Save Madison County NC From The Left
They told you what they were going to do-Time to take your pill …
They told you what they were going to do-Time to take your pill …

They told you what they were going to do-Time to take your pill …

Please take the time to educate yourselves with the videos below.

This is not made up it is straight from the globalists handbook.

They are targeting us in the rural areas of America!

Next week I will show you what is happening in your communities right under your nose, hidden under grants. This timing all coincides with the Great Reset and Agenda 21.

Your schools and county governments are under the control of these grant providers. Why do you think your schools and county government do their bidding and promote the Progressive George Soros agenda?

Think, use your minds remember who funds R.O.A.R. & Down Home Madison. Who is involved with Reclaim Madison and the Housing Coalition in Madison County?

I know you see it; why do you think the schools and government took such sharp moves toward Soros’s Progressive left and the green new deal?

Don’t blame the lefties who have moved into our area for this… heck they were invited!

Your elected officials are too dumb and greedy to see the “Forest for the Trees.” You can no longer pretend it is not happening.

Why do you think they want to get rid of and diminish President Trump and his followers?

The grand ole party GOP is involved.

Folks wake up!

Republican Party Threatens President Trump – If He Announces He’s Running in 2024 G.O.P. Will Stop Paying Legal Fees

By Joe Hoft
Published July 29, 2022 

The G.O.P. elites won’t turn over the party to President Trump. They’ve tried to stop him every step of the way, but they can’t because he represents America and his base is too large.  

G.O.P. leaders turned the other way when the 2020 Election was stolen from President Trump. Several RINOs even voted to impeach the President.

The Old Guard can’t stand President Trump. They like their hold on power in the G.O.P. at the local, state, and federal levels. They have the rest of the party scared to do what is right and dig into the 2020 Election steal and work to prevent this from ever happening again.

Corrupt actors have invaded the G.O.P. at all levels. Many of these individuals are Democrats. They hate President Trump and the base of the G.O.P.

The GOP leadership doesn’t want the truth behind the 2020 Election to be revealed. 

Neither do the Democrats. 

America and President Trump are the victims. 

Top U.S. politicians want to prevent President Trump from ever running again.

The G.O.P. elites never wanted a popular outsider.   The criminal and corrupt actors continue to do what they’re doing. 

We’ve seen an attempted coup of the President during his entire first term made up of Hillary lies and backed by a corrupt D.O.J. and F.B.I. We’ve seen multiple actors in President Trump’s White House show their true colors. They were not patriots. They were turncoats. Their mission was to destroy his presidency.

The Democrat Party has been taken over by the Chinese, the cartels, and communists while the G.O.P. elites beg for sound bites. They are so weak and lost.

The gap between the G.O.P. and their base, the Trump base, the largest political base in U.S. history, is huge. The G.O.P. hates their base.

Now the G.O.P. is threatening President Trump. It’s reported that the G.O.P. will not pay President Trump’s legal fees if he runs for President. We know they’ll do it because they took money after the 2020 steal and did nothing for the President back then.

The only reason they have any money is because of Donald Trump. But they won’t help him.

The Daily Mail reports:

Republicans will stop paying Donald Trump’s legal expenses if he announces he’s running for president in 2024, according to a new report published on Thursday.

The Republican National Committee has shelled out millions of dollars to law firms representing the former president amid government investigations and probes of his business interests.

But officials also worry that Trump could hurt the party’s midterms prospects if he announces a presidential run before this year’s elections.

An R.N.C. official told A.B.C. News that Trump would lose financial support as soon as he launched a campaign because of the party’s ‘neutrality policy’ that bars it from taking sides in primaries.

R.N.C. chairwoman Ronna McDaniel spelled out the stance in an interview in January.

‘The party has to stay neutral,’ she said. ‘I’m not telling anybody to run or not to run in 2024.’

Today’s G.O.P. leadership is small, lost, and ineffective, but they think they own the party. 

They will continue to fight to keep their corrupt ways while their base, the Trump base, will win and eventually replace them all. 

This can’t happen soon enough.

Joe Hoft -Gateway Pundit

Folks, in order to keep up, you must educate yourselves.

I can’t manage your mind. You must decide on your own.

Please take the time to learn.

David Icke

(Not a conservative but a Green Party advocate)

warned you about these monsters in 2017

You sleep you reap…

Know your Enemies!

Anything with the word “Smart” in it is an enemy of liberty!

The Cabal and the Fascist Progressive left like to call people like David Icke and people like you and I crazy.
Yeah, we are crazy- like a fox…

Have you noticed the weather is a bit odd?

Climate change?

Yeah right don’t fall for another Progressive lie- Think HAARP -When did HAARP start?

What just happened in St Louis- Midwest- KY?

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Overview In the early morning hours of Tuesday, July 26, 2022, the City of St. Louis experienced historic flash flooding. The flooding was caused by a complex line of training thunderstorms clustered around the I-70 corridor in Missouri and the I-64 corridor in Illinois.

2022 Flood Information –

Now add the influx of illegal aliens

(drug and child trafficking) coming into our area…

Where do these criminals

( because you are a criminal if you come here illegally)

get their money?

They come in here with thousands of greenbacks; is it from drug cartel coyotes?

Why do you think they are pushing illegals into our communities?

Remember the Mexican Hot dog day with Madison County Health Department – Buddy Harwood and pastor of the Golden Calf “Mars Hill Baptist Church” Tommy Justice? More coming on this next week…

Remember this guy above – Michael Garrison (county Commissioner)- he has stated that he and Buddy Harwood want to make Madison County a Sanctuary county… We warned you at the last election now the chickens have come home to roost, or rather the tacos!

It is not just the Aliens from the Southern Border invading us.

Don’t you think it is bizarre the press is pushing U.F.O.s?

The press will try anything to take your eyes off seeing the real forest for the trees.

Even sending crazy Nancy Pelosi over to Taiwan to intimidate China and Russia.

The Deep State doesn’t care; they are out of moves; the chess game is about to end.

Folks, Biden’s Chickens are coming home to roost…

Yes it is a recession, and it is going to get worse!

Despite denials from the Biden administration that there is no recession.

Add the M.S.M. (acting as the propaganda arm for the Democrats) attempting to redefine what a Recession is.

Rabid liberals online (and off) deny there is a Recession: but as of the latest data release, the G.D.P. has now fallen for two consecutive quarters, which is the literal definition of a “Recession.”

What could be their last move?

What will be their final desperate move? Nuclear attack, Aliens? Old Whiskey Nancy is on her way to Taiwan to start a war with China.

We will see how crazy all of you get if this happens; that is why you need to seek out the truth and take the red pill. Use what God gave you your mind and discern on your own.

The Deep State and their minions will do everything in their power to brainwash the masses.
They want you to believe their evil is good and their lies are truth.
That’s how they control your mind and body to own your soul.

They are Satan’s puppets.

The only defense to this evil is Jesus Christ his name alone is the most powerful protection we as Christians have and folks, this wickedness knows it- CH

Next week County Bombs -Buckle up… ALIENS BELOW. great eye-opening videos.

They are not Aliens they are Demons

A Federally Funded Government Program

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