There is more good than evil in this world, and when good men and women fight for what is right, evil will disappear into the darkness where it belongs.
“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” -George Orwell
“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” -George Orwell

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” -George Orwell

The God that gave us life gave us liberty at the same time.

Thomas Jefferson

The Democratic Party have shown us how much they hate America and what they will do to destroy her. Every day, you feel it when you go to the supermarket, gas station, school, and anything to do with your daily life.

Keep aware and never forget who these enemies of God and Liberty are. Wear God’s armor around you, and never trust them again. Never stop fighting for the liberty and those who unselfishly fought before us: and never lay down your sword to the evil encompassing this wickedness.

Remember these words from, Thomas Jefferson, in this upcoming Memorial Day; hold them to your heart because, folks, the left is running out of options, and they want to destroy our country and control you.

I know you are weary but now is not the time to rest or surrender we must fight for all those who will come after us. We owe it to those still too young and yet born.

God bless America…

What will these Demons do next?

Klaus Schwab tells attendees at his World Economic Forum in Davos that “the future is being built by us.” What does this mean?
Enter the new disease Monkey Pox or rather Money Pox the “K” is silent.

Monkeypox, a mildly contagious disease that deserves no panic whatsoever, reportedly spread worldwide among attendees of a gay pride gathering of 80,000 people in Gran Canaria. You need to have close, sustained physical contact with an infected person to get it.

Folks, use your imagination, below a picture from this festival. Looks like a normal day in Marshall…


Monkeypox presents virtually zero risk to the world. The media hysteria surrounding the topic is just the latest effort to spread fear and panic to push — you guessed it — the inevitable monkeypox vaccine that the Biden regime will force onto everyone if they can conjure enough terror.

I will have more on Monkey Pox in my next story, below is a great investigative article by Emerald Robinson who I consider a great warrior for truth.

How many people trusted the vaccine misinformation spread by Fox News? One tweet shows you the number: too many.

Emerald Robinson

Two months ago, I helped to publicize the story (375,000 page views and counting!) that Fox News took money from the Biden regime to push COVID vaccine propaganda on their network relentlessly. Fox News (like almost all the other corporate media outlets) did not reveal this crucial fact to its audience — an astonishing breach of journalistic ethics that should never be forgiven or forgotten.

I wrote at the time that Fox News was also coercing its own employees into getting vaccinated even though the vast majority were working from home:

Meanwhile, Fox News executive are continuing to enforce vaccine mandates with their own employees — even though the mandates have been halted by the courts. Fox is even offering $500 to any employee, right now, who proves they got the jab.

We have just lived through the most extensive propaganda campaign in the history of the world, and it was paid for with taxpayer dollars. You paid for it. I paid for it. We will probably never know how much money was spent because, according to a source familiar with the FOIAs, the Biden Administration won’t release the amounts under their “trade secrets” exemption.

I’ve been telling people for the last two years that, when the truth comes out about the deadly COVID vaccines, it will topple the American corporate media.

In the back of my mind, for the last eight weeks, I kept wondering when the reckoning would come for Fox News. How long would it take for a prominent employee to be injured by the COVID vaccines? And who would dare to publicly disclose that injury in the face of Fox News’ ongoing campaign to push Big Pharma’s diabolical shots?

And the answer is John Roberts.

Roberts should be congratulated for his courage. He’s gambling with his network contract. What’s even more incredible is that over 4,000 people who follow the ex-White House correspondent actually commented on his post — and that’s about 3,950 more than usual.

It’s hard to overstate the sheer scale of the tragedy contained in these comments.

This goes on and on and on — 4,000 heartbreaking stories.

How many of these people followed and trusted the vaccine misinformation that was spread by Fox News incessantly for two years?

How many of their friends and family did the same?

Like I said before: these corporate media outlets are headed for disaster because they helped to kill their own audience by pushing these dangerous and untested vaccines for money. It’s the greatest scandal in the history of modern journalism — and modern medicine and modern politics — and it’s only just beginning.

It’s the hidden iceberg floating just beneath the surface of American politics right now.

Dr. Robert Malone has recently warned everyone that a majority of vaccinated people are likely to have myocarditis (heart inflammation) as a vaccine side effect — according to the latest clinical data. How many people in America are listed as fully vaccinated now? 221 million people. Do you even have the capacity to imagine 120 million people suffering from the same vaccine injury at the same time? How many of them are going to die before their time in the next few years?

Read the comments again. The vaccine death-wave has already started. The insurance companies are already warning about the rise in mortality rates. The DOJ is already hiring extra lawyers to handle the deluge of vaccine injury cases. The DoD has already been caught hiding massive increases in injuries among our military service members.

Brace yourselves for impact.

Emerald Robinson

I hope many of you never have complications from this “Bio Weapon” you may have taken.

We as Americans will not obey, nor will we submit to this hoax again to steal an election. Even Elon Musk is catching on as many Democrats are leaving their party. They have been loyal to this trainwreck for too long.

But the globalists are falling, and the first that goes is the Clintons, then the Bushes and then Biden and Obama.

Think Durham…

Fox News:
WASHINGTON — Former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified Friday that then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton approved the dissemination of materials alleging a covert communications channel between the Trump Organization and Russia’s Alfa Bank to the media, despite campaign officials not being “totally confident” in the legitimacy of the data.
Former FBI General Counsel James Baker testified Thursday that the bureau investigated the data alleging a Trump connection to the Kremlin-linked bank, and found that “there was nothing there.”

Maybe the reason the Democrats are moving toward the Independent party instead of the Republican party is because of this idiot below May- 21 -2022:

George Bush thinks he is talking to Zelinsky of (Ukraine). Russian comedians get a great deal of truth out of this imbicile. If this is who the Marxist Deep State has as their premium toadies here in the US, then they are indeed toast, Lock them all up!

Now, do you understand why we need new leadership here in Madison County? We have to prepare for what is coming, and we don’t need these tyrants who are in charge currently enforcing the law or handling our money.

Last week’s County Commissioner budget hearing was painful to experience the bickering, and the ignorance was on full display.
Bubba Snelson pushed to give the schools everything with no boundaries at all.

Mark Snelson is an incompetent dope with the same morals as Hunter Biden. Norris Gentry has no business involved in anyone’s money and Goforth can’t function without his beverage.
I warned you about Michael Garrison two years ago; he is a RINO.

Garrisons only duty is to make sure money flows to Harwood and his sex castle, which Garrison participates in regularly.
Garrison made the statement, “We will have to raise taxes.” Because folks, according to him the county needs his Economic Development.

Michael Garrison has as much understanding of Economic Development as Gomer Pyle. The difference between Gomer and Garrison is Gomer actually worked in the public sector and not on the government dole.
What will you do, Michael? Create more useless jobs at the Economic Development department?

Look, folks, we are going into a significant recession, and this reject from the Asheville Police Department wants to raise your taxes at a time when you need your money.

They don’t care because they think your money is their money.

We need stewards of our money not thieves.

Gas prices are on the rise and have not peaked and will not for some time.

Tourism and paying out massive money to a school system that is failing in all aspects is all we hear from these so-called leaders of our county.

Madison County is not a premium destination. As we move forward in this Biden recession, vacationers will have less ancillary income to spend in an area like Madison County.

Besides, there is nothing unique in Madison County you think people are flocking to this county to buy the crappy art coming out of Marshall?

Think again they go where there is talent, and it is not here. The people who will be able to afford travel don’t want to waste it by being subjected to the Marxist freaks of Marshall, Hot Springs, and Mars Hill.

They don’t want to be screamed at while riding down the road by poorly raised noxious children portraying themselves as Antifa wannabes protesting abortion rights.

The services of the Economic Development Department employees don’t even generate enough money to pay their wages.

Who will be able to afford to build? The current commissioners and former county managers have incompetently screwed up and waited too long to build a new courthouse.

Interest rates have gone up, and we can no longer get a bond referendum for a new courthouse.

You commissioners did this while squandering our tax dollars to Buddy Harwood, the schools, and the town of Marshall.

The Madison County school board canceled the Monday evening board meeting so they could go to a soccer game.

Why don’t you just quit if you don’t want to do the job you were elected to?

They scheduled the meeting for the same day, but at 1:00.

I sent the following email to Will Hoffman and board members on Friday May 20:
In the public eye, it is not helping you or the school board to move a meeting to attend a ballgame.

Instead of scheduling it for 1:00 on Monday when several of the parents and taxpayers are at work, why not schedule it for Tuesday evening at the regular time?

These manipulations of a scheduled meeting at the last minute to satisfy a selfish need only erode the public trust in the Madison County school system.

Even though they switched the meeting, many concerned citizens showed up on Monday to the school board meeting in torrential rain.

Several spoke at this meeting -candidates for school board etc…

Here is what came out of this meeting which reeks of ineptitude on the part of the school board.

Christiaan Ramsey gave his final presentation- he is out at the Madison County school system.

Ramsey announced in his presentation ” SRO of Understanding” that Poo-Shay- SRO of Madison County High school, would be going to school to get certified to certify all the SROs who aren’t certified.


Madison County school system, according to them, is supposed to be the most outstanding school in Western NC

Can you understand the Madison County School’s system presentation of “SRO of Understanding?” This farce is like looking at the emperor’s new clothes.

I want to see the statute these Einsteins are relying on to pull this off because it smells to me. Since when does a Sheriff’s Department certify its own employees? Maybe they should let Coy do this; he likes to give out bogus certifications. Remember the concealed weapon permits scandal by the Madison County Sheriff’s department?

You can’t make this up, folks, so now we know none of the SROs in the Madison County School System are certified!

Don’t you feel safe sending your kids to this train wreck every morning?

Remember the school shooting yesteterday?

Below is what the Marxist Democrat Beto O’Rourke did today at a live event to get publicity.

You see this is why we do not need these Marxists in charge of anything, but that is what is running the public schools.

The left is an embarrassment!

These Marxists never miss a chance to take your guns- Hold onto your guns and support your God-Given rights, because that may be all you have left to defend yourself and your family against this evil.

When I asked Hoffman about SRO Potter, Hoffman responded to me and stated Harwood is responsible, so why is the Madison County School System involved in certification? Below:

Ms. Harman,

I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. 

In response to the public records request, I am attaching a list of the names of the Madison County Schools Diversity Committee. 

We are fortunate to have SROs in each of our schools. SRO positions are filled by the Madison County Sheriff’s Department selection process. I would refer you to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office regarding further questions on qualifications and certification of SROs. 

Have a great afternoon!

Will Hoffman, Ed.D.


Madison County Schools


Also, during this meeting, the school board addressed going to this ball game, saying Keith Ray’s daughter was playing, so they felt it appropriate to attend. Really, was it also fair to rent this monstrosity to carry the kidlets to the ballgame on the Taxpayers nickel?

Haven’t the taxpayers already paid for activity buses for this school system?

Does Keith Ray get perks because he is a school board member? What makes his daughter more special than other children in the school system, and why do we have to pay for it?
Don’t ever forget it was Keith Ray, who works as an assessor for Madison County and purposely stalled the assessments in 2019 from going out to the public so the school’s tax vote would go through before residents received their tax assessments.
Remember this when you vote in November for Keith Ray’s seat.
Now see below Buddy Harwood’s new campaign financials.

Notice Heil Hoffman, superintendent of Madison County schools, donated to Harwood’s campaign.

These good ole boys all roll around together in the same pig trough.

You pay me; I pay you. Your hell-cat wife does not like a fellow teacher; we arrange for her to be set up and framed for a crime she did not commit, with an SRO who was not certified even to do an investigation as Christiaan Ramsey and Will Hoffman look the other way and throw her under the bus.

Sue Mrs.T, sue the hell out of all of them!

Look at all that money Buddy spent for a candidate he claimed he wasn’t worried about, a candidate who didn’t even campaign and had very little exposure.

Did you folks know that taxpayers also paid for Buddy Harwood’s campaign?

Buddy Harwood gave a direct order to his deputies to be out at these precincts. Folks, these deputies should have been working at the Madison County Sheriff’s department, not sitting at these precincts handing out Buddy Pins.

Madison County taxpayers paid them and this is an unlawful act and needs to be investigated.

Coy Phillips was caught several times reciting off a piece of paper the statements Jim Cruzan stated to a clown that tried to harass employees at the Madison County courthouse. Look below at Coy looks like he has been rolling with dung beetles. He sure is a shiny representation of the Madison County sheriff’s office isn’t he folks?

Remember Coy has always liked dirt

Maybe I should recite to the public all of Coy Phillips’s entries from his journal about Buddy Harwood and John Ledford’s unlawful acts spanning four counties.
Maybe I should stand with my tape of John Ledford and Buddy Harwood and play it to the public outside at the early voting precincts this fall.

I bring up John Ledford because these two scoundrels are working together again. I told you they were pirates and pirates only break bread for profit or fear.

These two pirates break for both.

Here is their plan.

Harwood gets elected, serves a year or two, and waiting in the wings is John Ledford. The Democrat executive committee will appoint John Ledford as sheriff, and there you have it, this way, they cover up all the corruption which has spanned decades in this county.

Their drug businesses – kickbacks- illegal gun and vehicle trade remain viable and hidden.

John Ledford hates Quentin Miller, and Buddy can’t help but tell people what John has said to him about Miller. John and Buddy are both bigots, so use your imagination.

Buncombe County Sheriff Department employees call John Ledford

“Little Suck Ass” and he has earned it.

But alas, I would not be celebrating too quick, boys, as those numbers from the primary are very concerning for brother Harwood.

The total vote count for the Madison County Primary was 4060 votes. Twenty-four percent was a good turnout for a primary midterm.

  • Buddy received only 39% (1586/4060) of the total vote count, while NON-Buddy candidates received 51% of the total vote (2063/4060).

If the Republicans and Democrats are roughly the same and the Independents split down the middle, these numbers may not look so good for him.

People are less likely to switch their affiliation in a primary, but they are not required to do so in the general election, and the anti- Buddy vote could be a predictor of things to come.

10% of the total primary voters did not vote for Sheriff.

While almost impossible to tell who those voters were, it could be an ominous sign for the incumbent as those “no votes” were potential protest votes.

We know Republican party voters were more motivated in voting this year, exceeded expectations, and came even with 2020 presidential numbers. The voting throughout the state was dismal at just slightly above 15 percent.

The Democrats are ready to remove themselves from their party, but many are not prepared to join the Republican Party.

Everything is about money right now.

Tonight I have gave you example after example of the arrogant misuse of your tax dollars in this county by your public officials.

The Democrat Party in our County, which controls the School Board, the County Commissioners, and the Madison County Sheriff’s department, has been reckless and arrogant with the transparency and blatant abuse of our tax dollars.

Not only do we need, but we demand our elected officials be good stewards of the dollars we have entrusted them with; and
we expect them to treat the money as though it was ours because it is -CH

Have a great holiday weekend folks, and remember the fallen who have gave it all for our great Country.

God Bless America!