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Not Buying it RETORT from Tuesday’s commissioners meeting…
Not Buying it RETORT from Tuesday’s commissioners meeting…

Not Buying it RETORT from Tuesday’s commissioners meeting…

County commissioners showed Tuesday why we need new leadership in our county.

Fire them all!

Madison County Commissioners have lied and disguised $1,023,395 as economic and physical development.

Madison County commissioners are bringing in a comprehensive methadone treatment clinic. They, along with Forest Gillium, town manager of Marshall – Ralph Hise and Mark Pless, Tammy Cody, and Buddy Harwood, have decided to turn Madison County into a drug hub.

Tuesday night Michael Garrison was bragging about Economic Development he had worked on with Ralph Hise and Mark Pless. This drug hub is not economic development; this is bringing filthy drug-addicted scum into our county. Folks, you better prepare because as this filth arrives in our county, your property becomes their playground of crime.

As they pass your homes, your schools going to this clinic, they throw out their drug syringes and then come back and break into your property.

You build it; they will come. I warned you months ago about this, and worthless RINOS -Mark Pless and Ralph Hise made it happen.

These reprobates are turning Madison county into the same dung as Asheville!

Your property values will go down, and forget Economic Development because there will be none. Crime rates will increase, and your quality of life will decrease.

Don’t ever forget who hatched this devious plan- Buddy Harwood and his band of commissioners.
Why not just bring in a Regional Land Fill?

Why did you lefties complain about Asphalt?

What smells worse vomit laddened druggies or Asphalt?

Madison County will be forever ruined by these five commissioners, Tammy Cody and Buddy Harwood. Are you surprised?

A Comprehensive Treatment Center (CTC) provides adults age 18 and older with outpatient medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opioid use disorder.
MAT involves the use of prescription medications to improve patient outcomes.
MAT involves a prescription for methadone, Suboxone, or Subutex along with counseling in the form of individual and group therapy sessions.
The therapeutic component helps address any underlying mental health concerns that may be contributing to opioid addiction behaviors. The combination of medication and counseling can help adults achieve long-term recovery.

This will destroy our county!

There is more that happened …

County voted for a moratorium on carpet baggers targeting our area. County Commissioners vote unanimously to pass the budget and vote no to the County Land use plan.

Carpet baggers were out in force with their attorneys at this hearing. I will get into all of this in the next story because there is a great deal to cover about this moratorium.

You don’t have to pain yourself with this four hour video just watch the first few minutes and you will get the gist.

It is painful to watch and listen to Norris Gentry bark out his County Manager message and admit he did not produce the budget in the same ignorant banter.

By General Statute, the County Manager is required to produce the budget.
Instead, Gentry gives credit to the three gals with no formal training or degrees to submit a budget – Kary Ledford- Brooke Ledford, and the piece of de resistance Mandy Bradley Fish.

So in essence when I file a formal complaint to the Local Government Commission over this misleading and poorly done budget I blame these three right Norris?

We pay Norris Gentry in salary and compensation $80,000 a year to fecklessly perform his duties now, folks; this indeed is priceless…

These five commissioners, including Gentry, pass a budget they claim they balanced through stealing from a contingency fund to pay for extra salaries to Madison County employees. Madison County employees not designated under law to write this budget wrote it anyway.

Was this done to get these employees to go out and vote for these jackals?

Are you catching on?

We have to spend 2 million more on this budget and give money to the schools when by the school’s own admittance on Monday night, they had NOT RECEIVED all their Budget proposals from their departments. So how does Gentry do his budget? How do schools do theirs?
They can’t possibly- this is why both the County and the school’s budgets are the Emperor’s New Clothes.

Now look below at the Federal Covid Money and how poorly the accounting is done on this? What is with these mortgage payments and all these expenditures hidden through credit cards? You can’t do that, this is Federal money…

Look how much went to these Madison County departments indirectly and tell me why we need to suplement them with our tax dollars?

Watch for yourself in the video of Michael Garrison’s bloviated Bozo comments, ” I- I -I” his true narcissism is on display.
Michael Garrison runs Buddy Harwood and Coy Phillips’s drug cartel and then waves his Religious Cross from his church pulpit like he is Billy Graham reincarnated.

In this video, this brotherhood of commissioners cries that we need these non-profits and grants in our communities, but let’s look at one of the people being paid under grant money for Madison- Sara Nichols.

Oink Oink Sarah!

Nichols had worked for Madison before she was let go because she was spending our county dollars working in her band instead of showing up for work.
Matt Wechtel threw a hissy fit when other commissioners outvoted him, and his crush Nichols was sent packing.
So now Gentry pays off Wechtel, and Matt gets his Sarah back at the county. Are you catching on, folks? Because when this grant money is gone, we, the taxpayers, end up paying for these lousy employees.

Do you realize how many of these (now unfunded) grant employees are still on Madison County’s payroll?

These freeloaders should be relieved of their employment. Remember Wechtel uses County Employees to get himself elected; he is

“fried chicken” in so many ways.

The Commissioners also voted for Darlyne Rhinehart to be placed on the DSS board by the county commissioners in a unanimous vote.

All five of these commissioners did this so the Bookkeeper-the town shrew could report to Larry Leake and Buddy Harwood about DSS cases. Remember Leake and Stokes run the monopolies of cases involving DSS court.

It is amazingly reckless by Larry and his commissioners since they know what is coming…

Do you understand why all five commissioners need to be out of office?

More serious news about Brother Harwood and Coy Phillips and their past.

Comical how Buddy Harwood is now pushing the fact that he is arresting pedophiles in Madison County.

When his own second in command glorified one of these men publically.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with Buddy Harwood and John Ledford. Two good established Democrats, one from Madison and one from Barnardsville.

I bet many of you didn’t know that Coy Phillips began his law enforcement career at Craggy correctional facility.

Did you know he was fired from Craggy? Did you know he was picked up in Madison County with a sixteen-year-old girl twice right before being fired?

What happened after the prison found out about the underaged child? Craggy let Coy Boy go, and who picked him up immediately for employment after that? Why John Ledford and Big Daddy Buddy Harwood.

Remember Buddy worked with Coy’s mommy at a concrete plant.

Notice Scott Bowman’s arrest conviction information, prostitution of a minor, and participating in the solicitation of a minor aged Sixteen; see below.

Scott Bowman, a former fireman in Buncombe, moved to Madison County after being convicted.
Now notice Coy Phillips’s Facebook comments about Bowman see below;

Think about this, folks, Coy Phillips was hired near the same time by John Ledford, and Buddy Harwood as Fireman-Bowman was arrested in Buncombe.

Phillips was hired after he was picked up by Madison County because he was with an underaged minor.

Why wasn’t he arrested? Remember the link to the Mother and Concrete?

Coy Phillips was caught with a sixteen-year-old minor – Bowman, caught solicitation and promoting prostitution of a sixteen-year-old, and Phillips was picked up in Madison and then later hired.
Does this seem very odd to all of you?

I don’t believe in coincidences, folks. I see pedophilia, prostitution, and rape of juveniles at jail facilities and notice Buddy Harwood, Coy Phillips, and John Ledford all mixed into the filth of this dirty stain on Madison.

Why would anyone want to bring Federal Juvenile Detention facilities into their jail? Only two counties in NC do this; why? Because it doesn’t work, you end up bankrupting your county, as has happened throughout the state.

Harwood knew this; it was brought up to him by commissioners and others, but he likes those kids in his facility. Remember, this sicky has all the Sheriff’s surveillance cameras on his phone to monitor what?

When I hear you folks talk about getting on your knees praying with this man, maybe think about who you are truly bowing to.

Don’t buy what these Democrats & Rinos are selling time to wake up to what is right in front of you -CH