There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Where we go one, we go all!        A storm of all storms…
Where we go one, we go all! A storm of all storms…

Where we go one, we go all! A storm of all storms…

Things are set in motion we are in the storm.There is a lot happening…

Last night after the corrupt Biden DOJ installed a special prosecutor to go after President Trump.
The DOJ drops this…

President Trumps schlonged the Biden Administration -Merrick Garland and his corrupt DOJ.

“The journey ahead will not be easy. Anyone who truly seeks to take on this rigged and corrupt system will be faced with a STORM of fire that only a few could understand.”
~ @realDonaldTrump

A Golden Age is just ahead of us. We Will make America great again!

President Trump built up his announcement on November 15, 2022, as one of the most important days in the history of our country.

The only way we make America Great Again is to fight for America and destroy this Swamp that has infiltrated our government, our communities, and, yes, your churches…

Watch these former so-called Christian religious backers of President Trump start their move toward the evil of the Republican Party.

Case in point Pastor Jeffers of a mega-church in Houston, Texas, who is now backing Mike Pence. Mike Pence is no more a Christian man than the evil Bushes of Texas. Money has infiltrated and driven these types of churches to the Golden Calves they are today.

It had to be this way so all of you that are still asleep (the Normies) could see it with your own two eyes.

The ugly swamp is front and center for those who choose to see the truth…

Successful people do the things that unsuccessful people won’t do…Which are you?

What is the precipice- THE MOMENT OF DESTRUCTION? How do you gauge this in your life?

This is what the colonists of the 1700s dealt with; they didn’t ask for someone to save them; they fought for their country!

They gave up everything for Liberty and Freedom!

I think President Trump & his team know way more than we do, and Trump & his family have sacrificed a helluva lot more than we have to get this far in exposing how corrupt & twisted our government has become.
I trust him to finish what he started.
And I trust that God will make sure the timing is perfect.

I do know that the Democrats and the RINO Republicans are becoming desperate.

Both Political parties need to go. These political parties did nothing about the stolen election of 2020; there are no differences; there are a few good soldiers out there that can’t be bought and are willing to fight for you, but all of us need to get in the game and fight for America!

Start pulling the wagon instead of riding it!

Folks, there were nineteen flags on that stage on November 15 behind President Trump for a reason.

We live in extraordinary times; this is war; watch below if you are humble and willing enough to see the truth; it is well explained below, by SG Anon, for anyone that doubts Q communications are real!

This war is about more than child trafficking, Covid, and Bioweapons. This war is about reshaping how we live and breathe in our society

SG Anon

When something is so obvious, if the outcome makes no sense or is impossible, it is what it is. Forget “proof.” You know it. You saw it. You felt it. You experienced it.

It happened.

It’s real.

The 2022 midterm was just stolen, just like 2020.

If you disagree, you’re either delusional, naïve, or brain-dead. Or you’re in on the fix.

It’s time to admit we’re all part of a massive experiment in fraud, theft, brainwashing, and gaslighting to a degree never seen in world history.

Wayne Allyn Root

The people who lied to you about shutting down the country and the supposed deadliness of a virus are the same ones selling you the need to count votes for a week and “going home for the weekend.”

Roy Cooper and Josh Stein did the same thing in this state; they are illegitimate and harvested ballots to steal their elections. The NC BOE is a fraud and is run by Comrade Cooper. But hey, where are these inept feckless Republicans in our state? What have they done to secure our elections? Just like Georgia …

Runbeck, a Maricopa County printing company, was allegedly caught sending ballots to Fulton County, Georgia. Remember Fulton county, GA, where Print Elec was printing ballots? Same Print Elec that calibrated Madison County ES&S voting machines.

Runbeck lists Reynaldo Valenzuela as their only official testimony on their website.

BREAKING NEWS: Arizona Company Who Sent Fake Ballots To Georgia Is Closely Tied To Democrat Party – WPolitics (

Add this below things are happening out in the election world.
The Democrats have a lot to be worried about…
Cheating is no different than stealing if you steal you will kill!
Remember it is the FBI-DOJ that are hiding what really happened to Seth Rich…

If you want proof of fraud, then look no further then FTX…I wonder how much this guy laundered to Cooper?

Bankman-Fried PEDO

Keep handing that money over to UKRAINE. Are you waking up, folks?

Bankman-Fried – FTX CEO Was a Huge Democrat Donor

The disgraced FTX CEO was active in American politics and was a vocal supporter of many Democrats, including President Joe Biden. Bankman-Fried met with prominent Democrats and regulators on several occasions in an attempt to influence the regulation of the cryptocurrency market. He was also seen speaking at several conferences with big-name Democrats, including former President Bill Clinton. Sam Bankman-Fried’s father has also been active in American politics, writing legislation for Elizabeth Warren and donating heavily to Democrat candidates. All the RINOS that voted to impeach Trump were on his donation list…Including Richard Burr -NC.

Bombshell court filing suggests Sam Bankman-Fried’ transferred digital assets to Bahamas government’ | Daily Mail Online

But hey, we told you about Ukraine months ago that it was the Deep States, Biden, Obama, Clinton, Bush, Romney – Money Laundry and US Bioweapon manufacturing hub. You attacked us then like you attacked us when we tried to warn you about the Covid Hoax.
Many of us warned you not listen to the likes of Tammy Cody -Buddy Harwood about this dangerous bioweapon.
How is that working out for ya?
Devastating analysis of Mortality Rates below for those who have taken the clot shot!
This is one of the biggest crimes of this century!

Not working out for Old Nancy Pelosi either?

Nancy Pelosi announced this week she would not be taking any House Leadership positions, because she has to save up her energy for her new job…

We didn’t just fire Nancy as Speaker of the House – WE RETIRED HER from leadership!

Proverbs 14:1
A wise woman builds her House, but a foolish one tears it down with her own hands.

The Deep State is in panic; the drumbeat of War started on November 15, 2022, and these jackals know their days are numbered.
Don’t worry about Merrick Garland and the corrupt DOJ; the Republican Congress can defund their special prosecutor witch hunt after President Trump.
Merrick Garland and Joe Biden will be impeached…The problem becomes the Senate Republican Rinos or in essence a third of the Republican Senate! Boy that Republican party has done its job over the years hasn’t it folks?
Remember our two RINO-NC senators Burr and Tillis just voted to move forward with the Same Sex Marriage Bill- What do you Churches think of this?

Remember all those new IRS proteges? Who do you think they will target?

THANK YOUR Republican Senators for this…

Where is Hunter?

The investigation will look into “why [Biden] lied to the American people about his knowledge and participation in his family’s international business schemes,” including “conspiracy or defrauding the United States and human trafficking.”

Here are the five issues that Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform want to investigate if the GOP takes control next year:
“Hunter Biden’s suspicious business dealings with foreign nationals in countries opposed to U.S. interests and the effects on U.S. national security interests.”
“Joe Biden’s potential financial gain from and role in facilitating Hunter Biden’s business dealings.”
“Hunter Biden profiting during Joe Biden’s time as Senator and Vice President.”
“Hunter Biden’s newly found career as an artist and the White House’s secret agreement shielding the identities of individuals purchasing Hunter’s art.”
“Big Tech’s censorship of an October 2020 New York Post article about Hunter Biden’s laptop.”

Source: Republican communications director, House Committee on Oversight and Reform

In addition, the committee plans to explore the punishment imposed by Twitter and Facebook against The Post for publishing a series of articles based on Hunter Biden’s emails in October 2020, which incoming Twitter owner Elon Musk on Monday called “obviously incredibly inappropriate.”

Committee member Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said he’s also “very concerned” about the open letter signed by 51 former US intelligence officials who said the release of the emails had “all the classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.”

This Deep State’s Government masters of the world plan to destroy the world has been in action for a hundred years; they make no qualms about their intent. Their goal was to implement a series of events that would result in the total enslavement of all humanity.

Which leaders have thrown a monkey wrench into their great plan over the years?

The crimes against America are not about an election and getting food and gas prices down; it is about catching this evil that has infiltrated every aspect of our world and country and snuffing it out, destroying it so it can never come back up for air.

There is some encouragement for those out there who are frustrated. There has been a counter plan in place for years.
It has been decades in the making. The Plan to Save Mankind.
President Kennedy set it into motion.
His Patriotic Duties, which he did not shy from nor back away from, cost him his life. Now it is Trump’s turn to avenge Kennedy’s death and finish this.

President Trump could retire and do whatever he wants. Instead, he’s almost 80 and doing this because he might be the one person left that can.
One man shouldn’t have to bear the weight of the Future of America.

President Trump reminded us on Tuesday night that this is our fight. We got ourselves here by ignoring our responsibilities and allowing others to handle our future. Time to get out of that “someone has to save us” mentality and get in the game. We aren’t cowards who need saving. We’re Americans who have forgotten our love of fighting for what is right and God Given -CH

Madison County News our elections…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly …

Was anyone surprised that the Republican School Board candidates lost by almost identical amounts Countywide? They did nothing to show the public they would be better. They relied on the lies of Mama Briggs and the other Marxist Hill Fluff of the Republican Party to vote for them and drag them across the finish line. They lost why because they did not understand the pulse of the people of Madison County.

They were arrogant and fell in with the Rinos Elmer Gantry Garrison and Fried Chicken Wechtel. All three of these women deserve the defeat that was leveled by the voters.

This so-called Republican Party in Madison is more Democrat than Republican. They ran the Greene guy (who is Chairman Patrick Ward’s cousin) in the primary for the School chairman position against the best candidate to help prop up that train wreck Melissa Sluder who could never win. Sluder was known as the Wishy Washy “Karen” candidate. Greene had no chance; his wife worked for the school, and he was a goober. Tony Ponder stood against the deadly vaccinations and the need for oversight and protection of students at Madison County schools.

I have no doubt he would have insisted on debates across the board and would not have been afraid to debate the other Karen.

Aren’t you sick of the Briggs – Smathers- Rice clown show out of Mars Hill?

The Briggs are like the Ledfords of Madison, and both remind me of a bunch of old mules that have been put out to pasture and have no purpose in life. The only accomplishments of record are how much they have eaten and cost the county over the years.

You candidates that put your faith in the Briggs- Elmer Gantry and Fried Chicken found out on election night you had mule dung and chicken suet all over you but no win.

Robin Lyles ended like all conceited lazy candidates end… at the bottom.

I guess Clarence and Mama didn’t help much. I wonder if Briggs secretly voted for Buddy.

Lyles also got in bed with the Harwood corrupt club of bandits thinking these bloodsuckers would secure his vote tally. He needs to go away or go be like Gahagan and become a monk.

Lyles is telling a tale that Clarence has told him that he will ask for Buddy Harwood’s sheriff’s department to be audited.

Folks, can you see this man Bill Briggs who shakes hands like a limp noodle -speaks so low you can’t comprehend what he is saying has the fragility and skin color of someone who sleeps all day standing up to corrupt, conniving Buddy Harwood? Heck, he looks like a veal calf; better yet, he reminds me of Jeff in the “Mutt & Jeff” cartoons.

Ok, I can’t help myself. Who do you think Mutt is, folks?

I really hope Clarence does it, but if you do it, you better be aggressive with the three Rinos – Elmer Gantry-Fried Chicken Wechtel and Wood Pile to get it done and not end up as a farce of show for the public.

The Good that happened in this election is all the Buddy Harwood Marxist commissioners are gone. The churches must finally be willing to decide who they will vote for in an election and not allow Buddy Harwood and Coy Phillips to make their picks for them. That is a light of hope for some of these churches, and I think the best thing which happened in this election is we now know who is the most popular candidate and the true leader of Madison County.

That would be Mark Cody, a Democrat who ran unopposed but yet received the most votes of any candidate.

This vote, for sure, erupts big Harwoods ego. Mark Cody is a good Christian man who doesn’t use the bible as a prop; he truly lives it and treats everyone in Madison County equally.

Speaking of Buddy Harwood and his qualities to be a competent sheriff for the people of Madison County.

Remember, the best way to take Harwood down is while he is in office, not defeated in an election. If the Sheriff fights an audit and Elmer Gantry-Woodpile and Fried Chicken join the fight to prevent an audit, you will know precisely who they are and where their self-interests lie.

Like President Trump’s quicksand for the Rinos you have to embrace them in order to cull their true colors for the public to see…

Below is a public record request I made to Kary Ledford for the billing breakdown for Donny Laws’s almost $200,000 dollar bill to the taxpayers of this county. When I initially requested these records from Kary Ledford, she should have made all these billing records available.

Why didn’t she?

Stay with me on this. I have a reason to bring up this Public Record Request…

Under the state open records law, N. C. Gen. Stat. sec. 132-1 to 132-10, I write to request access to and a copy of:

  • Break down of all billing by Donny Laws- county attorney to Madison County government from 2020 through October 13, 2022.
  • Receipts of all billing by Donny Laws to Madison County Government from 2020 through October 13, 2022.

If your agency does not maintain these public records, please let me know who does and include the proper custodian’s name and address.
If you choose to deny this request, please provide a written explanation for the denial, including a reference to the specific statutory exemption(S) upon which you rely. Also, please provide all segregated portions of otherwise exempt material.
Please be advised that I am prepared to pursue whatever legal remedy necessary to access the requested records. I would note that violation of the open records law can result in the award of reasonable attorney fees, for which you may be held personally liable. 
Thank you for your assistance 

I had to go back and ask Kary Ledford for these records in early October. Ledford did not fill the record request until a month after making them available on Friday after the election.

Kary Ledford may have had these records the whole time from Donny Laws. Did he tell her to delay them? Did Noor tell her to delay them, or did Buddy Harwood and his bookkeeper tell her to delay them?

Or did Kary Ledford, finance director for Madison County pay Donny Laws without receiving proper billing data, which the NC STATE BAR requires by its licensees? Isn’t this fiduciary fraud if, in fact, it happened?

I want to draw your attention to page twenty three of the following billing records by Donnie Laws see below…

Notice the highlight – Review incident concerning juveniles at the jail – entered on March 25, 2022. What happened around this time in March of 2022? Three and half hours of communication with the County attorney Donnie Laws, is a lot of time, huh folks?

This story below appeared on my website on March 18th, 2022. After posting this story on Friday, remember the jail mysteriously caught fire on Saturday the nineteenth.

Then up pops the Harwood Boys Hemmorhoid, Pee Wee Nesbitt, who was utilized to place cover for Buddy on his show by attacking me and making defaming comments that I had three federal warrants filed against me, a lie by a tabloid guy who covered up a juvenile rape at the Sheriff’s Department. Now that is Priceless…

This is the same guy Chad Nesbitt who recently published a piece about a tragic car accident in Leicester, where Nesbitt lives with his family. There was an elderly man killed, and the deceased’s family reached out and asked this moron to remove it. Nesbitt would not remove it, which tells you all you need to know about this white trash from Erwin.

Maybe the FBI and ATF need to look at everyone associated with Buddy Harwood, especially these finance queens who will crack like rotted eggs if pushed. Kary Ledford and Darlyne Rhinehart worked the books for Buddy Harwood and John Ledford.

Below is the complete billing records submitted by Donnie Laws; notice the extent of ineptness by Madison County Employees and the degree by which Laws had to cover and intercede for them. Register of Deeds – Mary Jane Wallin’s false deed filing look at the money spent on this.

These are our tax dollars; if these employees are this bad, send them home and save us the money Donnie Laws is billing us.

Mary Jane Wallin is up for election in 2024; someone must run against this inept woman and her seat. She is not as liked as she thinks, and I doubt the public will fall for the “Mary Jane Candy” this next time.

Now in closing, I found something in President Trump’s speech the other night which I thought was spot on; he mentioned the death penalty for those convicted of selling and pimping drugs. I bet Coy Phillips and Buddy Harwood soiled their corrupt pants over that remark.

I have a great idea; since all these Republicans are pushing Economic Development and carpet baggers in Madison County, we should insist they contact Mark Pless and Ralph Hise and ask them to put us on a list for a Federal Prison. We want one of those fancy ones that handle all the death Penalty drug dealer’s sentences. We should be an excellent fit for this since Buddy and Coy are the biggest drug dealers in our area, and the feds could save money on travel expenses. They could put it right next to that blessed College in Mars Hill, which has plenty of drug dealers to pick from, and all they have to do is ask some of these parents about their children hooked on drugs after enrolling in that squaller of an institution.

We need our eyes focused on these commissioners and county employees. If they do what is suitable for the people of Madison County, we will give them accolades; if not, we will expose them.

Have a great Thanksgiving, folks. Don’t forget we genuinely have a lot to be thankful for; remember we are winning, and through all of this, no matter how hard it gets, God is always with his people to help us through…