There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Americas Lion…Gods Children are not for sale…
Americas Lion…Gods Children are not for sale…

Americas Lion…Gods Children are not for sale…

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death-Proverbs 16:25

As goes the father, so goes the family; as goes the family, so goes the Church; as goes the Church, so goes the nation…


Biden’s Regime wants the whole summer for Perverted Pride!

First, at what? Despicable evil behavior?

Influencing Us From Their Graves

Alfred Kinsey’s bestselling books provided the foundation of the claims made for the “Sexual Revolution” and gay rights movements.
John Money’s literature provided the foundation of revolutionary thinking on “sex change” and “gender identity.”
The very idea the state or the education system should provide lessons on sexuality is the result of these people’s thoughts.

We sit back today and well before the 80s and could have stopped this demonic invasion in our nation if we had only taken a stand against this wickedness.

But pastors and church members wanted to be left alone because the churches were growing, and they wanted no controversy to interfere with that growth; money had become their God.

The same churches have even used scripture to remain silent to bolster their inaction.

Was Jesus Quiet?

Matt Walsh Reveals the Degenerate Filth of Who Started the Transvestite Cult.

Matt Walsh has a way of wading into controversy armed with nothing but facts and logic. That may be why he’s quickly becoming one of the most hated and feared fighters on the political right. Leftists have put him up there with Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson, and the Apostle Paul as people who challenge their worldview.

His latest thread on Twitter is no exception. In it, he highlighted five of the most despicable men in history who also happen to be very closely tied to the origins of the LGBTQIA+ supremacy movement.

The truth is brutal. Be warned that some of what Walsh describes should make your skin crawl…

The trans agenda was invented by pedophilic psychologists, degenerate quacks, lunatic sexologists, literal Nazi scientists, and other assorted deviants. A collection of the most despicable monsters imaginable came up with all of this stuff. Here are five names you should know.


Nazis, the same people who run Ukraine- Zelensky, are you waking up yet?

A history lesson below about Kinsey; look how far back this evil started…

Why did the Biden’s Corrupt Administration want you focused on a submarine and a phony Rusian Civil war?

THIS IS A REAL MILITARY INSURRECTION, for all of you idiot lefties with marshmallows between your ears…

Prigozhin is a Russian Mercenary who runs the Wagner Group in Russia. He is a self-serving liar with political ambitions, reminding me of Jesse Ventura. The same type of white trash that would sell out their country for profit. Look for him in the future to end up dead somewhere or having tea and crumpets with the Nazi leader of Ukraine, Zelinsky.

This has all the smell of the US-CIA -Ukraine along with the dirty Brits…

Remember when President Trump attacked the Wagner mercenaries in Syria when they killed innocent women and children? Putin gave US President Trump his blessing.

Wagner is an evil mercenary oligarch.

The leader of the Chechen forces, Ramzan Kadyrov, has called the “Prigozhin’s treacherous march” a “knife in the back.” Chechen fighters “have already left for the zones of tension,” said Ramzan Kadyrov. You don’t want Chechen Forces after you.

Yevgeny Prigozhin: The former hot dog seller and thug who became Wagner boss at centre of mutiny | World News | Sky News

If you want the truth about what is happening in Russia, watch below…

Why did the Biden administration slow walk this below?

Could this be why?

The Deep State is collapsing; they are scared to death. Don’t doubt this for one minute…

All of this is connected to what is entering our country right now…

What do you think they do in Ukraine, folks? It has nothing to do with growing wheat and vegetables; it has all to do with money laundering- drugs and human trafficking, especially children.

The CIA has been involved in this for years, and so have the Bidens; where do you think these payoffs to Biden are coming from? This is why the Deep State is in full attack across the board.

This is why they want Putin and Trump gone…These Backstabbers are trying to cover up for their own crimes against humanity.

Every congressman or woman that takes up for Ukraine and wants more money sent to this Nazi scum has a hidden reason to protect them.

The Ukraine government is Nazi, no different than the evil which wanted humans enslaved and raped on plantations back in the Civil War.

The same wicked mentality that demands their race is the only race by which is deserving to live and remain free.

Joe Biden is facilitating child trafficking by leaving the U.S. Border wide open. Eighty-five thousand children who recently crossed the U.S. border unaccompanied have disappeared, cannot be found, and are missing.

Haven’t you wondered why they want so many children coming into our country? The Mexican Cabal is what is running our border, and how do you get into our country? You either pay at least $10,000 to the coyote escort or sell drugs and prostitute yourself and your children.

So what about those coming into our area? Have you ever asked yourselves who in your area is financing this? Why are these nonprofits supplying them with money?

A typical day in a prostitution ring in one of these cartels- Did this cartel member kill her or not?

This is what illegals are costing us, taxpayers, in our nation.

12ft | Analysis: Mass Immigration Spikes Share of Low-Income Students in U.S.

12ft | Analysis: Nearly 17 Million Illegal Aliens in U.S. Cost Americans $163 Billion

The movie- “Sound of Freedom” is coming out next week, which will start the DeepStates overdue forestalled exposure…

This is how they harvest innocent children for child trafficking. These monsters are sexualizing our children, raping our children, and torturing them by the millions.

Over 2 million children every year are sex trafficked to a life of rape and torture, and that number is growing. There is a movement to normalize Pedophilia by the Pedophiles who control our world. This is a war against our innocent children.

A war we must fight and win.

Imagine if this was your little daughter or your little son being abused and raped over and over again; what would you do?

If you do nothing, one day, it could be your child, and you will regret that you did nothing to stop it.

God’s Children Are Not For Sale…

THE PEDOPHILE WAR: There is a movement right now to desensitize the world to the sexualization of children. There is a movement to normalize, accept, allow, and welcome Pedophilia.

It is being taught in mainstream therapy conferences and in your schools. This is the hidden war against our children. They are raping 2-year-olds and 5-year-olds hundreds of times a week. Approximately 2 million children are trafficked yearly for rape, torture, and sacrifice.

It is a multi-billion dollar business that has already surpassed the illegal arms trade and drug trade because, unlike a bag of cocaine that can only be sold once, a child can be sold 5, 10, or 20 times a day over and over yearly.

Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, which is fighting this hidden war on child trafficking and Pedophilia, worked for the CIA for one year and then worked for Homeland Security when he was asked to form a child trafficking task force.

Not able to achieve the results he wanted in order to save the children, he left Homeland Security and formed Operation Underground Railroad, which has saved thousands of children and put behind bars thousands of child predators and pedophiles.

Mel Gibson did the final editing of the Sound of Freedom, which portrays Tim Ballard’s life in this actual story movie that will be released on July 4th. Mel Gibson was also involved in the making of The Hidden War.

But this is not only Tim Ballard’s war; this is our war, humanity’s war; this is the final war of good versus evil.

The enemy is the Elite Pedophiles who rule our world. They are the same that protect Ukraine.

This is the war that will define humanity and our future…

We must organize, expose, arrest, and win this war for the sake of humanity and for the sake of all children on this earth…

When God tells you what to do, you must not hesitate…

Coming Next Week in theaters – This film is being shown in our area please take the time to see this movie

Below is a great interview with Jim Caviezel.

Don’t let these monsters steal your country from your children and yourselves

In our arrogance and pride, we refused to listen because we were the great American Church of Jesus Christ, and we were America; we thought no one would dare attempt to bring down our mighty nation. It is happening, and this wickedness is behind it.
Every aspect of our great nation has been taken over by corruption.
The way of death is being fulfilled in our nation. It is destroying our culture, and our values are being assaulted.

Demonic, occult Globalists have invaded our country while faithful Christians and citizens are demonized as extremists and bigots for standing against this depravity.

Pray for our Nation that God will forgive us for what we have done to her. Our forefathers did not fight and sacrifice to have Satan consume this great land-CH

Early Next week, I will connect the dots to how dirty nonprofits encourage this evil into our area.

I will expose the nonprofits who our Commissioners handed our tax dollars to.

Tammy Cody again uses federal grant money to perpetuate more drug use and illegals into our county. The Water Line to Hell to help the filth of Marshall expand – Big Barn burner before the Fourth stay tuned