There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
Striking back the time is now
Striking back the time is now

Striking back the time is now

Those who choose to say nothing are our greatest threat in society.
Doing nothing is not the answer to our most significant problems.

The truth has brought down kingdoms and empires. As the wreckage and ruins of every tyranny throughout history show — as sure as the sun will rise, the truth will come out. And the First Amendment, enshrining our God-given right to speak freely, is grounded in this reality. It’s no wonder we’ve seen a frontal assault on this most cherished of our constitutional rights.

America’s Future

Because folks, the only thing these Fascists are targeting are the truth-tellers.
President Trump exposed them, and he is popular because real Americans see it.

Speaking out of love for those headed in the wrong direction is not hate.

Below are three heartwarming videos from individuals trying to warn you about this evil in our midst.

Please take the time to listen to their testimonies; many people have been raised in this wickedness since birth.
Some have gotten to the brink of understanding and then stepped back because they don’t want to give up their fun and walk totally with God.

Many go to church every week, yet something is missing. You can’t put your finger on it, but you know it is there.

Many of us may have been in any of the above scenarios and awakened to our weaknesses. Yet, we stop short of obeying God.

Accepting this sexually deviant behavior is not Christian. Just keeping their acts in their bedrooms is not enough for some of these people.

It has left their bedrooms and is now being forced on all of us in every aspect of our lives. You can’t even turn on the television without seeing offensive sexual content.
You can not numb your morals for sin against the father.
You must speak out, turn off, try to stop this carnage in society, and have no fear of retribution.

When the Devil is at his highest power, as he is in our world currently, we, as Christians, are under the greatest of attacks.

The time is now to strike back…

Dr. Scott Lively warns about how LGBTQ indoctrination leads to the collapse of human civilization. He exposes their intent, and their intent is to brainwash your children into submission.
It is no mistake that the LGBTQ movement is trying to hijack the Christian movement to promote its evil.

Speaking of Evil, look at the below member of Biden’s cabal who was arrested for the second time with stealing luggage..

Biden Administration Official Accused of Second Luggage Theft (

A troubled Biden administration official appointed to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Nuclear Energy has been accused of stealing a woman’s luggage at an airport for a second time this year.

Self-described gender fluid “pup handler” Deputy Assistant Secretary of Energy, Sam Brinton, was put on leave by the department after this official was charged with stealing luggage at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on Sept. 16, according to court documents.

Apples and oranges, the LGBTQ movement, want special rights for their actions; what will be next the Pedos get rights?
Think about it folks…

Many videos are available from those who have died and have seen Heaven. But very few testimonies of those who have seen Hell.
Bryan Melvin’s terrifying afterlife experience…

Witchcraft is not innocent; it is evil…

Spells, seances, and incantations… it all seemed innocent to a young Sandy Boyd until one day, the entanglement with darkness began taking a turn for the worse.

Hear how she would find herself on the brink of a disastrous decision and what rescued her into a life of healing and deliverance as she exposes more about the reality behind the occult!

County News

The County commissioners will have their first actual meeting Tuesday evening.

Last week all five commissioners voted to install the two sitting Rinos as their leaders – (Wechtel-Garrison).

Should we have any illusions about these five commissioners after this vote?

The excerpt below is an excellent article from Emerald Robinson about the Ideological Collapse of the GOP; the arrogance of these elected officials and their contempt for voters are well-explained, and this is hard-hitting. Full article below…

Excerpt: These Republicans are masters of gaslighting.

At every turn, this gang of geriatric invalids and psychological inferiors displayed their complete contempt for their own voters in 2022.

It’s not just that they hate President Trump — they hate Republican voters. As for traditional GOP values, they have turned on them too. They have gone out of their way to “flip the bird” at conservative principles like limited government, restricted government spending, legal immigration, free speech, gun rights, and religious freedom.

In fact, they have enthusiastically joined hands with Democrats on bill after bill recently — in a concerted attempt to disabuse the American people of the antiquated notion that we have a two-party system.

Emerald Robinson

This vote by Madison County Commissioners speaks volumes to what could be on the horizon for Madison County.

We need to give them a chance to show us if they intend to run Madison County as a military regime or as an open government for all the residents of this county, not just Mars Hill.

Last week the commissioners also hired Rod Honeycutt as interim County manager. I supported Rod Honeycutt against Madison Cawthorn when he ran against him. I commend him on his zeal to take on the Elephant in the room (Cawthorn) when no one else in the Republican Party had the guts to do it.

The Republican Party of Madison County is not conservative; it is simply a trade-off interchange of the Democrat Party no matter how often these candidates claim God told them to run.

The agenda for the official first meeting is below; notice one of the first things on the agenda of the new County manager is
“Public Comment Policy.”

Are Madison County Commissioners going to change the public’s ability to speak? Will they place a public comment segment at the end of the agenda instead of the first?

Remember, Michael Garrison and Fried Chicken don’t want the public to question them. This inhibits their bloviating time. They need to be able to lie to you about the facts to spread their propaganda.

This is a tactic that incompetent government implements to quash anyone questioning them. You have every right to question them if they are spending your money. They work for you.

Just because the Mars Hill GOP become victims of Fried Chicken and Elmers malarky doesn’t mean the rest of us will fall for this Gas lighting.

What is telling is all three of the new commissioners voted to put these two hucksters in power to continue this sham.

Garrison, actually before he was elected, tried to keep me from speaking at commissioner meetings because I called for him and Harwood to be fired because of their illegal wiretapping of county facilities. The comical part is Michael Garrison asked the County attorney to see if they could legally block a person from speaking. This was coming from a guy who should have been charged with a felony, at a minimum, for wiretapping.

He is so Elmer…

Speaking of Buddy Harwood, he had a special meeting of his depleted regime at Madison County sheriff’s department last week.

Harwood has announced that Coy Phillips is now the new Chief Deputy, but wait he never stopped being the chief deputy. Right?

His pay as a Madison County employee never went down when he stopped as Chief Deputy. He just had to wear a different uniform and parade around the county, telling the Church Sheep he was trying to redeem himself as he sold drugs and shot deer out of his vehicle and out of season.

Even more, telling is that Michelle Quintero- (Coy’s Sister) has been promoted to a (major) second to Chief Deputy for the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.

Madison County Sheriff’s department has never had a designated “Major” position.

Remember, Quintero started as a secretary and was the one caught in Elmer Gantry’s lap by a deputy at the Madison County Sheriff’s office; at the same time, Garrison served as Chief Deputy.

During the Covid Hoax, Quintero committed theft by stealing Madison County Sheriff’s inmate’s Ramen Noodles out of the commissary.

Quintero’s daughter told on big mama and was so ignorant to broadcast it to all at the Emergency Management department where she works as a dispatcher.

Quintero was also implicated in stealing cell phones from the Madison County Sheriff’s department’s evidence room.

Michelle Quintero was the overseer of the Madison County Sheriff’s departments jail when the beating and juvenile rape took place.

We know Coy Phillip’s illegal deeds throughout this county, and now you have an overview of his sister’s nefarious activities.

Why would Harwood, who is eight deputies in deficit for his department, put these two Yancey County Reprobates in the highest helm of positions?

Why is Buddy Harwood afraid?

Step back, folks, and use your discernment of what is right in front of you. Why do Mobsters pick clowns like these two as their frontmen?

Why will no one who is decent work for Buddy Harwood?

Why won’t the Madison County Government force the audit on the Madison County Sheriff’s Department?

Buddy knows what is on the horizon, so he puts his most depraved and despicable out in front to defend himself.

This brother-and-sister crime family duo doesn’t care about breaking the law or has any sense of morality because they can always use the churches in the area to con and cover for them.

Do you honestly think Elmer Gantry Garrison will allow Fried Chicken and the other stooges to audit that corruption at the Madison County Sheriff’s Department?

What about all these illegals and druggies coming into Madison County? Methadone Clinics and free needles being given out? Who do you think is responsible for this? Look no further than your Good ole Madison County Sheriff -Madison County Government- Health department and the despicable Republican Party of Marxist Hill.

All you have to do is look at your national GOP to see what your local GOP is up to…

Will the GOP and our RINO Republicans vote for amnesty for illegal aliens in the Senate? Do you think Thom Tillis and Richard Burr will vote for this? Well, they will; they just voted to go after your churches.

They could care less what voters think; this is why they have done nothing but lie about the 2020 election. Gas lighting Fried Chicken goes hand in hand, and you can’t trust them.
It is up to us to keep an eye on every move they make.
Make no mistake; Party affiliates are out for themselves, not you!

Below is one of my favorite Christian writers who has been fired, de-platformed, sued, and attacked maliciously by the Vile left.
If someone is attacked by the Left you know they are telling the truth…
Emerald Robinson is right and she tells it like it is!

Trump didn’t demoralize Republican voters; the GOP did that all by themselves.

Many of my conservative friends — quite a few of them GOP donors and campaign strategists and media people, I must admit — greeted the news of Herschel Walker’s defeat in the Georgia Senate with a shrug.

What difference did it make, really? What difference could it make?

It was not indifference to Herschel Walker as a candidate, per se, so much as indifference to the GOP having a majority in the Senate.


Simply put, very few believed that a GOP-dominated Senate would do anything for GOP voters. The mood could be described as complete disgust with Mitch McConnell and GOP leadership — or, as I prefer to call them — our senators from the great states of Cialis.

It’s not just the gelatinous blob known as Mitch McConnell or that closeted court jester of Fox News, Lindsey Graham. It’s not only the spectacular career implosions of Ben Sasse and John Cornyn. What about Pat Toomey? Rob Portman? Richard Burr? Roy Blunt? Mitt Romney? Thom Tillis? Bill Cassidy? Lisa Murkowski?

Look at their voting records: they’re basically a chorus line of limp-wristed flip-floppers.

In fact, this bunch isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.

At every turn, this gang of geriatric invalids and psychological inferiors displayed their complete contempt for their own voters in 2022.

It’s not just that they hate President Trump — they hate Republican voters. As for traditional GOP values, they have turned on them too. They have gone out of their way to “flip the bird” at conservative principles like limited government, restricted government spending, legal immigration, free speech, gun rights, and religious freedom.

In fact, they have enthusiastically joined hands with Democrats on bill after bill recently — in a concerted attempt to disabuse the American people of the antiquated notion that we have a two-party system.

You might even call it: ideological suicide.

Twelve Republicans joined Democrats last week to pass a gay marriage bill that will allow lawsuits to be filed against organizations that do not recognize gay marriages — making mainstream Christian teaching essentially illegal.

This was the organized GOP response to the Supreme Court’s surprise defeat of Roe v Wade. Think about it: federal abortion law was struck down so the GOP rushed to save gay marriage.

So much for religious freedom.

How can you possibly top that — for selling out your own side?

Currently, GOP leadership is working on a mass amnesty bill in the lame-duck session that the overwhelming majority of GOP voters oppose.

To fully understand the depth of this treachery, you must recall that GOP politicians spent the last two years complaining about the invasion on the Southern border. 

They did this every day — every hour! —on Fox News, and other corporate media outlets. It was the GOP’s daily drum beat. Kevin McCarthy even promised to impeach DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas over the border disaster.

In the midst of all those promises — and all that posturing — GOP Senate leadership is ready to deliver a mass amnesty bill?

That’s either political malpractice of the highest order or the ultimate sign that the GOP establishment stands for nothing and stands against nothing.

It’s the latter, of course.

Take gun rights, for example. This summer, the GOP establishment voted to restrict your gun rights in yet another “bipartisan deal” that eroded the constitutional rights of Americans and gave the Democrats another victory.

How about free speech? Republican senators and congressmen have whined constantly about Big Tech censorship for six years while doing nothing. You might say their virtue-signaling was: all signal and no virtue.

Now take a look at the recent news coming out of Twitter. Elon Musk has done more for free speech in America in a month than the entire GOP establishment has done in a decade.

What about limited government? The GOP has helped to send billions of our taxpayer dollars to Ukraine — without even minimal accounting. The GOP has signed on to help Democrats pass every omnibus spending bill. There is no crazy, stupid, dangerous Democrat priority that the GOP won’t eventually fund — except “student loan forgiveness,” apparently.

What core principle is left for the GOP establishment to betray? And the answer is none. Nor is there any cohesion among them other than blaming Trump for their own mistakes. There’s no party discipline. There’s no party strategy. On any given day, a third of our lawmakers are willing to cross the aisle and vote with Democrats for no particular reason — like children. What have Mitch and Kevin done about this problem? Nothing. McConnell and McCarthy have simply allowed the GOP’s entire platform to be trashed in the last two years.

You know it’s true.