placing employees with religious and medical exemptions on unpaid leave until October 26 while litigation continues. The judge also prohibited the airline from denying any employee requests for religious or medical exemptions. Previously, the airline did not allow employees to apply for an exemption after August 31.

Below is President Trump’s statement from yesterday. This statement sums up the complete incompetence of the Biden regime.

Just like Moses; America is up against the Red Sea.

October 12th, 2021

Our Border has gone from the safest and most secure in history, by far, to a broken, dirty, and disgusting wreck with thousands of unknown people from unknown countries, including from their now emptied prisons all over the world, unsustainably pouring in. No country has ever seen anything like what is happening on the Southern Border of the United States—and no country is stupid enough to allow such a thing to happen. Crime will go up at levels that the U.S. has never seen before (it is actually already there), and terrorism will be the next big wave to lead the way. 

Despite this, and incredibly, the very expensive and high-tech Border Wall, which has been 100% successful in areas where it was completed, is being lifted from installation points and moved to storage dumps where it will begin the process of rotting and rusting away. Putting it in place would have been far less expensive, and the Wall would have been quickly completed—there was very little left to do. Billions of dollars are being paid to contractors to NOT build the Wall, specifically, $6 million per day. The “leaders” of our Country have gone crazy!

Everything is falling apart, our Military is in shambles, the shelves of our stores are empty, COVID continues to rage at levels higher than last year, we have no oil, we have no courage, we have nothing.

Our Country is a laughingstock all over the world, and is certainly no longer great, but we will Make America Great Again!

President Donald Trump

Justice is coming for the evil whose plan was to break the back of America.

If you were conned into taking this shot, there is hope therapeutics are coming soon. Get your immune system up to par.

Prepare yourselves. October is going to be rough. Friday at noon, companies will announce their third-quarter reports; they are expected to be devastating.

Companies skirt their numbers during the start of the year, but they have to come clean by the end of the year. Company accountants adjust to reflect inflation and the failing economy on Friday. This end-of-the-year fiscal reporting will reflect the goods and service shortages, high energy costs, and the lack of workforce.

Remember Patriots soon it won’t be possible to be in denial.

This is your country and you will have it back soon.

Nothing can stop what is coming Nothing.

None so blind as those who choose not to see.


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County News below Madison County government is faulting on its obligations.

  • More Ambulance Service employees leaving.
  • Madison County Environmental Health has lost an employee to Haywood County.
  • Madison County is operating on employment depletions throughout its sector.
  • So in other words no one wants to work for these feckless corrupt commissioners or Madison County. Do you blame them?

In June of 2020, the Madison County Ambulance service employees were promised by Craig Sullivan- (Big Daddy) Watauga Medics that Mark Snelson would never become a manager when he took over for Mission.

Craig Sullivan of Watauga Medics even commented that he hoped Snelson would not apply for Michelle Boone’s position. Why would you feel obligated to promote Mark Snelson – County Commissioner, who was not qualified for the job to the manager position?

Is it because you made a deal under the table with Buddy Hardwood and Mark Snelson? Should anyone trust Craig Sullivan?

Remember when I reported on what Mark Snelson and Buddy Harwood did to Michelle Boone, EMS manager for Mission Hospital and Snelson’s boss.

Mark Snelson and Buddy Harwood attacked Michelle Boone. Boone did her job well, but she’s called Mark Snelson on some of his actions on the job, and she’s a woman who didn’t conform to Buddy’s wants and needs, so they decided she had to go. 

Mark Snelson was caught padding his salary with unapproved overtime, and Boone put a stop to it.  Snelson was attending high school football games to watch his son play and was charging his time to Mission, even though an ambulance and crew were already on-site, which is a safety requirement.    

When Boone cut back on Snelson’s overtime, he started a rumor that she was trying to pull all EMS from football games. 

Does this sound familiar?

Boone never did this; it was just Snelson trying to scare people into believing him, which in the end means his bottom line is protected.  

Why would anyone believe anything out of creepy Mark Snelson?

There were other examples of Snelson politicking and loafing on company time.  

Snelson was bragging to people he was nearly doubling his salary with his overtime, and he was mad at Boone for cutting it out.

Mark Snelson and Buddy Harwood are just the same; they truly feel entitled to steal from the rest of us.

Mark Snelson didn’t want a boss telling him what to do, so he had his good buddy, the Sheriff, reach out to some high-ups at Mission and try to get Boone fired.  

Michelle had also stood up to Buddy on a few things, and Harwood doesn’t like that, especially if it is from a woman.  

Buddy bragged to people that he was going to take care of her.

What does this mean “Take care of Her”? Does Buddy Hardwood think he is the Godfather?

Was this a threat against a female Mission Hospital contractor’s manager by the Sheriff of Madison county?

Remember the trip Buddy and Snelson took to meet Craig Sullivan of Watauga Medics before the votes were finalized for the contract?

Buddy came back to town bragging about their meeting and telling people Michelle Boone had to go.   

Snelson didn’t tell his fellow commissioners until a meeting a few weeks later when he complained to them that someone at Mission had turned him into Human Resources for making the trip.  

There again entitlement – I am the Godfather of Madison County you can’t touch me.

What else did Harwood and Snelson say at this meeting with Watauga Medics?  

Did Mark Snelson and Buddy Harwood threaten to hold up the contract if Sullivan didn’t fire a particular employee?  

Were they representing Madison County or themselves?

The Commissioners stated they were choosing Watauga Medics because it was a lower cost to the taxpayers.  

But is it?  

Watauga Medics were not the lowest cost to the county – another bidder was $200,000 lower.  

Commissioners said they liked Watauga because they were from around here, and their charges to patients were lower.  

When the vendor charges less to the patient, the County taxpayer has to pick up the difference.  

Is that worth $200,000 a year?  What makes Watauga $200,000 higher?  

Did Buddy Harwood and Mark Snelson discuss it with Craig Sullivan on their secret trip to Boone?

Many things are done under the table with contracts, like the Madison trash hauling contract to Tennessee. How do you think the Mafia mob made their money?

Think about it, folks, Madison County operates like the Mafia.

Craig Sullivan is not only having issues here in Madison but in Mitchell County as well. In Mitchell, he can’t get anyone to work and are way understaffed. He can’t keep trucks on the road.

Will this happen in Madison? You bet it will it already is…

Remember Sullivan was paying more for our ambulance service because these employees were more experienced.

But now they are gone except for three toadies of Snelson and Buddy, Mathew Griffin, John Hancock, and Chris Sawyer.

Now add a former trouble maker into the mix, a woman by the name of Talitha Sprouse.

She and Snelson are big good friends.

Sullivan is having problems throughout the region, and the reason is that he is cheap.

He doesn’t want to pay his employees, so guess what they will work somewhere else.

What is the offering? A hint-McDonald’s is much more competitive.

You get what you pay for in business.

Folks we paid to have an ambulance service now we have an understaffed incompetent and shall I say dangerous situation?

What comes with experience is the ability to notice issues. Did you know that the ambulances in Madison County are not secure?

These ambulances set out in the weather year-round.

Sullivan was contracted to build a coverage garage for the ambulances. He was also to build another building; this hasn’t been done; why?

Did he make a deal with devil Mark Snelson to overlook this?

Could this be why Sullivan appointed Snelson?

When Mission left, they took their surveillance with them; Madison County ambulance service has no surveillance on these ambulances or premises. Why hasn’t Craig Sullivan replaced the surveillance?

Maybe Snelson doesn’t want surveillance? Remember Bubba Snelson was caught doing things in the ambulances and taking things out of the ambulances.

How did Mission catch him? On the surveillance cameras.

This ambulance personnel has had to destroy numerous drugs susceptible to weather because the ambulances are located outside.

Ninety-Five present are liquid form medications. Epinephrine, Benadryl, calcium for cardiac, saline liter bags, IV administered steroids.

Those are just a few. Do you want an ambulance showing up at your home with tainted damaged medications?

We lost our best people because no one wants to work for

Bubba Snelson or Buddy Harwood

When Mark Snelson was supervisor, he never did anything. Mission managed the books and the spending. Snelson only put out a schedule, and he couldn’t do that effectively. Snelson always screwed it up.

Snelson was known for clocking in when he left his home and then clocking out when he arrived home.

Folks, this is stealing plain and simple.

When Snelson did arrive at work, he spent most of his time at Sheriff Buddy’s sex castle.

This clown is what is running the Madison County EMS ambulance service.

This is what is running Madison County as the chairman of the Board of County Commissioners.

What an embarrassment, So where are the two Rino commissioners Matt Wechtel and Michael Garrison?

Are they silent because Craig Sullivan of Watauga Medics is a prominent Republican in Boone?

Craig Sullivan wanted Madison county to own the ambulance services and wanted it located by the Sheriff’s department.

Self-run EMS has not worked in many counties; it is a fool’s endeavor and has bankrupted numerous counties. 

So it is evident that Craig Sullivan of Watauga Medics doesn’t give a damn about you, only about himself.

The county commissioners rightly so said no, but they did say they would lease the property to Watauga Medics.

Sullivan would have had to build the appropriate buildings, on the land but he did not like that one bit.

Folks, we used to own the ambulance service in this county but back then, it didn’t operate at the capacity it does today.

The county mismanaged the ambulance service and used it as a honey pot for kickbacks for area swamp creatures.

Remember, the Ledford’s overhauled and worked on all the engines. John Ledford’s daddy, who sat as a Commissioner, would buy these rusted degenerate engines from Detroit and then charge the County taxpayers for a new one. These maneuvers are how these reprobates illegally pad their pockets.

This is the reason why we do not need an in-house ambulance service.

Snelson and Buddy want a County-Owned ambulance service because they can then rape it as they have raped the county the whole time they have been in office.

By the issuance of the County contract, Craig Sullivan was to replace the 1990 demo trailer that the ambulance service resides in currently.

It has never happened, and this trailer is an OSHA case study.

  • There are building violations and hazardous working conditions throughout.
  • Sullivan has already paid thirty shifts this month in overtime.
  • The Ambulance personnel is working Seventy Two hour shifts.

Does this sound dangerous? Does this environment sound legal?

I don’t think deadbeat Snelson is picking up these hours.

Snelson works like Buddy Harwood – he doesn’t.

I am giving Madison County the reason to vote this corruption out of office; if you don’t, you deserve what is coming.

Because we, the taxpayers, can hold them accountable. You can’t trust Harwood or Snelson; they are in it for themselves.

They have no morals or integrity; they trade their women like beenie babies. They steal from the innocent and the people they took an oath to serve.

Their friends get their taxes written off under the table. Orville English had a massive amount of delinquent taxes written off for an under-the-table County deal.

Buddy Harwood worked on The Orville deal for a while. Clayton Rice and Wayne Brigman were approached and threatened by Buddy Harwood during their elections.

During Commissioner Brigman’s first term Buddy Harwood approached him and stated “You need to overlook Orville English’s taxes” Brigman said no. Harwood then said ” You don’t understand Commissioner Brigman I can control the election” He also threw in Willa Wyatt’s name as he thought that would be a threat to Brigman.

Folks, Willa Wyatt – Democrat ran alongside Brigman in the election. She did poorly; she also received lots of money from the Democrat Party. Brigman received none. Speaks volumes…

Interestingly, as of today, dear Orville English is again delinquent on his properties, all 49 of them.

Since religious Orville received a write-off of 80,000 of delinquent taxes, you would think he could at least be current the following year.

On top of that, Lori Ray handed him a devaluation to get his taxes lowered.

More next week, I have so much on the Pat Franklin Rupa Russe Conscious Homesteaders, which folks are probably the dumbest people in the county. They are now chatting about using squatter rights to take over property in Madison.

These freeloaders are targeting properties with delinquent taxes. I tell you what leftie Squatters lookup Orville English’s 49 properties you could have your own ski resort and gated property…Now that is priceless