There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Panic at the Top…
Panic at the Top…

Panic at the Top…

The Elites are rightfully panicked that their cultural supremacy is in its last stages…

If you try to kill the King, you better kill him – The Democrats and Rinos have failed again…

The FBI has become the modern-day Gestapo of the United States Government.

Below is Breaking from the Gateway Pundit

These Federal coppers are also being investigated by Durham

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

It is this bad …

Breitbart also published the names of the FBI agents who signed off on the raid.

Recall, investigative reporter Paul Sperry was suspended from Twitter earlier this week after he revealed the FBI may have had a personal stake and searched for classified documents related to Spygate.

“DEVELOPING: Investigators reportedly met back in June w Trump & his lawyers in Mar-a-Lago storage room to survey docs & things seemed copasetic, but then FBI raids weeks later. Speculation on Hill FBI had PERSONAL stake & searching for classified docs related to its #Spygate scandal.” – investigative journalist Paul Sperry said in a tweet Tuesday before getting suspended from Twitter.

Sperry dropped another bomb on Saturday.

According to Paul Sperry, the federal agents involved in the Mar-a-Lago raid are under investigation by Special Counsel John Durham. “Developing: Sources say the FBI agents and officials who were involved in the raid on former President Trump’s homework in the same Counterintelligence Division of the FBI that investigated Trump in the Russiagate hoax and are actively under criminal investigation by Special Counsel John Durham for potentially abusing their power investigating Trump in the Russian fraud and therefore have a potential conflict of interest and should have been RECUSED from participating in this supposed “espionage” investigation at Mar-a-Lago” Sperry said in a social media post on Saturday.

Notice whenever you speak the truth, the Left will try to censure and silence you.

In the end, the Truth will always prevail!

The IRS will be bigger than the Marine corp.

Who would take this job? The IRS will have to recruit Antifa and BLM.

Are you Awake yet? Look below at these creatures (CIA) are now claiming openly they will hang President Donald J Trump to get rid of him!

Why are they so afraid? Because Trump is not owned!

Let me see if I get this straight; we’re now supposed to believe that the material Trump had stored in his house was nuclear content so sensitive the FBI waited a year and a half to go get it and used the National Archives as a prop to do so?


In response to the news about potential nuclear-related documents in Trump’s possession, the 45th president issued a statement reading, “President Barack Hussein Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified. How many of them pertained to nuclear? Word is, lots!”


Unhinged idiots below all have the Democrat dog dung on the bottom of their shoes…

In response to the tweet, retired four-star general and former CIA/NSA Director Michael Hayden posted, “Sounds about right.”

Be careful what you wish for Hayden. Folks, you are watching the mentally ill leftist Gestapo of the Democrat Party implode before your eyes. Better have a padded cell at Gitmo waiting for them!

These monsters genuinely believe they can assassinate anyone who they think will expose them, including the American People!

No different than their minion mobs of unemployed Progressive Manics who attack MAGA reporters online and elsewhere.

They know their end is near!

We must also be cautious about who we elect; no more RINOS and no more lazy Fried Chicken!

We have to take back our country; if you are not engaged, you are part of the problem…

How long do you think “your checks” will last under this tyranny?

I talk about your checks but are they your checks? I have never seen so many freeloaders.

What happened to the American spirit?

What will you do when they tax the people out here pulling the cart -while you ride to the point they can no longer pay?

It is Definitely taught early…

Do you think the folks out here who pay for you to be on a check will be happy to give up what pittance they have left to feed your laziness?

The Sheriff of Madison is one of our county’s most dangerous entities.

Harwood carries teachers’ complaints- (for sexual harassment) while campaigning against Robin Lyles to hurt Lyles’s campaign.

I am not taking up for Lyle’s behavior, and I believe these women. There are too many not to believe something happened, and he needs to address this, or he will end up like Cruzan.

I am not loyal to the Republican Party. I am a Republican in Existential. I am a Christian-Conservative.

I am a Christian first; I search for the truth on both sides, which is why both try to label me as dangerous and crazy.

These tactics have been used for years; the Nazis were infamous for this, which speaks volumes about what these people actually are and what they are trying to hide.

Many of you may not know this but Buddy Harwood made an attempt to have me arrested.

Why do you think Buddy Harwood, with the assistance of Jamie List, tried to have me arrested?

Harwood tried to use a cyber-stalking statute to claim a criminal act. He wanted to arrest, strip search, and charge me with an unlawful criminal complaint. Because Harwood and List didn’t like me speaking out about their corruption and using their positions to harass the Madison County public.

Think about what this corrupt man tried to do to stop freedom of speech, and the public, from hearing the truth. What are they afraid of?


Did he get away with it? Absolutely not he does not control the courts, and thank God for that. How stupid of a sheriff do we have in charge who can’t read a GS statute correctly? What Einstein do you think told him he could do this?

Buddy Harwood is a leftist and is no different than Merrick Garland head of the FBI who targeted President Trump.

Poor old vindictive Merrick Garland just can’t handle he was not placed on the Supreme Court Bench- Notice he is as feeble and as corrupt as dirty Joe Biden…

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 11: U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland explains to reporters that he will not take questions after he delivered a statement at the U.S. Department of Justice August 11, 2022 in Washington, DC. Garland addressed the FBI’s recent search of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, announcing the Justice Department has filed a motion to unseal the search warrant as well as a property receipt for what was taken. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Harwood targets a taxpayer with a blog to stop speech but then covers up the theft of flooring by a former County Commissioner, Elsberry Wyatt, who is an entrenched Democrat., now that is PRICELESS…

Do you want Harwood in charge when these IRS- FBI dirty cop agents come knocking at your doors in Madison County?

Be careful who you allow close to you…

We have the Gestapo Democrat parties playbook, and they are coming after the American People and MAGA.

Buddy Harwood is Freedom Lover’s enemy. He is the enemy of the people of Madison County, and if you love your freedom, you cannot vote for him!

Think about it whatever Robin Lyles has done in his past, he is by far better than Buddy Harwood and the cabal of John Ledford.

Lyles needs to get smart and stop hiding in the dung of Mars Hill, or he will not be elected…

Folks, we all need to see the forest for the trees. Below are some of the campaign contributions to Alan Wyatt-Republican candidate for county commissioner.

Notice Buddy Harwood and Orville English donated to this guy. I told you Allan Wyatt was a Buddy boy.

Buddy always plants one of his toadies on the Republican ticket hence Michael Garrison from 2020 and you folks, were dumb enough to vote for him.

Don’t be dumb twice…

Orville English, listed above Tennessee, as his residency. English gave Wyatt money. Same Orville English, who Madison County Commissioners developed a scheme to issue a pass -for his delinquent taxes.

Remember Buddy Harwood threatened two former commissioners that they would not be reelected if they didn’t write off old Orvilles Tax delinquency. Why does Orville reside in TN? Well more than likely not to pay NC Income taxes; that is why most people show TN as residency.

Note- After getting the pass on prior tax delinquency, English was once again hauled into the Madison County tax collector department to pay new delinquent taxes. I assume his taxes are up to date.

My question is, are all of you (who are in court currently for tax delinquency) getting the Orville English special?

Allan Wyatt, who the commissioners placed on the planning board, is as bad as it gets; this guy voted for SOWE – The Ridge and the carpet bagger recently approved out in the Silver Mill area.

Isn’t he pretty and oh so arrogant?

Buddy Harwood is so inept and self-serving that he put an area church in the cross hairs with this donation below to his campaign.

I emailed this church and asked them if their church is organized as a non-profit and tax-exempt, but they have not responded.

Folks remember it is the bookkeeper – Darlyne Rhinehart, who works for the sheriff’s department doing their finance and sits as Buddy Harwood’s treasurer for his campaign and also Mark Snelson.

Rhinehart also sits as the Director of Down Home Madison, a branch of Down Home NC, which speaks volumes.

Now notice the Paid Poll workers Buddy used in the primary.

I thought Sheriff Buddy wasn’t concerned about Jim Cruzan?

He sure spent a lot of money on poll workers. Notice one of these poll workers is Coy Phillips’s daughter.

Is she of age?

Is there a statute that allows underage kids to be poll workers?

Next week we will have all the updates to contributions but note this one below a self-described Republican.

Big donation from a Republican to a sleazy Democrat, Nice Huh?