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Nothing would speed up a Globalist government takeover as quickly as space invaders…
Nothing would speed up a Globalist government takeover as quickly as space invaders…

Nothing would speed up a Globalist government takeover as quickly as space invaders…

With all the mysterious UFOs spotted around the world in the last few weeks, it’s almost as if PROJECT BLUE BEAM has officially started.

The fake alien invasion is upon us, and the US and Canadian Air Force jets are using high-cost missiles to shoot down metallic birthday balloons while claiming they are “defeating” the objects.

Folks, this is all part of a massive psyop to try to imply that aliens are invading Earth’s atmosphere. Do you honestly think if there were aliens and they were a superior race as some think, they would let our Military destroy them?

Do you believe this? What are they trying to hide?
Nothing else is going on, right?

In the past week, we’ve had three major train derailments, including one with a chemical spill that the press failed to report to the public for several days.
I guess this would have interrupted their Super Bowl plans…

Our US Military shot down four flying objects, some of which have been reported as being Children’s balloons. During this same time, every major social media platform went down simultaneously, and the power went out in two congressional buildings.

This happened and is real; you just can’t make it up…

When are we going to see some fake aliens on TV?

After the virus in 2020, the Bio Weapon vaccine in 2021, and the Ukraine-Russia conflict in 2022, we now get mock alien invasions.

But they have always told us what they were going to do…

Amazing how the “Simpsons” and the X-Files can predict all of this in perceived fictional accounts. But are they just predicting the future?

The below film clip was produced in 2015. Remember, the CIA invented the term “Conspiracy Theory” after assassinating President John F Kennedy.

Are we at the alien invasion stage? Are television shows and movies training exercises for real planned events?

Even Ronald Reagan mentioned this three times…

Chernobyl in Ohio

Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned. Nero did this to rebuild Rome in his image; sound familiar?
This is what Klaus told us…

Below is some raw footage after the Ohio Chernobyl got underway. Language is terrible, but what do you expect out of residents after their Emergency Management enacted a toxic dump?

Biden and the Military chase balloons while Ohio burns and releases toxic gases throughout the country- priceless.
Just like Nero…

Palestine, Ohio: About 50 cars from a Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailed and started a fire; Ten derailed cars reportedly transported hazardous materials, including vinyl chloride, a carcinogenic gas.

Three days after the accident, Emergency Management implemented a controlled burn to prevent an explosion by burning the toxic gases.

The list of hazardous materials burnt off in East Palestine, Ohio:

  • 1. Vinyl chloride – Carcinogenic.
  • 2. Butyl acrylate – Flammable.
  • 3. Ethylhexyl acrylate – can produce hazardous vapor.
  • 4. Ethylene glycol monobutyl – Acutely toxic.

Five days after people were evacuated, officials gave the all-clear for residents to return to the area. However, animals and fish in a local creek have died.

The Norfolk Southern Railroad is performing water tests for residents. A reporter was arrested during a press conference leading some critics to believe there was a cover-up..

You can’t trust the cops

Police attack Reporter for asking Questions; see below:

NewsNation reporter arrested at Ohio governor’s news conference (

The Ohio train explosion is next to the Ohio River, the third largest river by discharge volume in the US, and it flows directly into the Mississippi River. Thousands of farms could be affected by this explosion, harming the food supply…

Below is a great video that sums up what is happening in our chaotic world!
You need to watch this one…

Colonel Douglas Macgregor sits down with Stephen Gardner to update us on the Ukraine-Russia war.

Did NATO want this war? Will the US trigger World War Three to prop up Biden and his white house?
Was the Chinese spy balloon used to embarrass Biden, or is it to distract Americans?
Can Ukraine beat Putin? Can Nato beat Putin?

Not Likely…

Comprehensive PDF below what Russia and an EMP threat could do to all of us.
The US Military, under the guidance of the illegitimate occupier Joe Biden, declared WAR on Russia when they blew up the Nordstream Pipeline.
In other words, this was an act of war by the United States of America against Russia.

Are you catching on, folks? Aliens are the least of our problems see pdf below
More coming I have a third story on “County News” and it is barn burner.
Sometimes Fried Chicken is best served cold…CH

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