Save Madison County NC From The Left
Do you dare to learn?
Do you dare to learn?

Do you dare to learn?

What we are witnessing is the takedown of the Deep State

This uneasiness you are seeing and feeling is the fog of war; the left is turning on themselves.

Everything these evil dictators wanted to accomplish is failing.

Putin deserves accolades; he has destroyed their ability to use blood money for their control of the world.

He has demolished their Bio-labs.

Hunter Biden was funneling U.S. Department of Defense funds to privately owned Biolabs in Ukraine, a country with Nazi Military forces. Ukraine’s president Zelinsky was a former drag queen two years ago.

Ask yourself how a clown like Zelinsky, got elected in a supposed democracy?

Because it is not a democracy it is the playground for the funneling of money for people like George Soros and the Rothschild’s. Zelinsky was installed, not elected, and the Cabal used a rigged election to defeat the rightful president. Sound Familiar?

This dangerous research in Ukraine, funded by the U.S, led to releasing a genetically modified pathogen with enhanced transmissibility and lethality.

This pathogen was called Covid-19. This so-called research was ongoing with new Bio-weapons planned for Russia and the world.

These actions by the U.S. caused Russia to move in with military force and neutralize these US-funded labs protected by Nazi Military forces.

Russia wasn’t kidding when they said they were “denazifying” Ukraine.

Russia wasn’t making it up when they said the U.S. was creating bioweapons in Ukraine. Russia never wanted to take Ukraine, but Ukraine’s government led by the U.S. chose a path to destroy Russia.

If Putin wanted, they could have flattened Ukraine in a few days. But no, they neutralized the labs instead.

Putin is conducting a precise military operation against Ukraine’s Nazis; he is shutting down Biolabs from the country responsible for releasing the pathogen that caused the worldwide pandemic.

Russia is protecting its people and weaning itself from the Central Banks by returning to the gold standard.

Russia is a sovereign nation and has every right to defend itself, right?
What would happen if actual military Nazi forces were protecting Bio-labs in Mexico and Canada and using them to inflict harm on U.S. citizens?
What would happen if the people operating these labs were responsible for creating and releasing Covid-19?

Would Americans not be calling for our military to bomb the heck out of whoever is responsible?
That’s how the Russian people feel. They prefer not to let the Nazis have bioweapons at their border.

Russia is still a communist nation and not American, but why do we hate Russia?
Because they have nukes, a strong military, and use harsh government surveillance and propaganda on their people?
Do you mean all the exact things our government is doing to us?
You have been conditioned to hate Russia because of the media.
We used to be allied with Russia. When America prosecuted the Nazis at Nuremberg, Russia was one of the four countries assisting in the tribunals.

Russia is not involved in releasing pandemic inducing pathogens and killing millions of people worldwide.

We now know Biden and his family were involved, and don’t think Obama and the Clintons weren’t involved also.
America is supplying weapons to Nazi Military forces in Ukraine. Why?
We have to fix our world. Biden and his puppet masters are our enemies.

The Truth is inevitable, and when it comes, it will be devasting to those who choose not to see it.

All lies will be revealed.

There is a reason everything is happening; there is a reason why the folks on the other side are imploding. President Trump is doing his part in helping the good ole Clintons and the Democrat party into their demise.

Trump is using the RICO ACT to take down the Clintons and the Deep State. He has filed numerous lawsuits. Every person gets their chance in court when the other side is found to have committed fraud in perpetuating their crime.
The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act is a United States federal law providing extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. They are turning the table against the crooks.

Trump can use the RICO ACT against those who perpetrated the fraud in this election. The media and the Democrat Party in various states organized this corruption. There is no statute of limitations when using RICO in a civil lawsuit. The Deep State is terrified of this.

Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindel have made significant progress against the evil who have sued them; it is happening, and soon those that deserve it will get theirs.

Biden Job Approval Drops to Lowest Level of His Presidency Amid High Inflation Rates, Soaring Gas Prices

Many of us tried to warn you this was imminent. Joe Biden and his family deserve to be in shackles not in the office of the presidency.

Below this story was out before the election, eighteen months ago.

The media – Twitter- Youtube-Facebook hid this from you.

This is why the Left wants all of us censored. NY POST is a hero…

Do you dare to learn?

If you dare then watch the video below, justice is coming…

This was their plan now you know… Biden and the “Woke Left” want to destroy America.

It wasn’t just the Bidens; they were just the easiest and greasiest.

Please take the time to watch the video below; it spells out the “Great Reset- New World Order” for you in a well-done video.

Don’t be deceived by these groups which claim to help the children and feed the poor.

Secret Societies and degrees of initiations.

They feed Lucifer first!

Below from Howard Woltz his take on how do we stop the madness and get back on track.

After this my closing and a teaser for next weeks County News Barn Burner!



By Howell Woltz -March 25, 2022

The fourth horsemen of the apocalypse (famine)— “green” policies, globalism, and the Vanguard cabal are causing it


We had to be awoken from our relatively comfortable slumber, didn’t we?  Now awoken—we must act.

Had anyone suggested to me that our ‘leaders’ would agree to use a deadly man-made pathogen followed by forcing an even more dangerous ‘cure’ on us all, and then plot on how best to starve those who survived, I’d have slowly backed away in horror?

Not at what was being suggested—I’ve read some Stephen King novels and the Book of Revelations—but at someone crazy enough to even suggest such things as being possible in the real world.

Yet, here we are.  These truths are now irrefutable. 

FACT- A deadly pathogen was created with U.S. funding in a Communist Chinese lab—and such dangerous labs and pathogens were proliferated by the United States, across almost every unstable region in the world.

FACT- The world gathered in New York at the U.N./Bill Gates Foundation, “Event 201” the month prior to Pathogen #1’s release to plot out the collective global response to do the most harm—lockdowns, masking, shutting down economies—none of which had anything to do with ‘science’, but would best devastate and subjugate the masses—‘us’.

Deadly experimental gene therapy was patented and ready to inject three years prior, leaving nothing to chance while making this a plot to kill ‘us’.

The corruption and inhumanity of these criminals are beyond belief but remain unpunished!

This alleged ‘cure’ has now killed more than the pathogen—and for those receiving multiple jabs, it is resulting in Vaccine Acquired Immunity Deficiency Syndrome—which will continue slowly killing us off for years.


The 1972 plot of the Club of Rome has been updated numerous times, but the goal of the elites remains the same—to kill ‘us’

The book of Revelations was written by St. John of Patmos (perhaps John of the original disciples of Jesus—no one is sure) but it is historically correct that the author of Revelations was imprisoned in a cave by the Romans on the island of Patmos for about 30 years.

In his rather scary dreams, the fourth Horseman of St. John’s Apocalypse would bring further warfare and terrible famines along with awful plagues, diseases, and attacks by wild animals, killing a fourth of the world’s population.

The ‘famine’ we are soon to enter has been engineered by the same Globalists and Vanguard criminals who just tried to murder us with a pathogen of their own creation and a deadly gene therapy designed to destroy our natural systems of immunity.  Together, we can stop them.

We now know who these evil Globalists are, and we certainly can identify their puppets put in power in our respective nations, so let’s start there.

Most of ‘us’ will have an opportunity to throw these bums out in elections sometime during the year 2022 as long as we refuse more lockdowns.


Every single premiere, prime minister, president, or governor who willingly participated in these events must be trounced by the electorate and punished for what they did.  All of them.


The European/U.K., North American, Australian, and New Zealand criminals pictured above, sold us out to a Globalist Marxist ‘Green’ agenda designed to take all from us and revert our world to Feudalism.

By claiming the most important compound in our world—carbon dioxide—is a deadly poison rather than the source of life, they shut down our energy production across the board, which was the first step toward the impending famine.

They must be crushed out of existence if we are to survive

If we want to grow food, we must now depend on the non-Greenie nations to provide the fuel for our tractors and trucks to market, the LNG for our fertilizers—or buy their grains—all designed to create a dangerous and unnecessary dependency on the Vanguard monopolies in control. 

Now even those sources are being shunned, banned, sanctioned, and de-banked, and guess who that will bring to starvation beginning this year?

Not them.  Russia and even Ukraine will be fine as their dispute is almost at an end, and the winter wheat (which is harvested in late Spring for the non-farmers) was planted last Fall before the conflict began. 

A few more U.S. bioweapons labs destroyed, Globalist pedo-trafficking sites liberated, U.S.-funded neo-Nazi Azov Battalion boys in body bags—and Putin goes home.  He’s drawing down his troops already.

So this sanctioning is only harming ‘us’ who have been made dependent upon others by our own leaders’ abject stupidity—or iniquity in serving the Globalist agenda rather than those who put them in office.

Scomo, Bojo, Trudeau, Biden & Ho, and others, pandered to this braindead Marxist Greenie coterie—weakening our Western-heritage nations in service to the Globalist agenda to kill/starve us into Feudalism 2.0.

My own home nation—temporarily under the Marxist Biden Regime—is paying farmers 1.5 times the value of their crops to destroy them—while grocery store shelves begin to empty.

Why would anyone—even a man suffering from severe dementia-like Joe Biden—pay to destroy the people’s food while supplies dwindle?

First of all, it is not the Biden Crime Family who will go hungry—it’s ‘us’.  You’ll understand much more after you watch this.

But it’s also treason, and speaking of ‘revelations’—now that this news of all the criminal conduct, illicit activities, bribes—and ownership of the company running illegal U.S. weapons labs across Ukraine—(yep, it’s the Bidens and Ukraine oligarchs)—this may bring down the whole cabal.


Build a greenhouse, plant a garden, and grow your own plants and animals.  Chickens and eggs are an easy thing to start—even in town (a noisy rooster is not necessary, city folk, unless you plan to hatch your own).

Once the Greenies are put out to pasture and the Marxists are in prison, reopen all-natural resource and energy production sites as quickly as possible. Make coal for cheap energy production a priority along with LNG for domestic fertilizer production—and turn those windmills into plowshares. Russia and Ukraine provide 25.4% of the world’s wheat and Ukraine is the world’s largest supplier of grain oils.

Trying to start WW III on this ground is even more short-sighted than destroying domestic production of energy and fertilizer on our own.

We will need these producers during the transition back to sensibility and nationhood, while Green Marxism is expunged and we once more make food and energy self-sufficiency matters of national security.

When starvation times come, I hope the self-sufficient let the Greenie Marxists go hungry first!  Let them eat solar.

The politicians who did this to us shouldn’t be fed at all if there were any justice—but we now see who (and what) they are.

They’ve been weighed and measured—and found wanting.


Small, safe new nuclear technology can change the world

We have enough fossil fuels to see mankind through the next couple of centuries—but why use it if cheap, safe, clean alternatives exist?

New designs of nuclear power production are proliferating as real environmentalists wake up to this sensible means of power production.

Such beautiful energy plant designs are now available for in-town production of clean power—enough to run a metropolis.

Energy nonprofit organization—Energy Impact Center (EIC)—is releasing open-source designs for a small-scale reactor that could be built in two years for $300 million

A 100-megawatt plant like this could be up and running within two years, using open source design and financing available today.

By building these small units in neighborhoods where the energy is consumed, much is saved that would otherwise be lost in long-range power transmission, and the ‘grid’ is no longer a major risk of disruption.

Let’s stop this Fourth Horseman from getting legs—it’s up to us to do it.

1.  Turf out the tyrants this year, in an overwhelming fashion.

2.  Put all Greenies out to pasture—for good.

3.  Make domestic food and energy production matters of national security.

4.  Start the transition to nuclear as soon as feasible.


Richardson Post

Now, do you understand what is happening?

Why do you think all of the far left agendas are being put front and center?
These things are being amplified and thrown onto you and your families for consumption, from the normalization of trans-genderism, pedophilia, and wokeness, to mass censorship and Orwellian surveillance, to medical tyranny.

It is to get you to wake up.

To see these monsters for who they are.

Take the red pill and see what is right before your very eyes.

The liberal ideology will be viewed as a horrific stain on human history in the future.

Future generations will ask how people fell for this madness, just as we found it insane that the Nazis were a well-supported socialist political party in 1920s-40s Germany.

The Democrat Party and Republican Rinos got in bed with these people because power meant more to them than God- decency and American values.

The federal government knew the Biden family was directly involved in funding dangerous biological research on deadly pathogens in Ukraine. Remember they had the laptop, Rudy Giuliani made it available to them.

As suspected, all of those details are on Hunter’s laptop. The hookers and cocaine are merely the tips of the iceberg.

Instead, the Main Stream Media would rather you see that than see what they are indeed apprehensive about.

The factual information on the laptop is the emails proving that the occupying U.S. President is using his son as a proxy to fund bioweapons research in Ukraine.

The same deep state network is involved in creating Covid-19.

This is why the MSM are finally reporting on it but folks it is too late for them.

The people will never trust them again.

This world needs correction. God, in the end, will have his say.
The truth will eventually prevail, and future generations will look back on this time with absolute horror. But the scars will always be there and not forgotten.

These acts by these Luciferians are a great evil inflicted on our world by those guided by wickedness.

So, where will you be in history?

Will you be part of the solution and on the side of God, or will you be on the side of this evil?
Will you tout you are religious, or will you indeed be Christian?
You see, folks, you can only get to God through Jesus. If you do not have a relationship with God, you are lost, and you will have no place in his kingdom. I pray that you choose wisely.

Next Week big County News

Below a teaser…

We in Madison County have a decision to make.

Do we allow a corrupt Sheriff and his regime, including the three Democrat commissioners and school board members up for election, to destroy our County?

Brad Guth- Zoning administrator is making the rounds finally, pushing a revised land-use plan. Don’t be fooled I will explain next week what they are up to.

Make your voices heard we don’t need low-income housing in Madison County. Where will they put it next to your home?

Low-income housing will lower your property values not to mention increase crime.

The people who want this want it because they profit off the grant money that will follow this debacle. This is how they pad their pockets with grant money.

How many people in this County supplement their income through grant money?

  • We need these carpet bagger developments regulated in our county just like subdivisions.


Here is the survey’s link here – Folks fill them out-Looks like these sleazy commissioners are trying to bring a bunch of carpet baggers – cyclists and dead beats into our area under the auspice of affordable housing biking lanes etc…

My take on surveys: Surveys don’t fix anything good effective leadership does and that is what this county is lacking.

Hello, community,
On April 7 (Thursday) at 6 pm, our new Development Services Director, Brad Guth, will be meeting our community members to discuss the 10-year plan for our community and all of Madison County.  He is looking to get input from as many people in the county as possible and we are one of 6 scheduled locations.  It is Spring Creek’s time to be heard!
It is time for you to have a “Say” in the Future of Madison County.  As we know, our little community is changing and Brad wants to hear your thoughts and ideas for the future.  Please spread the word – churches, friends, family – Let’s have a GREAT turnout.
Attached is a flyer but if you really want to get more information, then go to the Plan MC website.  If you cannot come in person on April 7, you can give comments online.
Light refreshments will be served.
Thanks, everyone.
Alice McVey

“Anyone But Buddy” is not just a catchphrase.

It is a cry for change and direction in our County.

The people of this County want Honesty -integrity and fairness in law enforcement and county government.
The latest of the unending Buddy Harwood and Company Crisis;

these reprobates have designed a way to use the County Drug dog named Sadie to plant drugs on unsuspecting drivers.

An informant brought to my attention that this dog has been trained to bark when someone snaps their fingers.

During a traffic stop, the dog is being used to alert of potential drugs in a vehicle, but folks not by smell. If the driver refuses to allow Sheriff Buddies Bandits to search the car, the dog is used and given a hand finger snap signal to bark.

And we know what Coy and his deputies do next as far as planting drugs in vehicles. This dog is in the care of Madison County Sergeant Daniel Porche – pronounced (Poo-Shay), School Resource Officer at Madison High School.

Porche -(Poo-Shay) has a lengthy career at the Madison Sheriff’s department; he has threatened to quit numerous times, and Buddy has provided his demands. He was given a raise in salary and then boohooed for a drug dog, and Buddy provided this. The County owns the dog, and Buddy threatened that the dog would have to be returned if he left, so he stayed. I guess he loves the dog more than he loves the rule of law because he had to be the one who trained the dog to do this, Right?

How do all you voters in Madison feel about having John Ledford back in as Sheriff? Well, that is the plan- I will explain next week…
It looks like the new Lunch meetup is the Twisted Laurel; maybe you two should try a brown bag approach.- CH