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Madison County Sheriff’s new felon hire…
Madison County Sheriff’s new felon hire…

Madison County Sheriff’s new felon hire…

Are you kidding me? Why was this vermin hired?

You just can’t make this up folks…

First, Below Madison County’s current salaries:
Page three is Buddy Harwood’s new addition to the Sheriff’s sex castle
Janet Lee Messer Eplee

Messer’s Rap Sheet from Madison to Buncombe and boy is it a doosey…

For all of you from Marshall who do not understand what the term RAP SHEET actually means…

Cornell UnivesityRAP sheet stands for “Record of Arrests and Prosecutions.” If you have been arrested for a crime, there is a record of it. What’s on your RAP sheet? Your RAP sheet includes every arrest and any convictions you received. The FBI RAP sheet will consist of arrests and convictions from every state. It shows your background and is essential for employment, and when you run for office, it shows how “Fit” you are to serve; you can have it expunged all you want; if there is a record and someone has it tough, it will follow you.

And boy oh Boy does this woman have a Rap Sheet

Here is her mugshot from Buncombe and a 24-minute video of her being arrested for DWI.

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As you may have noticed above this woman has had plenty of dismissals for her heinous acts.
Why are this woman’s drug arrests being dismissed by the DAs of Madison and Buncombe?

This woman is a revolving door of criminal activity

In August of 2017, at approximately 9:30-AM, a vehicle drove at an excessive speed of 60 miles per hour on Little Pine Road.

This tractor zone has the same designation as a school zone, Janet Messer, struck a parked tractor with hazard parking lights on and clearly visible.

Messer injured two elderly men in their 70s. The tractor was nearly cut in half by this monster.

Below are the pictures of the accident…

Messer after emerging from the weeds yelped out ” What the Hell did I hit” and “There was a spider in my jeep.”

Do you want to know what the hell you hit druggie, this man below…

The family overheard Madison County Sheriff’s Department deputies- “Buddys Bandits” telling the State Police Trooper Weaver,
” Go easy on her; she is an informant.” The trooper found a heroin syringe and cotton balls under her breast but we are suppose to believe a spider did it…

Below is a picture from this accident and the two deputies – Guess Who?

Why None other than Jeff Elkins and Robyn Lyles- no wonder this guy couldn’t win – he is another Buddy…

Below Messer and her husband taunt the family after the accident.
Folks this woman is a real beauty…

We don’t need this creature anywhere in our county especially at the Sheriff Department it is our money that is paying for this…

Is this why Seth Banks – DA, combined previous drug charges and moved this hearing up to Superior Court? Messer claimed in court she was on welfare and food stamps. Seth Banks slapped the face of this family with his bureaucracy.

Didn’t this family deserve justice? This father and grandfather had eight blood clots and massive medical bills-rehabilitation and destroyed property and livelihood. And this heroin addict Janet Eplee Messer gets a job in Madison County’s jail. Now that is just priceless, folks…

Maybe she got such a light sentence because her husband, Jonathan Messer, has a best friend at Sheriff Buddy’s sex castle, and it is none other than drug dealer deputy Jeff Elkins.

Remember, Elkins was implicated just recently with destroying evidence at crime scenes in Madison County; he is especially good at this when his Mother in Laws name is on a bottle found in evidence.

From sources today, even the Ingles on the bypass has banned Messer from entering because of shoplifting. So the question becomes why a presumed honest and upstanding Sherriff like Harwood would bring in a con of scum like Messer to work in his jail?

I guess if I were looking to expand my drug empire in the local prison system, she is precisely the type of employee I would want working in my regime.

Same for the great angelic French Broad EMC, why would they do business with the likes of Brooke Lunsford- Remember him, folks?

He got away with his crime also with a lesser sentence; remember this beautiful woman below who lost her life because Brooke Lunsford decided he was privileged just like Messer and could drive drunk at 103 miles an hour and kill her.


Watch this fine attorney for French Broad EMC take up for Brooke Lunsford’s actions that night

Did you folks know that it wasn’t only Mark Snelson who French Broad EMC scraped up at the bottom of the barrel but also
Jackie Brooke Lunsford?

Brooke Lunsford has taken over the tree-cutting and Fiber Optic contract businesses at French Broad EMC.


Notice the name Amanda Beaulieu as a registered agent – She is Brooke Lunsford’s controller and bookkeeper; more coming later on all of these LLCs but it appears Jeff Loven is getting nervous.
Last Thursday LOVEN held a meeting with all French Broad Employees begging them to vote for Mark Snelson trashing and lying about a former contracting employee because he tried to get on the ballot for board director.

Was this done to intimidate and bully FBEMC EMPLOYEES?

Loven appears to be shaky he should be because there is a big Easter surprise on its way.
Buckle up Buttercups- CH


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