There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Hillbilly Deep State
Hillbilly Deep State

Hillbilly Deep State

Where do I start?

There are two things in life for which you pay a very high price: laziness and cowardice.

If you bury your head in the sand, you are lazy. It is easy to be lazy, pretending something doesn’t exist even though every instinct in your soul says otherwise.
Your life is your responsibility, and nobody else’s; what you make of it reflects how much you cherish what God gave you.
Cowardice is just as dangerous; if you don’t dare to stand up for yourself, to speak up, to take the less trodden path, and to say ‘no’ to the things you know are not suitable for you, then you are back on the road that leads nowhere for good- it is your choice.

What is a Hillbilly Deep State well folks it is not much different from what is going on in DC.

The difference is it lurks in your backyard…

This county is a perfect example of what happens when you have bloodsuckers of both parties colluding together to do for themselves instead of doing what is right for everyone in their communities.

Mars Hill has been an arrogant fantasy land for decades. These residents wear the term Piety as a badge of honor.

Let’s start with the Democrat party and their mailer, which went out over a week ago- here it is below it was mailed from the Madison Post offices. Stapled and had only “Spring Creek Democratic Party.”

I contacted the Hot Springs Post Office and they stated it was paid for but I am sorry that is simply not good enough. The law requires a mark on this campaign material. Below from USPS

A postmark is an official Postal Service™ imprint applied in black ink on the address side of a stamped mailpiece. A postmark indicates the location and date the Postal Service accepted custody of a mailpiece, and it cancels affixed postage. Since 1979, the Postal Service’s Postal Operations Manual (POM) has provided standards for postmarks applied to single-piece First-Class Mail®. Letters and flats that need to be postmarked come from carrier pick-up, collection boxes, retail counters, or lobby drop boxes. Postmarks are not required for mailings bearing a permit, meter, or precanceled stamp for postage, nor to pieces with an indicia applied by various postage evidencing systems.

The postmarking process uses the following three basic methods of imprinting:

  1. Automated: Advanced facer canceller systems used by processing distribution centers cancel letters quickly. These machines are equipped with biohazard detection systems so letters postmarked by automation benefit from added safety measures.
  2. Mechanized: A variety of older devices apply postmarks to flat-size mailpieces and to philatelic pieces.
  3. Manual: Hand-stamp devices are used by Postal Service employees for local cancellation or philatelic requests.

A “local” postmark shows the full name of the Post Office, a two-letter state abbreviation, ZIP Code™, and date of mailing. Because the Postal Service is sensitive to the importance some customers place upon these postmarks, each Post Office is required to make a local postmark available. Lobby drops should be designated for this purpose with clear signage signifying its use.

Here are the guidelines on the type of mailing they may have done.  Still appears to need and identifying mark:

. With Every Door Direct Mail—Retail®, you can drop off your mailings at the local Post Office™ for processing if you’ve satisfied all of the following criteria: You must log in to access the EDDM tool and complete or save your order. New EDDM Retail® accounts can be created at • Appropriate documentation will be provided online to take with your mailing to the Post Office™. • You can choose to pay for your mailing online with a valid credit card or debit card, or choose to pay for your mailing at the Post Office™ where you drop the mailing off by cash, check, debit card, or credit card. • Mailpieces are limited to USPS Marketing Mail™ flats only. • Each mailpiece must be at least 0.007” thick (approx. 3 sheets of copy paper) and cannot exceed 3.3 ounces. We’ve also added a Mailpiece Size Checker to the EDDM tool. At any point while creating a mailing, you will be able to check your mailpiece size against the requirements. For more information on mailpiece size restrictions please reference the EDDM Quick Reference Guide: [pdf] • Each mailpiece must display the Every Door Direct Mail—Retail indicia.

Postmarks are not required BUT there must be some sort of identifying “mark” or metering that show postage was paid for.

The question is, did the Spring Creek Democratic Party pay or get a freebie from the USPS? They must come clean and answer this question.

Now, look at this recent jewel below; it appears the Democrats are indeed worried.

This latest mailer is so comical…

They are glorifying themselves for spending our money. What has the Democrat Party done but spend our money?

But don’t get cocky Republicans…

and count your chickens before they hatch!

Red Wave -Red Wave -Red Wave, what if the people decide you are not good enough to cast a vote for?

The people of this country and county are fed up with you arrogant phony politicians.

Politics is a dirty business, and the worst of the worst run it on both sides.

By far, the Democratic party is the least favorable and has morphed into a Satanic Deep State spectacle, but what has the Republican party done?

The Republican party has buried their heads in the sand like two-bit cowards. But boy, oh boy, they are not cowardly when asking for money during this depression of a recession!

Folks, I will be honest we have very few good candidates to vote for in Madison County.
The only candidate on the County level with merit is Jeremy Hensley for County Commissioner.

He is a Madison County Republican.

Did you realize his political party is working against him? Are you surprised?

These feckless leaders don’t want him to be elected. Why? Because he is genuine- real and thinks for himself.
Hensley can not be puppeted by the Mars Hill Swells club.

I am not saying not to vote but you do not have to vote for people who are unacceptable to you.

You can vote and skip a whole seat and not vote for any of them on either side.

Let’s start with the Republican school board candidates: 

  • Why is it that all we have to choose from is three female candidates with eating disorders?
  • Monica Olephant or whatever her name is, no one can pronounce it- won’t use her “Ponder” name because she claims she doesn’t want to use it to get elected. I say that is BS. These women will do anything to be elected; I wonder what is hidden behind that name? She is challenging Keith Ray, a former teacher and now assessor for the county. During his teaching days, Ray taught high school sex ed classes; his way of teaching was to play hardcore X-rated films and sit back and laugh at his student’s reactions. He is a real beauty, but Monica O is too lazy to campaign for door-to-door votes.
  • Vickie Hollifield is a product of the same bureaucracy we are fighting in our schools today. A teacher who still lives at home with her parents. She is running against Cruella D’Vil- Barbara Wyatt, who spends most of her time making the Indians wealthy at the gambling casinos in Cherokee- I hear they bow to her as she enters. Hollifield and Monica O do not have the zeal to be elected. The Mars Hill Rino Country Club has assimilated these two ladies.
  • Enter the new “Karen” of Madison County Candidates-Melissa Sluder; what a nut. She even sports the creepy hairstyle. I can’t believe this woman was the higher vote-getter in the primary. Tony Ponder was by far a much better candidate, but again he was his own guy, and the Republican Regime wants puppets, not someone who thinks on their own. Patrick Ward and Robin Lyles ensured Mr. Greene came in at the last minute to thwart this race to Sluder. So, who do you choose, Karen 1 or Karen 2? Both of these ladies are carbon copies of bureaucratic ad nauseam.  

Now, let’s talk about these other two Republican commissioner candidates.

Remember, Alan Wyatt received donations from Buddy Harwood and Orville English. Both of these donors want development in Madison and Harwood is the Democrat candidate for sheriff.
Alan Wyatt of the Madison Planning Board voted for SoWe – The Ridge- and Roam Farm.

She is Back-see below what this Roam Farm carpet bagger is up to now.

I don’t recall “the mentioning of Mirrored HOTEL” in this woman’s application.

Why is Cahill advertising Mirrored Hotels?

You know, folks, the county can place a stop order on her project at any point.

More pictures, and I have more coming on this disaster that Alan Wyatt arrogantly voted for next week.

Do you want these ugly lightning rods out your back door?

Think about it…

Carpet baggers in mirrored hotels should never throw rocks.

These elitists are targeting our area with their Methadone Clinics, low-income housing, illegals, homeless, campground recreation entities, and mirrored hotels, all the while thinking we taxpayers in Madison County are nothing more than knuckle-dragging country bumpkin.

Who do you think is encouraging them? Why both parties in Madison County are involved in this recreation transformation.

I warned Forrest Gillium over two years ago about this. I even contacted Henderson County, which has real planners, not the idiots we have hired.

Henderson County denied these facilities, and they sued, but in the end, the developers lost, and now they don’t have a problem with the carpet baggers targeting their county. Why haven’t Madison Counys illustrious attorneys looked into this?

Do you think Forrest Gillium contacted Henderson County for advice heck no he wanted this garbage in here. Leake directs his every move why?

Job security…

John Noor – Roberts Stevens coaxed and bullied the planning board during this hearing to approve Roam Farm because he said she

(carpet bagger Cahill) would sue, and they folded like pathetic wet noodles and voted this noxious entity in.

So what if Cahill sues?

Do you know how many people sue and lose?

Do you realize the county can counter sue?

The tables can be turned on you and you can end up paying in the end.

At the end of my article, I provide all the legal fees we taxpayers have paid in the last two years. You will be in shock.

The Hillbilly deep State is no different than the Deep State in DC.

They don’t give a damn what you think, only what feeds their trough of goodies for themselves.

Matt Wechtel, Dyatt Smathers, the Briggs Republican Party, and Joe Sam Queen tried to implement their takeover of Madison County’s private landowner’s water supply and rights years ago. They were actually mulling placing meters on private landowner’s wells.

Soil and Water -( fried Chicken’s friends) tried to stop farmers from letting their cattle drink out of streams on their own property.

Weren’t the Briggs associated with Republican (Bobby Medford) Toadie Tracey Bridges; remember him -Didn’t he go to prison?

Who do you think was behind setting up Tim Cantrel when he was running for another term as Madison County Clerk of Court? Remember the WLOS weatherman who came to town to do a hit piece on Cantrel?

Didn’t Bill Briggs win the County Clerk of Court seat because of this?

Clarence Bill Briggs had the worst, most inept magistrates you could imagine. The Republican party used the magistrate’s office like a grocery store to attack their enemies on the other side. Briggs didn’t even bother to show up to work until after 2:00 in the afternoon. I think he naps a lot.

Bill Clarence Briggs didn’t stop after he won the election. Briggs went after Tim Cantrel’s family through the Republican DA; they charged Tim Cantrel’s family members for sending requests for absentee ballots to their PO box in Marshall. This was illegal, and they should have known better, but they did check with someone about doing this. Who do you think told them they could? Why none other than the Stain Of Sodom – Larry Leake. Don’t doubt for one moment that the Briggs and the Leakes are joined at the hip.

The Cantrells hired Sean Deveraux, and he chose the defense of “Selective Prosecution” because the DA overlooked SBI documentation of prominent Republicans in the area doing the same thing. Prominent entrenched Republicans like David Ramsey and others.

You see, folks, the DA is the first mechanism in an investigation by the SBI.

I was writing back then and started writing about this story. The Republican Party went crazy and started harassing and threatening me.

They even mingled with Democrats like Elseberry Wyatt – Ernie Ramsey – Michelle Mrozkowski WYATT- Eileen Payne and held weekly meetings on ways they could try to get rid of me.

Because how dare I bring out their dirty laundry for the public to see.

These reprobates like to harass in packs, kind of like Hyenas. Does this sound familiar?

In the end, the DA voluntarily dismissed all charges against the Cantrells, but he added a caveat: ” he felt the Cantrells would not get a fair trial because of an area website.” Priceless…

I am peeling the onion for you. Are you catching on? Think, folks; it is right in front of you.

We are lucky to have Mark Cody as our Clerk of Court he is not bought and he serves the county not a party.

Have you ever wondered why Matt Wechtel- ( Fried Chicken) refers to me as dangerous?

Because I alerted the public about what he was involved in. Why do you think Matt Wechtel and Michael Garrison brought in Brad Guth and Terrey Dolan?

They call them “Their” planners…How creepy is that?

Why are we taxpayers paying $180,000 for these two men to do the same job? Remember, when Terrey Dolan screwed up the preliminary hearings for Roam Mountain farm, Guth was brought in. Why do you think John Noor pushed the planning board to approve Roam Farm? Why is Blondie boy from Naples still employed by our county?

Think put it together; it is right in front of you…

Why is Dyatt Smathers – Republican lying about election integrity at the Madison County Board of Elections?

Folks, I reported on this greasy Republican ten years ago, and during that ten years Smathers was on the county commissioner board, he raked in all kinds of goodies for himself and his family. He is no different than Craig Goforth. He is also a retired teacher.

Dyatt Smathers, a RINO from the Republican Party appointed to the Board of Elections, cannot tell the truth if it bit him in his own behind.

Smathers and the Repupublican party realize that the people in Madison County who had their votes stolen in the 2020 election are considering not voting. 

Why do these people not want to vote? Well, because in their minds, why bother? 

What has the Republican party in Madison County done to correct this?

The only thing they have done is lie about the elephant in the room. 

Smathers has stated when asked that the Board of Elections checked the ballot boxes to verify the machine votes matched with the paper ballots. He stated they matched 100 percent.

Hanlon’s Razor: “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.”

The fact is that The Madison County Board Of Elections checked only one box and only one race, which would be the Senate race in 2020.

One box does not equate to checking the vote for Madison County. Remember, we have E&SS machines, which are Dominion Machines, and Print Elect, which calibrates these machines.

Where was Print Elec active with their ballot harvesting boxes in the last election? Why good ole Fulton County, Georgia?

Notice the thumbs-up guy – that would be the former county manager of Fulton County…Think, folks; you are much smarter than they are.

Why is the Madison County Republican Party lying about these machines? Why is the Republican Party asleep at the wheel regarding election integrity?

See below this week out of Raleigh:

(Raleigh, NC) — North Carolina is ranked 24th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia in election integrity. The Heritage Foundation’s Election Integrity Scorecard evaluates each state’s election laws and regulations. Out of 12 areas of measurement, the sections that carried the most weight on the survey were voter identification implementation, the accuracy of voter registration lists, and absentee ballot management. North Carolina achieved 61 out of 100 and received the lowest scores in citizenship verification, election litigation procedures, and voter identification implementation.

Why does the Republican Party of Buncombe County glorify Madison County RINOS who are pushing to make Madison County a sanctuary county?

Notice the place where this was done, the same Episcopal church recently- THINK FOLKS

Below are statements made by Mark Pless and Michael Garrison after the January 6 rally.

Garrison states that “White People have to repent and confess their sins for the way they treated Black people,” which is offensive coming from a man who is a habitual liar and works for a man who calls Black People “Coloreds.”

Garrison and Harwood have made statements that they want Madison to be a sanctuary county for Illegals.

Also, in this article, the idiot candidate for our state congressional seat Mark Pless commented to the Asheville Citizen-Times that “people went to get in trouble. ” The people did not go to start trouble – that would be the DOJ and the FBI Antifa and BLM. You see, folks, why you need to not vote for this seat -LEAVE IT BLANK.

At the recent Lincoln Day Dinner in Madison County Fried Chicken- Matt Wechtel stood up and gave accolades to Mark Pless, stating, ” Mark Pless has done so much for Madison County.”

Mark Pless and Ralph Hise are behind bringing Methadone clinics and Low-Income housing into our county. Pless’s occupation is paramedic and Insurance agent, just like Bubba Mark Snelson and Fried Chicken Matt Wechtel. Are you catching on?

Look below. Mark Pless didn’t want any of this in his area of Bethel in Haywood county, so why are you dumping it here in Madison, Mark Pless?

Pless was against sewer and water lines coming into his backyard, but he could care less about yours.

Aquino- Pless, so similar, also likes to beat up on women; he has a domestic violence action against him from his former wife.

Republicans are just like Democrats they don’t care as long as they have that letter next to their names.

Pless EXPOSED Below

See the story about the sewer waterline below

More on Pless and his mental hospital bill he and Ralph Hise want in our area ln my next story

More on the Great Garisson below.

Over two weeks ago, another church service was held on the Madison County courthouse steps. Pastor Brian Coates officiated again, but who else showed up to get his fake place in the Sun?

Why none other than county commissioner Michael Garrison. Below is Garrison’s plagiarized blather. Notice he is trying to get the unaffiliated to join the Republican Party.

Right after this August 15 charade – Cindy Davidson of the Buncombe County Republican party glorified Michael Garrison in an email below:

Read this letter that Madison County Commissioner Michael Garrison wrote! It is amazing! I am printing out copies for him along with the NC Republican Platform! I love it! 


From: Michael Garrison <>
Date: Mon, Aug 15, 2022 at 2:58 PM
Subject: Revised Cords that Bind
To: Cindy Davidson <>

Cindy, attached is the revised copy of my handout and the 2022 GOP platform. Thanks for all your energy and leadership. It’s so refreshing and invigorating. 


Narcissists love to be glorified. Refreshing and invigorating-Don’t you just love this corny piety?

Isn’t it nice to hide behind the Bible; Garrison and Buddy Harwood do it often.

This manic delusion above speaks volumes about Cindy Davidson’s intellect and how easily a con artist can sway Republican ladies into a spider web simply by quoting the Bible.

Matthew 4:5-6 Even the devil can quote scripture.

Night of the Hunter

You know, who else showed up to kiss up? Why none other than the two bootlickers running for Madison County School Board, Vickie Hollifield and Monica Oliphant- or whatever her name is. Why now?

They never showed before, and the tattletale ( guess which one) was making comments about the function in general.

I told you they would follow anyone they think can get them elected. Heck, these two are probably baking cookies for Brother Harwood.

Below is Michael Garrison’s hour’s report for employment at the Madison County sheriff’s department sex castle. Notice the start date.

Sure is making some extra loot while also drawing two retirement pensions and what he gets as commissioner.

Can you put it together?

Did Michael Garrison recuse himself during any vote for his boss to receive money?

Michael Garrison has held one of two keys to the Madison County Sheriff’s Department evidence room for years.

This evidence room has NEVER been audited.

Madison County is the only Sheriff’s Department in Western NC that is operating with an unaudited Evidence Room- Why?

Think, don’t let the wolves lie to you; use your mind and ask questions.

Goforth’s time sheet

Below are the legal fees for Madison county for the years 2021 through August of 2022

Kania is the law firm Madison County is using to collect delinquent taxes. Hence why old Orville English finally paid his.

Good job by Diana Norton, Tax administrator, for implementing their services.

Women make the best tax administrators by far…

Roberts and Stevens

Donny Laws tax bills

The full amount for all is $317,980 dollars.

Donny Laws’s bills are coming in at $194,775.

An even number that draws my intrigue.

Folks, this county used to pay a total of legal fees of around $50,000 every year. Larry didn’t even charge this much. What happened when these Democrats took over with Norris Gentry at the helm? Now add the two RINOS, and you have a big pot of Roadkill soup.

Why are we paying Donny Laws almost $200,000 for his incompetence?

What does he do?

He should be paying us; he and Forrest Gillum are the reason we have bills for the Asphalt plant fiasco. Why weren’t these Board of Adjustment members removed from this board? All five of the commissioners voted them back in.

Why not bill Donny Laws for the Asphalt plant debacle which he caused?

I want you to notice how much money has been paid out for Public Record Requests. My name is there because some of your inept county employees who Norris Gentry gave raises would not provide legal Public Record Requests.

Buddy Harwood’s department is one of the worst. I will have his cover-up next week. Buddy Boy doesn’t want you to know the real incident report numbers for Madison county. Why?

Next week is the filleting of your precious school system and Heil Hoffman. It looks like the new principal of Madison High School has been bullying and disparaging Dr. Robinison – ( deceased former school principal of Madison County High) and students. I will have the full story next week.

Finally, the best is for last, and with deep regret…

I will start this off with a story about a young woman in Madison County who I think has more courage and Christian conviction than most I have come across in my lifetime. Her name is Bonnie Whitener, and she owns “Bonnies Appalachian Cuisine” on the Bypass.

Back in 2020, Bonnie was attacked by the county and the state and by the Marshall Village idiots who were angry because Bonnie chose to fight back against the anarchy of our society. They attacked her for her gun advocacy and her anti-mask stance.

Most of you in Madison County know nothing about Bonnie’s work for her community and beyond. She doesn’t flaunt it, and I am sure she will not be happy with ole CH for writing about this, but it needs telling.

In essence, Bonnie is what the term “Patriots” defines. Bonnie has always helped our area Veterans in every way she can feasibly do so. They love her as I and others also do.

She has given her time during the Christmas holiday to make a pilgrimage to the Dakotas to ensure poor Indian children receive a gift for Christmas.

Bonnie has always been there when people in our area were suffering. I remember Bonnie taking her time out of her business to take goods and to work in Haywood County after the horrible flooding. She didn’t require a photo-op like Madison Cawthorn and Buddy Harwood; she didn’t even get paid while she did this. Because, you see, Bonnie is a sole proprietor; if she doesn’t work, she doesn’t get paid.

Buddy Harwood and Madison Cawthorn do these things for their own betterment. True giving is when no one knows.

In 2020 during the election, Bonnie did something she had never done before she stood up for a political party and her president, who she loves.

That party was Madison County’s Republican party. They came to her restaurant and put their signs up on top of her building and on the road etc. She even held benefits for them. They loved her up and used her up, but when Bonnie decided she would not support the Republican candidates like Madison Cawthorn and others, they chose to distance themselves.

Enter Robin Lyles, who came to Bonnie to ask for her support. He said all the right things about what he would do as sheriff; she accepted him at his word, but folks, she did not accept Michael Garrison and Matt Wechtel’s plans for Madison.

Robin Lyles brought signs which were placed outside and inside her building. Note I said the inside of her building. Bonnie has been vocal about her disdain for RINOS in Madison county. She has spoken at School Board meetings and county commissioner meetings; she is a leader in Madison County, whether she knows it or not.

When the Republican Party came to collect signage after the primary, something I noticed happened the collectors made sure they collected Robin Lyles inside signs from Bonnie’s restaurant. Why? There was no need to collect those signs.

Lyles has not called come by or shown his face in her restaurant until last week when he dropped off the below flyer, which I insisted she give me.

Remember, folks, it is Lyles who is advocating to bring the highway -213 water sewer line into Madison County with affordable housing, restaurants, and endless demolition development.

Why can’t Robbie Boy just work on the sheriff’s department and keep his nose out of Madison County planning and development?

Don’t forget it is “Fried Chicken” – Matt Wechtel and Michael Garrison, who also want this sewer line and methadone clinics in Madison. Bonnie spoke out at the commissioner’s meeting about this – Lyles was a NO SHOW at this meeting.

Lyles is from the Rutherfordton- Shelby area.

Does he want to transform Madison into that?

I want to be clear -My thoughts below are my thoughts – I have not discussed them with Bonnie

Why would Robin Lyles bring a flyer into Bonnies (who has catered and given her time to so many Republican candidates) touting he was using a World Renowned Caterer who is some BBQ bubba out of Charlotte that no one in Madison has ever heard of?

Not even Madison Cawthorn or Buddy Harwood would have been this stupid… Look at this arrogance, BBQ Robbie is showing!

I think Robin Lyles did this on purpose to send a message to Bonnie. Look, he is part of the Hillbilly Deep-State. In his perverted arrogant world, you are not to speak out about them or what they have planned because they rule over the peasants of Madison County.

This is no different than the National Republican Party; in general, they really want to get rid of President Trump.


Because they can’t control him anymore than they can control the Patriotic people of America like Bonnie Whitener!

This has been the legacy of Madison County since its existence. It won’t work this time because people everywhere are waking up!

Free Free Free for all you BBQ Bubbas in Madison County, and “BBQ -Robbie” is giving away a big screen TV; you just have to show up and buy a raffle ticket that is not free…

Why these good ole Republicans think they are hosting a Grand Gala.

Why is arrogant Robin Lyles too good to advertise on the Christian Radio Station?

These simple, dedicated people may not be good enough for Lyles Mars Hill Swells.

BBQ Robbie would rather serve Charlotte BBQ and act like a big shot

instead of doing an average radio segment for people he doesn’t want to get to know.

Besides, who in their right mind wants to watch Ralph Hise and Matt Wechtel eat BBQ?

The mere thought gives me nausea.

Another interesting note above is that the so-called unbiased pastor, “Brain Coates,” is one of Lyle’s speakers.

Coates is the pastor of the Madison County Court House Steps…

This smells, folks; why is this pastor who has touted his Godly alliance and non-political alliance showing up as a speaker at a Republican candidates fundraiser?

Oh, are you being used, Mister …

I think you, Pastor Coates, need to keep your BBQ butt off our Madison County courthouse steps from this point on.

You have crossed the line.

Pastor Coates, maybe you need to take BBQ Robbie out back and cleanse him of his perversion toward women before you take the stage proclaiming the need to remove sin from Madison County.

Remove the sin from the Hillbilly Deep State

Brother Coates, while you are at it, take that con artist, Michael Garrison, who felt the need to copy, paste, and plagiarize his word salad at the last Courthouse prayer vigil and cleanse him also.

Folks now is not the time to be silent. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Don’t let these bullies define you. You may think you are on your own, but remember, he is always with you-CH.

As some of you feel the need to mourn the evil Queen of Great Britain’s death, understand all your problems today are because of this Illuminati faction in England…

Your Monsters